Thursday, January 11, 2007

Weight Loss Takes A Little Faith In Yourself

The flood of e-mails I have been receiving since the calendar flipped to 2007 has been phenomenal. People are quite literally HUNGERING for quality information that can help them lose weight and keep it off for good. It's the neverending battle that tens of millions of people around the world are grappling with because they've been told there is only one way to better health. You and I know better and others are starting to catch on.

I received the following e-mail this week from a gentleman in the UK:

Hi there,

I don’t know if you will have time to reply to my email, but I probably just need to admit this anyway before I do anything about it. I read your blog most days, I get them via Google alerts for weight loss. So here goes.

I have put on 4 stone. I am disgusted with myself--I wasn’t even thin in the first place! I have done various diets over the years, and I have lost 6 stone 2 times, only to put it back on again. I tried one of those liquid diets (Cambridge), and lost 6 stone, but as soon as I started eating food again, I opted for the same foods that got me big in the first place.

I did Weight Watchers, but it took such a LONG time, with many weeks no weight loss because I was hungry and I cheated (I got there in the end though). I KNOW that I have the ability to lose weight; I know we all do, but something is missing.

Do I need to finally realize that I have to stick to a plan? What did I have the other 2 times I managed to lose 6 stone? Is it because I have put a lot of it back on again that I subconsciously don’t see the point?

I know I have to do this, but I am scared to start. I joined Kimkins and would really like to do it, but I am scared that I am going to cheat.

Is alcohol forbidden on all low carb plans? Am I an alcoholic for even asking that question??? I would miss my glass of wine on a Saturday night. If I cheat will I just completely fall off the wagon? Should I bother trying if I think I might cheat?

I think I know what I am missing, it is faith in myself. But how can I have faith in myself if I have failed so many times before?

Thanks for reading, you probably have better things to do!!

Here was my quick response:

You know, you're right. I DO have better things to do!!

HA! Just kidding. I didn't REALLY write that back to him. But I can feel the pain he typed in every sentence of that e-mail. He has the hopeless, helpless concerns that so many others who are in the same circumstance do. It's a sickening feeling to even think about, but it's as real as the nose on your face. Many of you are nodding right now because you've either been there or you ARE there. Take heart and know that you can turn your life around.

Here's what I DID send back to this dear man reaching out for help:

"THANKS so much for writing to me today! Let me encourage you first by stating how proud I am of you for recognizing you have an issue that needs to be dealt with in the first place. Many people around the world are walking around dangerously overweight or obese and just don't care. YOU care and that's a VERY good thing.

On the issue at hand, here's what you need to do:

1. Make up your mind RIGHT NOW that you want to do this.
2. Follow the plan EXACTLY as described.
3. NO GETTING OFF PLAN (aka cheating) least for the first 4 months.
4. Keep on following this program for the rest of your life.

Once you reach your weight loss goal, you can have a glass of wine here and there. But the problem comes into play when you make these indulgences the norm rather than the rarity. Changing your lifestyle doesn't happen overnight, but it can happen.

If you have 6 stone to lose, then take heart in knowing I lost 14 stone in about a year and have kept it off for more than two years and counting. YOU CAN DO IT!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions or comments. I'm here for you, buddy! God bless you!

For this person, he has chosen Kimkins as the plan he wants to do, but someone else may want to do Atkins or Protein Power or The South Beach Diet. But whatever you do, pour yourself into that plan completely and make it your diet for life--transform your entire way of thinking so you will NEVER fall back into those old habits again.

Overcoming a weight struggle sure ain't easy, take it from me. But it is indeed possible if you put forth the kind of effort it takes to see it through to the end. Then once you get there, don't let up! The battle has only just begun at that point.

To this e-mailer, I would only add that you MUST have faith in yourself that you will succeed or you never will. In order to succeed at weight loss, as with anything else, you must acheive, believe, and receive.

ACHIEVE your goal of being thin and healthy!
BELIEVE in yourself that you will be successful!
RECEIVE the amazing benefits to your weight and health!

It's time to go make this dream of yours a reality. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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Blogger sly_foxx68 said...

What in God's name is a stone?

1/14/2007 12:59 PM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

Great question, sly_foxx68! The British use the term "stone" instead of "pounds" because the latter is the same word they use for their currency.

1 stone = about 14 pounds

It can be confusing for Americans to understand "stones," but it is how they measure weight loss.

THANKS for the question!

1/14/2007 2:38 PM  

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