Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Atkins Not A Temporary 'Crash' Diet, But Rather A Permanent Lifelong Way Of Eating

Have you been watching these amazing videos that Atkins weight loss success story Kent Altena has been making lately? If not, then you are really missing out on some fantastic informational videos that answer some of the most common questions people have about livin' la vida low-carb to help get them through the pitfalls that may come to them.

Here's a recap of the videos Kent has made so far:

1. Music video about his 200-pound weight loss
2. "How to do Induction"
3. "What You Can Eat on Induction"
4. "What About Loose Skin After Atkins Weight Loss?"
5. Induction Flu: Signs Of Problems Or Progress?"

You won't want to miss a single one of Kent's videos, so be sure to subscribe to his video feed at YouTube. Share these with your friends and family members who are skeptical about the Atkins/low-carb approach and let them know that the man doing these videos lost a whopping 200+ pounds on the Atkins diet! Whoa! I think that gives him some credibility to talk about this, don't ya think?

In fact, Kent is VERY interested in using his new video platform to answer any of YOUR nagging questions about the low-carb lifestyle, so please feel free to post a comment below if you have any new ideas that you would like for him to address in future videos. Educating people about this miraculous way of eating is what drives Kent to do what he is doing. Kudos to you for doing it, Kent!

Okay, today's video addresses another popular question that people ask about the Atkins diet. It has to do with the amount of weight loss that can be expected during the Induction phase. Of all the videos Kent has made so far, this one is in my opinion the VERY BEST one he has made because it is chock full of so many excellent points regarding this important topic.

See for yourself how Kent answers the question:


What an outstanding subject to talk about! I love the fact that Kent pretty much blows the premise of the question about Induction weight loss out of the water by saying the low-carb lifestyle isn't about that. For people who think it is solely about a "crash" diet mentality, they are simply not ready to make this a lifelong way of eating. Kent remarks that there are no "quick answers" to losing a set amount of weight for an event which is merely external, but rather making long-term decisions to change the way you eat for good which is internal.

It absolutely makes sense and stands to reason that if you are going to start livin' la vida low-carb that you stick with it forever. Anyone who pretends to hop on a low-carb diet to lose a quick 15 pounds is setting themselves up for a huge disappointment after they get "off the diet."

But, but, but...that low-carb diet made me gain weight when I got off of it. DUH! What the heck did you think would happen, Einstein?! Until people realize low-carb living is a permanent lifestyle change they can live with until the day the good Lord decides to take them home, their weight and health will NOT improve.

Kent even highlighted the concepts I wrote about in this recent blog post regarding the benefits of setting smaller goals along the way to help motivate you to reach the big one. And it's true these "markers" will propel you to greater weight loss over time. It reminds you of just how far you've come.

However, for those people who are wanting the quick weight loss drop, Kent said you can expect to lose 5-10 percent of your total weight loss in the first two weeks if you remain cheat-free. I personally lost 20 pounds during Induction in January 2004 when I started out at 410 pounds (then went on to lose 30 overall in the first month and 40 more pounds in February!). So if you have 100 pounds to lose, then you can expect to lose 5-10 pounds during Induction, Kent states.

But don't stop with Induction, though. Keep it going and lose the weight you need to lose for yourself. Weight loss is indeed a personal thing, but obsessing over reaching a certain goal is not the be all, end all. Kent reminds you to take in all the lessons that you learn about how to eat right, changing your bad habits, learning new ones, and living a healthy lifestyle perhaps for the very first time in your entire life. What a thrill that entire experience is!

Be sure to visit Kent's blog for more thoughts about this fantastic subject and to post your comments regarding his latest video to him directly. Soak in the wisdom this man is bestowing on us all because he is someone who has been in the trenches and risen victorious over morbid obesity. In other words, he knows from whence he speaks. THANKS again, Kent! We appreciate you so much for doing this outstanding video series.

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