Monday, October 16, 2006

Documentary Film On Obesity Casting People Scammed By Weight Loss Gimmicks

A full-length feature film on obesity set to begin shooting soon

I have some exciting news for anyone who has ever felt like they have been scammed by any of the literally tens of thousands of weight loss gimmicks out there suckering people out of their money on a daily basis. A special documentary film that will be appearing before millions of interested moviegoers is looking to cast people who have experienced any lasting side effects from being on any specific weight loss products.

They want to hear YOUR story if you are willing to share the specific names of the companies that manufacture and distribute any products that you feel are unsafe, unhealthy or just plain don't work. This is an ambitious undertaking and it is completely under wraps at this point since they seek to expose a lot of fraudulent activities going on right here in America today. They have asked me to act as the liason between you and them, so send me your stories if you want to be involved in this historic and quite possibly culture-influencing documentary film.

You should e-mail me the following information:

1. Your age, name, address and telephone number.
2. The name of the weight loss product you took.
3. The name of the company and/or store where you bought it.
4. When you took the product and for how long.
5. What the adverse side effect was from taking that product.

Be sure to include all of the above information so the producers of the documentary can follow-up with you if they are interested in using your story in the film. Keep in mind that you may be asked to appear on camera to talk about your experience, so please do not submit your information unless you are ready, willing, and able to have it used in the movie.

I have been hoping for a major cultural project like this to come along to continue the education process begun by Morgan Spurlock in his highly successful, critically acclaimed documentary feature film Supersize Me and I am honored to be a part of making this new project come to the silver screen as well.

The makers of the film have asked me to share about my low-carb weight loss success story for the film as well, so this is truly a privilege and an exciting opportunity for me to spread the word about "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" to an even larger audience. In fact, they WANT me to talk about my blog in the film so that others can come here to interact with others who truly cares about helping them learn more about losing weight and getting healthy. This is exactly the kind of open-minded passion that I expect will drive this film to great success.

Here's just a little taste of what this documentary will be about:

"The public needs to know what is truth and what is false. This film will explore all of the information and help to bring the public knowledge in a style that will also be very entertaining and visually exciting. With a fitness expert as the narrator of this film, we will seek out why there is a epidemic of obesity, we will talk with renowned doctors, medical experts, even Senators and Congressmen who have access to the funds to help civilians get the right information. We will hear from experts in the field of weight control who have a firsthand look into the problem of obesity. And yes, we will expose as many fly-by-night contraption and weight loss supplement companies as we can to keep the public informed.

There are many garbage supplements offered for sale to the public that are not necessarily all targeted for fat loss, since some are also alleged muscle builders. Also, the ephedrine scare was not based on the truth, and was in fact, engineered by the pharmaceutical industry in order to have ephedrine removed as competition for useless fat-loss drugs, such as Meridia. In addition, the false claims made for sports supplements will be explored.

Most importantly, this film will provide solutions to the issue of obesity by arming the public with the weapon of knowledge. It will have the audience enjoying the fact-finding storyline that will be continuously threaded throughout the movie. In the end, we will be more informed and equipped to solve this epidemic of obesity that is sweeping our nation today."

Are you getting excited? YOU SHOULD BE because this is something that those of us who are promoting healthy and permanent lifestyle changes so desperately desire for our fellow citizens: educating them about the truth concerning their diet, health, weight, nutrition and fitness. This isn't a game and the obesity epidemic has already gone too far.

Could this feature film documentary be the beginning of the turnaround in the United States as it relates to the subject of obesity? Will we one day look back on the impact of this film and realize just how much it permanently altered the direction of our country for the better? That remains to be seen, but the thrilling part is that it is coming whether the special interest groups who are keeping Americans fat want it to or not. And when the movie reveals the truth, all bets are off!

Won't you be a part of this historical project?

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Blogger Angela said...

This is fantastic news. Finally someone is going to "out" the bad guys and tell everyone the truth! I can hardly wait for the movie. And to think you are going to be a part of this mind-opening documentary. Congratulations Jimmy this may be the start of something bigger for you in turn as well. And I don't mean the size of your clothing! Hah.

10/16/2006 9:37 PM  
Blogger Wanda said...

Jimmy that is exciting news.
Congradulations..........I can see this as a new exciting step for you.
This is great news!!!!! whhooooooooooo

10/16/2006 9:44 PM  

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