Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Help Push SUGAR SHOCK! To #1 On Amazon

Could this be the #1 book on Amazon sometime today?

I've got some super exciting news to share with you today about fellow blogger Connie Bennett, who is the author of the explosive new book release about how unhealthy sugar is I have shared with you before called SUGAR SHOCK!

This book is already changing the lives of so many people in just the first few weeks since it released in late December, but I cannot wait to tell you how YOU can help make this book even more influential than it has already been.

Today, January 17, 2007 is probably going to go down as a special day for the SUGAR SHOCK! book. As of the writing of this blog post, it has already cracked the Top 100 over at and I think we can give it that last little push to make it shoot to #1!

Why is this important to you? I'll give you several reasons to ponder.

1. We all know someone who needs to give up sugar.
2. Perhaps deep down inside YOU still struggle with sugar addiction.
3. Here's a low-carb advocate with a chance to help MANY people!

This barely scratches the surface of what's at stake here, but think about this: wouldn't it be GREAT to have a LOW-CARB book as the #1 overall bestseller at Amazon?! Do you know the kind of prestige that can give a book like this in the eyes of the average, everyday person who may not even know this book exists?

Well, if you are as focused on getting the message out about this fantastic sugar-shunning book as I am, then let me urge you RIGHT NOW to go purchase 1, 2, or even 10 copies of SUGAR SHOCK!: How Sweets And Simple Carbs Can Derail Your Life--And How You Can Get Back On Track! to help Connie shake up not just the diet & health book category, but quite frankly the book industry itself! What an opportunity we have here!

To make it worth your while, Connie is ready to shower you with lots of FREE GIFTS from her friends and fellow experts that will provide you with (get this!) nearly $1400 worth of resources all for buying this $10 book on Amazon. Go to to see all of the amazing gifts you will receive just for getting Connie's book today.

Read what Connie herself had to say about her book:

"I'd really like to think that this one book could make a HUGE difference in your life. You see, I wrote the kind of book that I would have loved to have back in 1998 when I had to kick sugar on doctor's orders. Often, the topics I cover came about just because of valuable feedback and suggestions from my clients. So get more energy, improved concentration, and better health now. You deserve to feel the best you can feel!"

Remember, the FREE GIFT offer is only valid for TODAY JANUARY 17TH ONLY, so go get SUGAR SHOCK! and then go pick up your overflow of FREE PRIZES for doing it!

Won't YOU help push SUGAR SHOCK! to #1 on

1-17-07 UPDATE @1:30PM EST: Right now, SUGAR SHOCK! has catapulted to the Top 20 overall and in the Top 10 of health books! WOO HOO! Because of this status, you can NOW get SUGAR SHOCK! for LESS THAN NINE BUCKS each since bestsellers are 40% off! I just bought 3 copies of this book at Amazon to give away as gifts to people who need to her this message. The total price for the 3 books was about $25 which qualified me for FREE SHIPPING! WOW WOW WOW! Why wait any longer, go get this book! :)

1-17-07 UPDATE @2:00PM EST: Connie's cracked the Top 10 OVERALL at Amazon now landing the #8 position right now. She's got some big boys to beat ahead of her, including books from Barack Obama, Bob Greene, and Mehmet Oz, but WE CAN MAKE IT #1! Have you gotten your copies of this amazing new low-carb book yet? Time is crucial here, so let's push to make it soar to the top spot--go get SUGAR SHOCK! right now! What a historic moment this would be in 2007!

1-17-07 UPDATE @3:00PM EST: Well, it's getting harder now to move SUGAR SHOCK! up the charts in the Top 10, but it's now at #7. THANK YOU to everyone who has gotten the book this far up the charts. AMAZING! I'm thinking of buying three more books today to help push it that much closer. Have you gotten in on the fun yet? :D I know Connie would appreciate however many you can get.

1-17-07 UPDATE @7:00PM EST: As of right now, the book has creeped up to #6 and trying desperately to get to the top spot. It looks like we're getting there, but not quite yet. There's still time for you to take advantage of getting this book on this special day. Remember, if you buy THREE of them for only $25 that includes the shipping, then don't forget you also get all those other nearly $1400 worth of prizes, too! Have you done your part for SUGAR SHOCK! yet? Only a few more hours are left!

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