Sunday, April 24, 2005

Rave Reviews For Livin' La Vida Low-Carb

Although this blog has only been online for just a few short days, the response I have been getting from readers has been nothing short of pleasantly overwhelming. I am both humbled and honored that this is a place people would want to come to read and learn more about the low-carb lifestyle. Hopefully this is just the beginning of many great things to come and I hope to hear from more of you via e-mail at or by leaving a comment at the end of this blog entry.

Here's just a sampling of some of the comments I have received:

Doug writes: "I have surveyed your site and find it very interesting. You are obviously very passionate about your weight loss success and the low carb approach. Quite frankly, you are the first person I have found that is as obsessed about low carb as I am."

Sharon writes: "What a fabulous success story! Congratulations to you. I was very impressed with your blog site and have cross-linked your post to the Low Fat vs. Atkins debate (on AOL) ... there are a few there that knock this way of life so badly, they need to hear it again from a fresh voice! Keep up the great work!"

Lynne writes: "I love your web site - thanks. We could use you over at the debate board (on AOL) as well. If you can stand up to some of the anti-low carb BS that is! Please join us!"

Ruthie writes: "I checked out your blog, great job by the way!!! Congratulations on your success!!!!"

Danielle writes: "I made your blog a hyperlink and sent it out to a few of my friends. Once again, very inspirational. It was nice to see a picture also.
Good luck on the book!!! I hope OPRAH calls."

Sheila writes: "What an absolutely fabulous concept for a blog! After taking a glimpse at all of your valuable information and links, I will certainly not only be visiting 'Livin' La Vida Low-Carb' regularly, but will recommend it to those looking for up-to-date low-carb news and Atkins inspiration. I cannot believe what a gorgeous job you have done with this blog - well done!! Reading through your blog and comments, I was so pleased to see that we are much in agreement and we are about not only low-carbing and Atkins, but how not to low-carb (i.e., attempting to incorporate low-fat fare). Your writing is incredibly impressive; do keep up the good work, as you are certainly inspiring so many people in helping them discover that there is weight loss hope for them yet. God bless you."

Linda writes: "I am so excited for your book to come out. Atkins needs a huge shot in the arm and I feel you are the one to do it. :)"

Linda Marie writes: "I will buy your book! I have so much weight to lose. I don't know where to begin. Ugh. I weigh 363 lbs. I am 46 and desperate. I need to be taught what to do."

Jim writes: "Enjoyed your blog and the success of your low-carb way of eating. I started @ 385 pounds 20 months ago ... haven't maintained constant adherence to low-carb, but recommitted to it 30 days ago ... I'm down to 295 as of this morning. The lightest I've ever been as an adult is 225 ... at 5'11" higher than the weight charts, but then again these are designed by the same folks who push low-fat, high carb eating day in and day out."

Lisa writes: "Wow!!! Congrats, Jimmy, I've only glanced at your blog and I'm already excited! I didn't realize you'd written so many articles on low-carb living, and I'm definitely going to use those many links provided. The only bummer is, I found out I'm pregnant this past January, so I'll need to have the baby before I can get back to some serious low-carbing. But I'm not giving up! Anyway, congrats again on all the recognition and the great blog. I'll be visiting frequently!"

Tanya writes: "I need a little inspiration right now! Things are really tough for me right now with the low-carb lifestyle. Ever since I started working 48+ hour per week, my eating schedule is all messed up ... and so that has thrown me way out of whack! Unfortunately I am up 10 lbs up from my lowest weight. I know it don't seem like much, but my clothes definitely tell me different! LOL! I look forward to reading your book! ;)"

Tommy writes: "Great site! I really enjoyed it."

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