Monday, November 27, 2006

Win $1,000 With Dixie Diner Recipe Contest

Dixie Diners' Club low-carb products are delicious and healthy

Their slogan for the past three decades they have been in business been:

Health Food That Tastes Like Junk Food!

We're talking about The Dixie Diners' Club and their popular Carb Counters low-carb line of products. You've read my reviews of many of these incredible products and now they want to reward you for your ingenuity and cooking prowess by coming up with recipes using those products to create delectable low-carb dishes!

Introducing the Dixie Diner Low-Carb Recipe Contest!

There are no specific meal categories and entries are encouraged to be anything from soup to main dishes to desserts. The only stipulations are that you cannot use any sugar alcohols or polydextrose and it must include at least one Dixie Diner product in the recipe. Additionally, the definition of a "low-carb" dish for this contest is 4g net carbs per serving (after subtracting the fiber).

Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

1. Taste & Originality
2. Ease Of Preparation
3. Presentation & Appearance

Sound appealing enough to you yet? How about these prizes?

First Prize $1,000
Second Prize $500.00
Third Prize $250.00

That's right, you could win up to $1,000 for your recipe, so you had better get started whipping up your best recipe now as the competition is expected to be quite fierce among all those Dixie Diner fanatics out there! Heck, I may even have to submit a recipe or two. You might as well close the competition now because I'm winning this thing! LOL! Just kidding. Seriously, though, this should be loads of fun and I urge you to at least give it a shot! You could win some serious dough!

Submit your recipe, including the name of it, the ingredients used, how-to directions and a picture of it (if at all possible!) to Be sure to also include your name, address and telephone number, and where you get your Dixie Diner products in the e-mail so they can contact you if you are a winner.

You can start submitting your recipes beginnning December 1, 2006 and running through May 1, 2007. The recipe contest winners will be announced in June 2007. Don't delay, though, get those recipes in TODAY!

Need some ideas about what kind of recipes you can make with Dixie Diner products? Click here to access their database of yummy recipes to get your creative juices flowing in that cranium of yours so you can come up with something yourself. GOOD LUCK TO YOU and have fun experimenting in the kitchen with Dixie Diners' Club foods.

Now, what am I going to come up with to smoke the competition? HA!

11-28-06 UPDATE: For those of you who are concerned about soy, CLICK HERE for more information on the subject. While SOME of the Dixie Diner products do contain soy in them, they also have many products that are soy-free. Remember, this is a LOW-CARB recipe contest and nothing more. If you have any specific questions or comments about the Dixie Diner products, then simply e-mail them and they will gladly respond to you personally.

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Blogger Science4u1959 said...

I am a bit upset about their misinformation (on the link provided) about soy. They are citing the so-called "Wellness letter" from the UOC dated 11/28/2001, citing that "soy, combined with a low-fat diet may prevent cancer" and is "healthy". The exact opposite is true! There's also a link supposedly showing that soy is good for women. Quite disturbing: all serious, controlled clinical trial studies (not these epidemiological misinterpretations!) have shown soy and soy products to be quite harmful and certainly not "healthy". I will email them about this and it would be good if we all did that! Soy is most definitely NOT a health product.

11/27/2006 9:19 PM  

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