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Do You Want A Muffin? You're Joking, Right?

You're NEVER gonna guess where I am typing this note right now. Before I tell you WHERE I am, I'm also excited to be typing this from my new-to-me iBook laptop computer that I picked up this week. YEAH! I've been wanting one of these for the longest time to use when I travel around the country. So, where exactly am I right now?

Hmmm, well, I'm not in my hometown of Spartanburg, South Carolina, but I'll give you a hint. I lying on a queen-sized bed looking outside my window at a picturesque view of the most gorgeous mountains you have ever seen (well, maybe not what YOU have ever seen, but they're absolutely beautiful to me). In fact, I'm clear across the country in what they call "the biggest little city in the world"--that's right, I'm in Reno, Nevada!

I'm in town through Saturday as part of the Hearth, Patio, & Barbecue Association (HPBA) Expo taking place this week as the largest such event in the world. It's gonna be so cool and I can't wait to check out all the sights and sounds of this amazing event. And, in case you were wondering, YES there will be LOTS of BBQ to chow down on while I'm here. WOO HOO! Did I die and go to low-carb heaven? :)

My wife Christine is also here with me and I'm so glad she got to come with me since she doesn't get to do these kind of trips very often. She deserves getting as much attention as I do for putting up with me when I was morbidly obese and then lovingly being there for me since 2004 as I worked out my diet losing over 180 pounds to take back control of my life. She's as much a part of my weight loss success as me!

Anyways, I wanted to blog about some interesting stories that happened today during my flight to Houston and then to Reno.

On the trip from Spartanburg to Houston, our plane took off around 6:30am our time so the flight attendant went around shortly after departure asking the passengers if they wanted an apple spice muffin. "Do you want a muffin, do you want a muffin?" she said to everyone as she pranced down the aisle with these high-carb morsels of pure unadulterated RAT POISON!

So she gets to us and asks her now infamous question, "Do you want a muffin?" Already knowing what my answer would be, I assumed my wife would tell the lady she'd like one but her husband will pass. But that's not what happened. Do you know what Mrs. Livin' La Vida Low-Carb did instead? She leaned over and asked me with a straight face, "Do you want a muffin?"

If you could have seen the look I gave her when she asked that ridiculous question, I'm sure you would have laughed your head off! LOL! I responded, "Say what?! You're joking, right? You know I can't have a muffin." Christine said she got nervous and just forgot I was livin' la vida low-carb. Forgot? Oh my, how in the world did that happen? :-~

With that answer the stewardess moved on to the next, I mean, passenger to offer them one of these carb-y breakfast items to begin their sugar-loading for the day. ARGH!

When they came back around a few minutes later offering drink service, she asked what we would like to drink and I responded that I would like a Diet Coke. But when she went to pour my drink she picked up a regular Coke instead. She saw me gazing at her with a look of concern on my face and she immediately responded, "Oh my gosh, you said diet didn't you?" I smiled and said, "Yes I did. I haven't had sugar in over three years, so I probably shouldn't start back now."

Her eyes grew really big when I said this and she retorted, "No sugar at all for three years? WOW, you must be adding years to your life." I grinned back at her and exclaimed, "Yes ma'am I am."

Isn't it funny how so many people universally accept the idea that consuming sugar and high fructose corn syrup in drinks like regular soda is bad for your health and yet they keep on guzzling those products down along with stuffing their faces with high-carb junk foods like muffins? Where is the disconnect here? We know it's bad for us, but do we not care about our health enough to make better choices? Apparently not.

There were a group of college students flying together on our trip from Houston to Reno and you couldn't help but hear every word they were saying. We've all been that young and acted foolishly in public, so their apparent disrespect for everyone around them was not all that surprising. One of them screamed out, "Did you bring the cookies?" even before we got off the ground for our four-hour flight. Someone answered, "No, but I've got some sour gummi worms." The young man quickly shot back, "Oh, but I wanted the cookies."

Sigh. So young and so incredibly ignorant about what those "cookies" and "sour gummi worms" are doing not just to their weight, but also their health. One of these days it's gonna catch up to 'em and they'll wish they had learned better nutritional habits earlier in life. How can we get this message across loud and clear to a generation that thinks they are invincible?

Finally, the most disturbing observation from my flight today was when I saw what they were serving as breakfast on the flight from Houston to Reno. Are you ready for this menu because it shocked the boo-boo out of me:

Whole Grain Cheerios - 15g carbs
2% Reduced Fat Milk - 12g carbs
Apple Spice Muffin - 25g carbs
Banana - 30g carbs
Glass of Orange Juice - 25g carbs


I can't remember the last time I've had that many carbs in one DAY, much less one MEAL! What's most upsetting is the fact that so many people who ate this breakfast thought they were eating "healthy" because of the whole grains, low-fat milk, fruit, and fruit juice. What a disturbing sham on the American people who have no idea they are consuming gobs and gobs of sugar that is literally destroying their health.

Will we ever wake up to this reality? Can we convince people of our message?

That's why I created the "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" blog and will keep sharing the truth every opportunity I can get. I'll check in as much as I can while I'm here in Reno, NV and look forward to recording several interviews for my podcast show in the next couple of days. It's costing me $10 a day for Internet access, but worth every minute of it to be able to answer your e-mails and blog about livin' la vida low-carb because that's my commitment to you.

I'm already getting sleepy now since I got up at 4:00am EST and it's now 9:00pm in my body although the clock show 6:00pm here on the West Coast. I'm gonna sleep good tonight because I'm really, really, really tire...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz...(shhhhh, Jimmy will be back tomorrow with more updates. Nighty night!).

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Blogger JeriD said...

I usually pack my own food for these flights as even with special meals the pickings are slim. Some offer a fruit and cheese plate which is just OK but I will pack snacks of jerky, cheese, or salad or pick up a prepackaged salad at the store before going to the airport to take with on the flight. One issue is refrigeration, so be careful on longer flights to stick to food that keeps well--cheese, salami, berries, lettuce type salads with dressings packaged separately, etc. kind of a pain.

I can't believe Christine did that--she must have been nervous! I've been curious as to why she doesn't live la vida low carb like you? Nosy question--you don't have to answer. :)

3/15/2007 9:31 AM  
Blogger JeriD said...

PS: Food for consumption on the flight is exempt from TSA's carry on limit of 2 bags per passenger. Just don't pack any liquids and try to get through security. It won't work. I often fly cross country for work (consultant) and it works fine. I haven't tried taking an insulated bag on the flight in addition to my normal 2 carry ons, just a plastic grocery sack with multiple ziplock bags or those disposable bowls(If I get challenged on boarding, I just tell them I have "blood sugar issues" and they leave me alone---LOL, don't we all?).

3/15/2007 10:10 AM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

The answer is because she doesn't have to! :)

3/15/2007 10:57 AM  
Blogger JeriD said...

She's lucky--although I feel so much better this way that I can't imagine going back to eating that stuff regularly.


3/15/2007 1:54 PM  
Blogger renegadediabetic said...

Muffins are bad news. Even the weight loss group I'm in at work, the one where most do Weight Watchers, but they can't call it Weight Watchers, recognized that even low fat muffins aren't low in calories. Of course, I'm more concerned with the carbs, white flour, & sugar.

Not all muffins are bad. Check out these cranberry, flaxseed muffins from Laura Dolson's site. They're good, low carb, high fiber.

3/15/2007 6:25 PM  
Blogger Wanda said...

Don't you love it when you tell people you don't consume sugar and get the funny look before they ask just WHAT DO YOU EAT? LOL!

I have no problem explaining to people how I eat and what I am looking for in labels.

I know in my house I eat low carb but there is NO WAY my hubby will even think of eating like that.
He likes his junk food too much.
That's ok, he can have it.
I don't want it!LOL!

3/15/2007 8:17 PM  
Blogger LowCarbCentralWI said...

Hey Jimmy
The last time I took a flight, the flight attendant brought me a Quaker "Wholesome Favorites" Baked Apple Bar. It was so incredibly unhealthy that I saved it for future reference.Here are the ingredients:Granola (whole grain rolled oats, rolled whole wheat, SUGAR(1), partially hydrogenated soybean and/or cottonseed oil, whole wheat flour, MOLASSES(2), HONEY(3),cultured whey, soy lecithin, natural flavors) CORN SYRUP(4), SUGAR, rice, dehydrated apples, CORN SYRUP SOLIDS(5), GLYCERIN(6), HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP(7), partially hydrogenated soybean and/or cottonseed oil, SORBITOL(8), salt, natural flavors, BARLEY MALT(9), cinnamon, cultured whey, MOLASSES, soy lecithin, BHT, citric acid. Yep that's gotta be wholesome with 9 different kinds of sweeteners...

3/16/2007 11:05 AM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

EEEEK! If that's "wholesome," then I'd hate to see unhealthy!

3/16/2007 11:12 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

We had a similar situation on a flight. My husband is a diabetic and I have given up sugar as well, so we ordered the diabetic meal. Good for us - we thought ahead. Anyway, we received the following "diabetic" meal. A granola bar, a banana, low fat yogurt with the fruity junk in it and orange juice. Needless to say, we just gave it back to them and told them what a joke it was. The regular meal was probably healthier than the special meal. Now we just pack our own food - it's just easier and healthier that way.

3/16/2007 11:15 PM  

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