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'Something Clicked' After Reading Weight Loss Success Book, Watching Atkins Video

I don't know about you, but I just LOVE getting e-mails from people about how my 180-pound weight loss story on the Atkins diet has inspired and motivated them to start losing weight for themselves, too. Nothing brings me greater joy and happiness than to see the time I spend here at my blog is invested in helping people genuinely change their lives forever. It's the mission I am currently embarking upon and one that is sorely needed in this day and age.

In addition to my blog, I also am a contributor to the web sites,,,,, "30-In-30" Low-Carb Weight Loss Challenge and my new blog Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Links, among others. WHEW!

So, why do I write in so many different places? Eyeballs. Well, not literally eyeballs, but the bodies that are attached to those eyeballs reading my stuff. With multiple places for people to read my columns, including being frequently picked up by Google News (do a sample search for "low-carb" and see how many of my columns you see there), the reach of this blog extends beyond my little world here known as "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb."

That's what makes getting e-mails like the one I am about to share with you so gratifying. Amazingly, I would have never met most of you 20 years ago or even 10 years ago with the technology we had back then. Nobody knew what the Internet was in 1986 and the blogosphere was in the early stages in 1996. But here we are in 2006 bringing the world closer together than it has ever been in human history and blogs are facilitating that.

As a weight loss blogger, I'm loving that! Meeting new people who want to learn more about livin' la vida low-carb every single day thrills me. Reading the e-mails from people crying out for hope and help in a world that has spit in their face and left them feeling guilty about being fat quite literally breaks my heart. But I know a way that helped me shed over 180 pounds from my former 410-pound body and I'd be remiss if I sat back and did nothing to give aid and comfort to those who are in the same boat that I was.

This letter from an excited reader today was in response to my autobiographical book about my weight loss entitled "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb: My Journey From Flabby Fat To Sensationaly Skinny In One Year." It is available from or from my publisher (also comes in e-book format).

The e-mail started off so enthusiastically, all I could see was "WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!!"

"You are a true inspiration, as well as the other friends you have posted about that have lost so much weight. I started Atkins for the last time today 09/12/2006. I am almost 38 years old and weighed in at 292.4 at 5’5” and I know I am completely unhealthy (I have all the warning signs to a very short life)."

CONGRATULATIONS on making this lifestyle change and taking it seriously. With your current statistics, it's good that you decided that NOW is the time to DO SOMETHING before it is too late. The good news is you seem to be in the right mindset to make this work and I encourage you to maintain that passionate desire to lose weight that you have right now for at least the next 12 months. No slacking off, no backing down, this is for real now! YOU CAN DO IT!

After coming to the realization that she was eating herself quite possibly to an early grave, she picked up my book and started reading it for inspiration and, most of all, hope.

"Your book, your blog and others websites and stories for help and inspiration is helping me come to an understanding that this is the right program for me. It has taken me years to come to this conclusion, but here I am."

Although she has been on low-carb diets before as well as "every other diet out there," they didn't seem to help her much. Unfortunately, she never stayed on any of them longer than a few days before she simply gave up on them, including Atkins. But now she realizes how weak she was for giving up too soon.

"What a baby I have been. I read the post and watched the video from Kent Altena about Induction Flu. Hallelujah! Something clicked. That 'flu' is why I give up every time!"

See, Kent! Your Atkins video series IS making a HUGE difference!

She has firmly vowed about giving up: "NO MORE!"

"I am here to say with all that is in my heart (and for my heart…so I do not keel over of a heart attack), I will not be stopped. Like one of my favorite movies, A League of Their Own, says 'There’s no crying in baseball.' So my new mantra is "There’s no crying in livin' la vida low-carb! Can I get an AMEN!"

LOL! Now THAT'S the spirit and I'm so proud of you for taking this important step to get tough and get ready for what will be one of the biggest challenges of your life. But you've read my book and you know the pain and setbacks that I went through to become the low-carb weight loss success story that I am today. The same could and should happen to you if you follow through on that commitment you made starting today.

This reader said she will be starting her own blog soon to chronicle her journey and wanted to personally thank me for sharing my story with the world.

"I told you that you were an inspiration. Please stay tuned to all of my ups and downs. I will let you know how it goes! Thanks again to you and all those great, successful, low-carb gurus out there! You've motivated this crazy chick whose eyes have finally opened!"

THANK YOU!!! Can you tell that e-mail made my day today? :D

Anyone else have a similar story to share? I'm always curious to know how my weight loss story, my blog and my book are helping people with their own weight loss aspirations. My wife Christine actually keeps a scrapbook with every single e-mail like this one today to help encourage me when I feel discouraged or depressed (which is rare, by the way!). I'd LOVE to hear from you if you would like to share YOUR story, too! Send it to me at

Also, if you have bought a copy of my book or e-book, I'd just like to say THANK YOU! When I wrote that book about my weight loss story, all I wanted it to do was be a glimmer of hope for people who felt hopeless about their weight problem. From the feedback I have received from hundreds of people about it, the consensus is that it has done just that. I fully expect that little book to continue helping people change their lives by losing weight like I did for many years to come.

If you have read my book and would like to do something very simple that would help me out tremendously, would you consider posting a review at my book page on Whether you bought the book from them or not, they accept reviews from people on anything in their catalog of products. If you liked my book, then your review could help someone else realize it could help them, too. Even if you didn't like my book, share your honest feedback so that maybe my next book can be better than my first.

Oh yeah, I'm gonna write a second book...SOON! I haven't started on it yet, but I've got a GREAT idea for a follow-up to "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" that I think you will be interested in. But, for now, I'm having too much fun blogging! :)

9-14-06 UPDATE: Okay, she's got her blog up and running now. It's called Crazy Low-Carb Goddess Sheri from the Fredericksburg, Virginia-based Sheri. You can welcome and encourage Sheri in her new low-carb lifestyle at her first blog post.

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Blogger Gary J said...

Regarding low-carb history:

I've been studying diet so long as an amateur, back to my days in the early seventies reading Adelle Davis and Irwin Stillman.

In looking for a description on Dr. Stillman, I came across this trash:

And no wonder. Look at the citations!

I found this about Dr. Stillman. It's fairly accurate. Stillman was on to low-carb, but he didn't understand the larger picture of wholesome nutrition (beneficial oils, etc.) In fact, he even
advocated a variation of his diet that was very low protein to "pull fat from within the muscle tissue". Today we know that a low-protein diet means you are using muscle itself for calories.

My mention of Stillman is an aside, just to mention how long I've been looking for a good understanding of nutrition, metabolism, and
weight loss. I really have to thank Dr. Atkins for his advancements as he revealed the importance of carbohydrate restriction for some of
us in our modern diet and how to do it while increasing the nutritive value of our intake.

9/15/2006 1:41 PM  
Blogger LindaLCforLife said...

Somewhere I thought I heard Dr. Stillman died from a heart attack, but not sure.

I read a lot of Adelle Davis in the 70s. She gave me a lot of nutritional inspiration and insight, especially when it came to feeding my kids, who were babies then. I benefited from a lot of her ideas. It's amazing that the medical profession has just caught on to some of them.

As far as Dr. Atkins is concerned, I think he deserves the Nobel Prize. He was a very unique person, who cared a great deal for his fellow man.

9/16/2006 10:22 AM  

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