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'Great Cholesterol Con': The Most Compelling Health Book Nobody's Ever Heard Of

Anthony Colpo's magnum opus will stand the test of time

Every genius of his day has that one masterpiece from his life's work that has endured throughout the generations as the defining moment in his career when greatness befalls upon him and his name will live forever in infamy.

For Albert Einstein, it was his theory of relativity.

For Leonardo da Vinci it was his painting "Mona Lisa."

For Francis Crick and James Watson, it was discovering DNA.

But even these men of great infamy were not given the immediate critical acclaim and accolades from their peers that such displays of cerebral excellence deserved in their own time. It wasn't until years later in the context of historical significance that each of these discoveries and works of art became known as the brilliant showpieces they are today.

Now we have another candidate that fulfills the litmus test for genius and yet his work is not being heralded by the people of his generation as it deserves to be. I suppose he should feel proud to be placed in the same company as an Einstein, da Vinci, or Crick and Watson because his discoveries about cholesterol are no less spectacular than what they found.

Remember the name: Anthony Colpo. His book is called The Great Cholesterol Con. If ever there was a more compelling health book in my lifetime that has the potential to directly influence the decisions of so many doctors, patients, and researchers on the subject of cholesterol, then I haven't seen it. And yet, how many people have even heard of Colpo and his prodigious independent research?

Not many...yet! But I expect that to change rather quickly as word about this 368-page dissertation about the biggest health scam of the 21st Century spreads from those of us who have had the privilege of experiencing this great work by Colpo.

It literally took me weeks to get through and absorb all of the information contained within the pages of this amazing book, but it was defintely NOT a boring, laborious book of scientific annotations that will go completely over your heard. Colpo writes in a meticulous style that leaves no stone unturned while also captivating your attention with head-on language he dares you to ignore. The time and energy it must have taken him to write his very first and probably best book of his career is clearly evident in page turn after every glorious page turn.

Colpo is a brave fighter who is unafraid to expose the medical and research community for perpetrating an outright fraud on a public who is either too ignorant or uneducated to question their conclusions regarding health. That's why statin drugs have become one of the top moneymakers for drug companies today because of this false illusion that everyone "needs" to artificially lower their cholesterol for the sake of their heart health. LIAR!

The big secret that Colpo exposes is the FACT that the rate of heart disease has not decreased one iota since the introduction of statins, such as Lipitor and Crestor, and yet you never hear anybody ever talking about this. Why?

Furthermore, the suspicious side effects of taking these expensive medications, including intense joint and muscle pain, are swept under the rug as a necessary part of treating cholesterol. What a big fat joke this "great cholesterol con" has become!

As someone who has been fooled into taking these drugs all "for the sake of my health," it angered me that I could be so duped by the very doctors that I trust to provide me with the best medical care possible. Thankfully for me I was able to come off of the cholesterol-lowering drugs after losing 180 pounds on the low-carb lifestyle. But not everyone is able to figure this out on their own, which is why Colpo's book has been so sorely needed for far too long.

Colpo really does deserve a medal for putting himself out there as the direct target of the drug manufacturers, pharmaceutical reps, and doctors who have been making BILLIONS of dollars in profit off of this scheme for far too long. If you aren't outraged about this as much as Colpo is, then you REALLY need to read his book as soon as possible. It will open your eyes to an underground world of corruption and deceit that is jeopardizing the very health of the world's population.

Does this sound like a conspiracy of some sort? I suppose it has those markings. But Colpo is DEAD serious and provides all the references you need to see for yourself how this "great cholesterol con" has been allowed to exist. This book should be a warning to everyone who thinks taking that cholesterol-lowering drug will protect them against a heart attack or heart disease. It's time to stop letting others think for you and to start thinking for yourself by arming yourself with the facts.

In addition to cholesterol, Colpo also gets into such issues as how saturated fat and low-carb diets have been unfairly maligned as health threats while behind-the-scenes they are being proven by new scientific evidence to be a lot healthier and safe for weight and health management than the failed low-fat diets ever will be. My weight loss experience is living proof of that!

An eyeopener for sure, The Great Cholesterol Con will one day become required reading for medical students wanting to find out the truth about cholesterol, diet and heart disease. It is Colpo's genius that we should be celebrating for coming along at this point in time in the history of the world to be the beacon of truth for all the world to see.

Will you remain blinded by the lies you've been told or will you become enlightened by the invaluable information Colpo has provided as his gift to the world? That's a decision YOU and you alone must make which can impact your life more than you even realize regardless of what you choose to do.

Then, if you decide to have your eyes opened, do you keep it to yourself or will you also share it with your friends and family? This is the kind of book that every living man, woman, and child should have to read just once.

If you decide to reject what is contained within the book, then at least you'll be armed with the facts.

But if instead you decide to embrace what you've read and be moved to action, then the legend of Colpo will rise beyond this mundane world of ours to metamorphose into a greater understanding of what healthy living is really all about.

When that happens, the genius of Colpo will FINALLY be recognized and he will take his rightful place in history behind those great names of the past for what he has contributed to the world.

Remember the name: Anthony Colpo.

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Blogger Science4u1959 said...

A Magnum Opus it is indeed. And sorely needed: nobody ever made the effort! The evidence is there: in the literal mountains of scientific evidence. What Colpo has done is simply fantastic - now everybody can learn the truth, thanks to Colpo taking upon himself the gruelling task of reading thousands of hard-to-digest research papers and publications, and compiling it into a extremely valuable, very readable tome.

Anthony Colpo's book has a special place on my bookshelf, and the person of Colpo has a special place in my heart.

If only we had more people like him, this world would be a much better place.

7/20/2006 10:09 PM  
Blogger Robert Angel said...

Great book. Highly recommended

3/23/2007 1:37 AM  
Blogger Christian said...

Interesting book, toning down the cholesterol hype. I think every single-minded explanation of things has to be questioned. Cholesterol makes no exception. I am impressed about your weight loss, Jimmy. Did you achieve it with diet only? Or did you exercise in addition?

4/02/2007 5:08 PM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

Hey Mousetrapper! When I started at 410, I was following the Atkins diet alone. But after I lost 30 pounds in the first month, I started a rigorous daily cardio exercise routine. In fact, one entire chapter of my book is called "Exercise Is Not A Dirty Word." :D

4/02/2007 5:16 PM  

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