Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Inaugural Episode Of 'Health Hacks Podcast'

Today is the BIG DAY that the "Health Hacks Podcast" debuted to a world in dire need of reliable news, information, and commentary about healthy living in a fun and unique format.

While I gave you two small samplings of what you could expect from this brand new health-oriented show featuring contributions from Chris Brogan, Reinhard Engels, Kevin Kennedy-Spaien, and yours truly with this and this, the "Health Hacks Podcast" is a well-produced show that will keep you captivated from start to finish. You'll laugh, you'll learn, and hopefully you'll be motivated to start living a much healthier and fit lifestyle after listening to the "Health Hacks Podcast."

Have you heard the highly-anticipated debut episode yet? If not, then you are in for a real treat. Just push play on the online podcast player below to listen to Episode #1 of the "Health Hacks Podcast." I promise you will LOVE it (yes, I'm a little biased because I'm a part of it, but listen anyway!):

Health, Fitness, And Inspiration - In Your Ear!

So, what did you think? Did it live up to the hype I gave it? Wasn't it GREAT?! I am so proud to be associated with such an incredible new project like this and look forward to sharing much more information about livin' la vida low-carb to an audience who may or may not be exposed to what this way of eating is all about. Don't ya know I'll tell 'em all about it! :D

Wanna keep up with the latest "Health Hacks Podcast" shows? Then CLICK HERE for the RSS feed or you can even download the show directly from iTunes for your iPod. Cool huh? You WON'T want to miss a single episode of this engaging, exciting and entertaining new show!

Share your thoughts and reactions to the show by using the Contact Page or by calling our Comment Line at 978-416-BE-OK (978-416-2365). If you do, then you might even have the opportunity to HEAR YOURSELF on a future "Health Hacks Podcast!" WOO HOO! Be sure to tell 'em how much you LOVE that "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" guy Jimmy Moore. HA! Just kidding! LOL!

What I DO want you to do, though, is express your comments about the first show by clicking here. Good, bad, or ugly, tell us what you HONESTLY think of the show so we can make it better and better. Executive producer Kevin Kennedy-Spaien has put a lot of long hours of hard work and creative effort into making the "Health Hacks Podcast" a top-notch program with content for people at every level of health and fitness.

And don't miss the exciting second episode coming up next Wednesday at!

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