Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Episode 7 Debuts Our First Health Hackette

Okay, ladies, the Health Hacks Podcast has its first woman, Eve the OT

When you listen to Episode 7 of The Health Hacks Podcast this week, then you may hear the voice of a new member of the Health Hacks Podcast Posse. Her name is Eve the OT (Occupational Therapist) who brings her professional and personal insights on healthy living to the program. I think you'll enjoy her and the rest of us in Episode 7!

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Eve talks about setting appropriate goals in your fitness to be the success you need to be when improving your life in some way. The always interesting Reinhard Engels talks his "glass ceiling” concept for preventing overindulgence with alcoholic beverages. My segment is on why me and my fellow Health Hacks posse team members have a right to talk about health despite not having any formal health education or training. Finally, Executive Producer Kevin Kennedy-Spaien continues his discussion with Occupational Therapist and Yoga instructor Rick Frank, this week about the subject of yoga as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Click here to post your comments at the Health Hacks Podcast web site. Do you like Eve the OT? Tell us, tell us!

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