Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Let Me Introduce You To Jonny Bowden

I came across a new web site that I think you will find extremely fascinating from a guy named Jonny Bowden. Jonny is a certified nutrition specialist, fitness guru, renowned speaker, and somebody who embodies what livin' la vida low-carb is all about!

As a contributing writer to Total Health, Remedy, Low Carb Living, and Low Carb Luxury, Jonny stays extremely busy. But he's still had time to write several books on health, nutrition and fitness that you may want to check out, including a title called "Living the Low-Carb Life" (I will be writing a review of this book sometime in the next few weeks), among others.

When you're done reading my blog, why don't you skip on over to Jonny's new blog as well? If you think my commentary about the low-carb lifestyle and its enemies is poignant and witty, then you have got to see how Jonny puts these low-fat peddlers in their proper place. He doesn't hold back either!

In fact, here's just a sneak peek at his latest blog entry from earlier today entitled "'Eat a Balanced Diet' and Other Useless Advice":

What is a balanced diet? What elements should be balanced? Everything in moderation? Does that include sugar for sugar addicts, or alcohol for alcoholics? What is junk food? Is it synonomous with fast food? All fast food, or just some of it? You mean "slow food" can’t be junk? And which fruits and vegetables should we eat "more of?" How much more? Are they all created equal? Are fruits and vegetables even equivalent on the nutritional pantheon?

No wonder people are getting sick of "expert" advice. Most of it is useless.

To read the entire blog commentary Jonny provides on the topic of a "balanced diet," click here. You can also click on Jonny Bowden's name in my list of Low-Carb Links on the right side of this blog anytime to find out the latest happenings with this proactive mover and shaker in the low-carb lifestyle debate.

I have had the brief pleasure of conversing with Jonny via e-mail over this past week and have found him to be a genuine man who is concerned for people's health and well-being. His vigor for life and helping others reach their potential when it comes to weight loss and fitness is an inspiration to me and I hope to you as well.

Jonny states his mission in life very clearly on his web site: "I have no interest in 'telling' you what to do. I have, however, a great interest in collaborating with you in the enterprise of helping you get what you want."

I'm sure we will be hearing a lot more in the coming years from Jonny as the evil empire (aka the media, in case you haven't noticed!) continues its daily barrage of attacks against the way we have chosen to eat and get healthy. You go get 'em, Jonny! And I'll be right there with you!

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