Monday, December 18, 2006

'Great Cholesterol Con' Updated, Expanded, And Made Into An E-Book With A Free Gift

Anthony Colpo has updated and expanded "The Great Cholesterol Con"

One of the most underrated health books that came out in 2006 was Australian independent researcher Anthony Colpo's "The Great Cholesterol Con." This scientific masterpiece was chock full of the solid scientific foundation for questioning everything you have ever heard about cholesterol, fat, and health with that signature Colpo swagger and confidence that was on full display in my interview with him.

Following the critical acclaim he received for his book debut, Colpo decided to update and provide further information in a special second edition of "The Great Cholesterol Con" which is now available at You get more than 80 additional pages (now it's a 428-page book!) for the exact same price as the original book with even more evidence and Amazon is providing FREE SHIPPING when you purchase Colpo's book!

So, what's "new and improved" about this book? Glad you asked.

In response to complaints about the words being too small to read, the font size is larger for easier readability. Extra sections of the updated book include an appendix dealing with the issue of Familial Hypercholesterolemia, an extra study showing that low-fat diets do not lower cholesterol when calories and saturated/polyunsaturated ratios are kept the same, an expose on how the Lyon Diet Heart Study was initially rejected by one of the world's most "prestigious" medical journals because the reviewers refused to believe such impressive mortality reductions could occur independent of cholesterol-lowering, additional information on statins, including 2 recent studies from some very prominent journals that show a total disconnect between cholesterol-lowering and mortality reduction, updated supplement recommendations, an essay by Colpo on the "bacon and eggs" myth about low-carb, and a discussion of some super-effective high intensity interval training.

Perhaps you'd like to get all of these nifty updates, but you don't want to pay over $25 for the paperback book or you want it delivered to you fast! No problem! Now you can purchase "The Great Cholesterol Con" in e-book format for LESS THAN $10!

That's right, get the e-book sent directly to your e-mail box within 24 hours from Anthony Colpo and he'll even throw in a FREE BONUS e-book "The Junk Science Self Defense Manual," which gives you a crash course in recognizing when you are getting fuzzy health and nutrition information. THIS IS AN EXCLUSIVE OFFER AVAILABLE ONLY WHEN YOU PURCHASE "THE GREAT CHOLESTEROL CON" E-BOOK!

Yours FREE with the purchase of "The Great Cholesterol Con" e-book

Anthony Colpo is so convinced you will absolutely LOVE his e-book that he has come up with one of the most lucrative trial offers I think I've ever seen on a book--AN 8-WEEK MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Are you kidding me?! TWO MONTHS?! WHOA!

If you don't agree that "The Great Cholesterol Con" is the most important health book you have ever read, then simply contact Colpo and tell him you want a full refund. You'll get your money back with no questions asked and you STILL get to keep his e-book "The Junk Science Self Defense Manual" as your FREE gift just for reading. What a deal, man!

Ring in the new year by putting this important book in your personal library along with Colpo's compilation of columns from the now-defunct in an e-book creatively called "Best Of TheOmnivore." Arm yourself with the truth with this trio of outstanding health resources.

For more information about "The Great Cholesterol Con" e-book, please visit Anthony Colpo's web site

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Blogger Science4u1959 said...

This is it... it doesn't get any better than this. This book is Colpo's Magnum Opus and rightly so. It's the definitive work on Cholesterol, Fats, and Health. A fantastic tome I can recommend to anyone. I keep buying it (and giving it away to friends). It's worth every penny!

12/19/2006 12:15 AM  

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