Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Obesity Pill Promises Pie In The Sky

If you are trying to lose weight, then I must warn you of a new weight loss drug called Acomplia.

A much-heralded study was recently released by European researchers that found a group of 1,500 obese or overweight people lost more weight taking this pill than those who took a placebo. Supposedly their waist size got smaller, cholesterol dropped, triglycerides went down, became insulin resistant, and other health benefits after taking Acomplia.

But they also had their calorie intake reduced, which means less food for the participants. Everyone knows you can LOSE weight by taking in less calories. What nobody wants to talk about is how you can't keep eating that way without ALWAYS feeling so hungry. It's the dirty little secret about low-fat, low-calorie that you never read about in the media.

Even the researchers aren't so sure this new miracle weight loss drug will last over the long-term.

"How this finding will translate into prolonged weight loss in clinical practice has yet to be determined," the researchers write in their report.

Manufactured by the third-largest pharmaceutical company in the world Sanofi-Aventis, Acomplia is not yet available for consumer purchase. Tests are still being conducted about the drug's effect on the brain since it blocks appetite control receptors.

My concern about this new weight loss drug is that it does nothing to address the root cause of obesity -- bad eating habits! Unless your lifestyle changes to keep the weight off, people who take this drug will see all of that weight pour right back on them and then some. It's the problem with any weight loss measure that doesn't have a long-term plan for maintaining weight loss.

That's what is wrong with low-fat and it is definitely what is wrong with this pill. This pie in the sky mentality by the drug company will leave a lot of people getting even fatter along with the wallets of the drug company. They know the lure of weight loss is BIG BUSINESS for them!

For me, I'd rather be livin' la vida low-carb and not worry about things like side effects and weight gain after getting off the diet or pill. Why do so many people want to make losing weight akin to rocket science?! The answer: DO LOW-CARB!

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