Saturday, April 30, 2005

Exercise Is An Integral Part Of A Low-Carb Plan

This Davenport, Iowa-based Quad City Times newspaper article laments that people have gotten away from exercise and eating right by chasing after the next great "diet" fad to come down the pike. And I agree with that premise.

With over $46 billion spent on diet products, including self-help books and specialty foods, in 2004, the "diet" industry is indeed an industry of its own. People are trying to find that magic ingredient that will help them lose weight without doing the necessary work and changes in their own life to make it happen.

The article makes a great point: "While millions jump on the bandwagon of the latest and greatest weight loss methods, the success of such programs is undermined by the fact that Americans are now bigger than ever.

What a profound observation and one that is backed by the fact that so many people still struggle with being overweight or obese. My heart aches for people who have been stuck in weight loss hell for so many years. It's not a fun place to be an usually leads to even greater and greater weight gain. But there is hope for people who find themselves in this place. You can start livin' la vida low-carb, too!

Learning about this amazing lifestyle is your first step and that fact that you are reading this blog shows me you are interested in arming yourself with more information about what all it entails. When you feel like you grasp what it means to do low-carb, then start doing it like you've never done anything before. You will literally be amazed at how fast you will lose weight and lose it for good!

This article cites a government review that came out in March 2005 that states two-thirds of people who diet gain back all their weight in a year and a whopping 97 percent gain it all back within 5 years. That's why I keep telling people that I don't think I've accomplished anything with my 180-pound weight loss because I haven't kept it off over the long-term yet. I strongly believe that I will, but I have no evidence to back up that claim at this point. Yet, I do not plan on getting back to 410 ever again. Or even 310 for that matter! I'm just not going to allow that to happen.

One of the things that was an integral part of my weight loss and has helped me keep it off is exercise. It has boosted my strength and energy and allows my body to eat more food (and, yes, that means more carbs!) without having a negative effect on my weight. Except for the few pounds of muscle weight I have developed, my weight has remained stable. And my waist size has continued to shrink!

The so-called "expert" in this story warns people wanting to lose weight to stay away from low-carb, high-fat diets and eat a "balanced" diet of carbs, calories and fat.

Who knows what the heck "balanced" means anymore? The government standard for that kind of meal is one that has obviously not worked very well for the American people because two-thirds of us are obese in their eyes. Did you know that although I weigh 230 pounds at 6'3" tall, I am still considered obese according to the government standard for weight? While I do not discount the fact the there are a lot of overweight people in this country, the numbers are certainly inflated and unreasonable.

This expert continued with a statement that shows he has no idea what he is talking about: "Anything that has you completely eliminating certain foods, like sugars or carbohydrates, is not something you will stick with."

Oh really? So is this health expert advocating eating even more sugar and carbohydrates than is consumed in the United States today? It seems like sugar is the main culprit that has prevented permanent weight loss from occuring and needs to be eliminated from our bodies altogether. Even some allegedly low-carb products contain these hidden sugars in them and cause people to stall or gain weight while trying to do low-carb. That's why some people fail on Atkins, not because the plan doesn't work!

One excellent point from this article is they state any succesful weight loss program needs to incorporate exercise. I could not agree more. Too many people sit on their laurels and don't do any exercise. My work offers a free gym membership and only a handful of us use it.

Okay, towards the end of the article, a fitness representative redeems this story by stating: "If your diet and exercise is not something you can do forever, it is not a lifestyle change and you will not likely be successful. We’ve had people lose 40, 50, 60 pounds by just finding balance with daily walking and eating healthier foods."

EXCELLENT! That is well-stated and can be applied to low-carb, too! Just get your body moving and you will notice how much your life will change dramatically. It REALLY will!

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Blogger Lisa said...

Thanks for mentioning this, Jimmy! Even though I am having a harder time losing pounds on this my second time with Atkins, I am shrinking much more rapidly. I credit that to 30 minutes of cardio daily, along with following the good doctor's plan. I have not yet lost quite all of the weight I had regained, but I am close. I am, however, physically smaller now that I ever have been. So exercise definitely does matter!

And, it's heartening to see someone who is obviously health, yet whose weight still doesn't match government standards. I don't think I'm going to be so tied to that magical number any more. I need to listen to my body instead - it will tell me how it's doing!

5/07/2006 7:27 PM  

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