Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Atkins Weight Loss Superstar Kent Altena Featured In Des Moines Register Story

Allow me to brag on one of my fellow Atkins diet blogging buddies for just a moment. I've already introduced you to Kent Altena months ago and recently congratulated him on his two-year anniversary on Atkins. He such an inspiration to me since we both weighed about the same when we started losing weight and lost about the same amount as well. And we both did it by livin' la vida low-carb via the Atkins diet. Kent and I are brothers from different mothers! LOL!

Don't believe me? Check out these facts:

  • Kent is 6'4" tall, I am 6'3 1/2" tall

  • Kent weighed over 400 pounds before Atkins, I weighed over 400 pounds before Atkins

  • Kent was inspired by his brother who was successful on Atkins, I was inspired by my half-brother who was successful on Atkins

  • Kent rarely exercised before and now does so daily, I rarely exercised before and now do so daily

  • Kent writes columns online about his low-carb success, I write columns online about my low-carb success

  • Now, let's add this similarity: Kent has his weight loss story published in his local paper just like I did!

    Although he has been through a living soap opera getting his low-carb weight loss success story to People magazine in recent months, he's FINALLY getting some recognition in his hometown of Des Moines, Iowa. This Des Moines Register column was very well-written and brought back a lot of memories for me in my life as my weight grew to an uncontrollable level before I realized what I was doing to myself. Thank God for the Atkins diet for people like Kent and I because it quite literally saved our lives. Be inspired by Kent's story that it is POSSIBLE to lose weight and keep it off the low-carb way!

    Once again, CONGRATULATIONS Kent! It's an awesome story and reminds me of the one my local paper wrote about my low-carb weight loss. Be proud of what you have accomplished, Kent, and let this newspaper article remind you that you will never go back to your old ways ever again. Frame it, put it up on a way, and NEVER FORGET. I know you won't! :)

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    Blogger Kent said...

    The one point I'd like to mention (other than my appreciation to Jimmy for commenting on my article) is that my wife is an Atkins success story as well. It was left out of the story, and I think it has to be mentioned. She is not at goal yet, but as of this morning is nearing 100# down from the above photo. She restarted doing strict Atkins (as opposed to doing low carb moderation) on December 26, and since then she has lost a total of 30 pounds and feels better than ever before. She would never claim the badge or title of "Success Story," but Laura certainly is it in my book.pws

    4/19/2006 10:30 AM  

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