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'Sweet Enough' Low-Carb Catering Service Promoting Lifestyle Changes

One of the things I've learned in life is when you find something you are extraordinarily passionate about and you're good at it, then you need to pursue that with every fiber of your being so that the infectiousness of what drives you will begin to influence others. That's what Bridget Hart has decided to do.

This spunky professional chef, who loves to teach other how to cook as well as providing in-home catering, has started the Denver, Colorado-based Sweet Enough Personal Chef & Catering Services business to provide sizzling low-carb dishes that will tantalize your tastebuds. Bridget is a big believer in using fresh, whole foods with just the right herbs and spices to complement the meal.

She is a graduate of the Cook Street School of Fine Cooking accelerated Food & Wine Career Program in Denver with more than over 13 years of combined experience in the fields of special event planning and execution, conference services, catering, and cooking. Additionally, Bridget has traveled and trained under master chefs in France and Italy and has even been featured on The Food Network with her world-famous Aspen Buffalo Burgers.

Because she understands the dire need for proper nutrition in response to the obesity crisis, Bridget volunteers her time to help teache cooking and nutrition to people at risk for hunger, many of whom are afflicted with obesity and diabetes. This helps keep her grounded in all that she does.

"My passion is sharing my belief that the enjoyment of good food, well-presented, does not have to be reserved for special occasions," Bridget stated. "Delicious healthy food does not have to be complex in preparation, and deprivation or denial should not be a part of anyone's eating habits. I can help you to eat well, without sacrificing a healthful way of living or, most importantly, flavor and enjoyment!"

Specializing in low-carb/low-glycemic meals, Bridget offers these sample menu items to tease you with a little about what she can do. The web site is relatively new, so keep checking back for updates and more extensive recipes.

Interestingly, she does have a blog you can check out called Cooking Without Carbs which will highlight some of her favorite low-carb recipes for you to enjoy. It's new too, so be sure to bookmark it to see what she posts from time to time.

A very strong advocate for livin' la vida low-carb for the past seven years, Bridget says she is all about "encouraging and celebrating this lifestyle."

"Whether you've chosen this path to lose weight, regulate your blood sugar, improve your heart health, or just upgrade your daily diet, I can help you meet your goals and enjoy healthy, balanced, and delicious meals," Bridget exclaimed.

Acknowledging that variety can sometimes be a challenge on the low-carb lifestyle, Bridget said that's why she wanted to start her own business.

"Many people not familiar with our lifestyle mistakenly think it's all about just meat, cheese and eggs," she admitted, but "we know that's not true. Yet, how many times have you 'run out' of creative and satisfying ideas for what you can and cannot eat? When was the last time you had what you would consider a 'gourmet' meal? And I won't even ask about dessert!"

Like me, Bridget believes people should make up their own mind whether livin' la vida low-carb is the healthy lifestyle for them. She doesn't believe in going on a "diet" or even following a healthy "nutritional plan." Instead, it's all about the lifestyle change.

"Health must come from a holistic approach, and this approach includes not only the traditional factors of what we eat and physical activity level, but also the less obvious, like where you live, where you work and what you do for a living, who you live with, your daily obligations, the health of your loved ones, etc. Yes, sometimes your health is directly determined by what you're eating, but it also has a lot to do with what's eating you," Bridget concluded.

How profound and I like that! It's not just what YOU are eating, but what's EATING you! HA! Stress and life can indeed wreak havoc on your low-carb plan as I have often discussed here at my blog. Bridget reminds us that you need to take care of yourself and enjoy your healthy lifestyle without worrying about meal preparation and carb counting. That's why she wants to be YOUR personal low-carb chef.

She wants to free up time for you to focus on yourself and your family without the hustle and bustle of the day to day.

"Let me help you to help yourself, by providing cost-efficient, lifestyle-specific meals to you in your home," Bridget said about her new business. "Whether your entire family is participating in, or just supporting your lifestyle, I can work with you individually to plan menus that will please everyone at your table."

She also specializes in party preparation regardless of the number of people attending your event. Little will your guests know they will be eating low-carb. Shhhh, don't tell 'em!

Finally, Bridget LOVES helping people who love to cook to take all of their favorite recipes and make them low-carb ones instead.

"Sweet Enough will come to your home and show you the ropes of low-carb/low glycemic cooking and menu planning," she explained. "Whether you're just starting out, or are a long-time low-carber, I bet I can show you some great new methods, recipes, hints and tips that will renew your motivation and get those creative cooking juices going again!"

Lesson topics include Low-Carb/Low-Glycemic Lifestyle for Beginners, Alternative Grains & Baking, Low-Carb Desserts, and Quick & Easy Entrees. Groups are welcomed and Bridget will be there.

Right now, her business is limited to the Denver metropolitan market, but she is willing to travel for special events in your area. For more information about Bridget Hart and her "Sweet Enough" low-carb catering business, feel free to e-mail her at

1-18-07 UPDATE: By popular request from so many of my readers, you can access Bridget's Aspen Buffalo Burger recipe that was featured on The Food Network by clicking here. ENJOY!

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Blogger Wesley said...

Is there a cook book? How do I get my hands on (or around) one of those buffalo burgers... Wrapped in lettuce, of course...

1/17/2007 12:51 PM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

THANKS for your question, Wesley! She's BRAND NEW, so I'm sure a cookbook and possibly a DVD are in the works. Stay tuned!

1/17/2007 1:14 PM  

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