Saturday, April 30, 2005

Fitness Camp Misguided Regarding Low-Carb

Okay, this is the kind of story that just gets my blood boiling. The local NBC affiliate in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX area published this story about a fitness camp called "Commit To Be Fit" that seeks to "retrain low-carb 'addicts' about exercise and a balanced diet."

I feel like I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but maybe I am. Every time these lies are spread in what is supposed to be a news story, it has to be addressed. Even if it is something that has been corrected a hundred times before!

The story focuses on women who gained back their weight after quitting a low-carb diet.

Well, if you quit doing low-carb, then you did not make the lifestyle change necessary to keep the weight off. If there was no lifestyle change, then it stands to reason you are going to gain back the weight. And that goes for any diet. If you don't stick with it after you lose the weight, then you most certainly will gain it all back and then some! Don't blame low-carb for their failure, though.

While exercise makes a low-carb lifestyle even better, I don't like the insinuation that this camp is needed to rehab people who have failed at doing low-carb. While a "balanced diet" is encouraged to keep from doing "your body a disservice," it does not address the issue of making the necessary changes in eating habits to make the lifestyle sustainable. Low-carb does. And that's the difference!

Although I am not against this fitness camp helping women who want to learn about how to do a good, healthy workout, I take great offense to the premise that people who have tried "low-carb" and gotten off that way of eating need to be retrained.

My experience has been just the opposite. I find myself trying to retrain people that fat is not necessarily as bad for them as is reported in the media. It all goes back to education about what low-carb is. This is a common theme you will hear me repeat often for people livin' la vida low-carb!

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