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Add Some Spice To Your Life With Flavorful Herbs

Your resource for everything you want to know about spices and herbs

One of the great mysteries in life is how some people seem to have the natural ability to combine food ingredients to make the most delicious meals you've ever tasted. It's the same food that everyone else prepares, so what's the difference? Could it be those who excel at cooking and preparing meals have mastered the art of flavor by educating themselves better about what spices and herbs can do to the foods they make?

In my opinion, that's EXACTLY what they have done and now you can learn the art of doing this too with The Spice and Herb Bible.

Ian and Elizabeth Hemphill are the spice and herb experts

Written by Ian "Herbie" Hemphill, an Australian man with over four decades of working in the spice and herb business, this hefty and colorful 608-page book is the most comprehensive book of information you will find on bookstore shelves today about virtually any spice and herb in the entire world. Who better to tell you about these ingredients to spice up your low-carb like than Herbie?! The man is a living legend in the industry and stands ready to share his wealth of wisdom with others.

Herbie has traveled all over the world to identify and introduce the most unique and exotic herbs and spices you'll ever put inside your mouth. He knows his stuff too serving his customers at his wildly popular Herbie's Spices store in Sydney, Australia.

The Hemphills live above their famous shop on Darling Street

The Spice and Herb Bible includes three different sections that you can jump back and forth from to locate the information you need:

First, you will be educated about "The World of Spices" with a historical and educational journey to an entirely different culture of this incredible industry. You'll learn about the difference between spices and herbs, how they are made, and where they are turned into the secret ingredients of some of your favorite foods.

Second, the education continues in the "Spice Notes" section with an alphabetical listing of over 100 spices. You'll be provided with invaluable information about each, including the origin, other common names for the spice, the official botanical name, which family of spice it comes from, and what the spice is called in other languages (this was pretty neat!). Page after page of information with gorgeous full-color photos of the spices and herbs themselves will keep you captivated for hours and hours.

Third, if you feel the gumption to mix and match spices yourself, then Herbie shows you how in "The Art of Combining Spices" section. Because Herbie knows you'll get the itch to start cooking and experimenting with this newfound knowledge, he provides nearly 60 pages of delicious recipes using both common and rare spices and herbs for your enjoyment courtesy of his daughter Kate who created them. They are magnificent!

I had the privilege of trying a few of Herbie's spices for myself and was quite impressed. The Lemon Myrtle Leaf Ground complemented chicken very well for a pleasantly tangy flavor while the Australian Forest Berry Herb provided a hint of sweetness to what would otherwise be a rather drab meal. Both the Exotic Moroccan Blend of Ras El Hanout and the Chermoula Moroccan Rub were perfect ingredients for adding some zip to just about any Mexican dish you are serving.

Get yourself a copy of The Spice and Herb Bible and never settle for dull and drab meals ever again. Spice up your life with some flavorful herbs!

You can contact Herbie Hemphill with your questions about spices and herbs at or visit Herbie's Spices online at

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Blogger Sherrie said...

Hey I have bought some of their herbs via mail order before and lately I see them stocked in local organic shops so I figured they were doing well... but gee... fancy seeing them here LOL

Very tempted to check out the book, thanks Jimmy :)

11/13/2006 12:22 AM  

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