Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Leaving A Low-Carb Legacy Beyond Your Lifetime

I wanted to share with you about a book I bought over ten years ago called Reflections From A Mother's Heart. I picked up this very unique gift by a company called J. Countryman for my own mom and gave it to her for Mother's Day in 1997. Little did she know at the time that this "gift" for her would soon become a gift for me and my future kids.

This was a book of memories that allowed my mother to share her life's story in her own words. The 200+ pages were mostly blank waiting to be filled in to a wide variety of questions about mom's life. From the very basic information such as where she was born and raised as well as some of her favorite items right down to personal questions like "What do you remember about your first kiss." (Mom conveniently left the answer to that question blank! :-~ That's probably a good thing! LOL!)

Anyways, I had completely forgotten about this little book I gave Mom a decade ago until she returned it back to me mostly filled with personal hand-written answers to the questions in the book for one of my presents this past Christmas 2006. Reading through everything my mom had written, I learned much more about her than I ever would have imagined. This is HER legacy that needed to be passed down to me and her future grandchildren.

So that got me to thinking. Should those of us who are successful at losing weight and keeping it off after a lifetime of struggling with it write our own story much in the same manner? We could call it "Reflections From A Low-Carb Dieter's Heart" and provide page after page of the difficult questions of what it was like to be overweight or obese, the thing that triggered your weight loss experience, and what you are still doing today to keep the weight off for good.

Click here to read more about this idea of journaling your low-carb weight loss success so that future generations in your family can learn from your personal triumph over a lifetime of obesity.

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Blogger Sherrie said...

Hey Jimmy I just wanted to say that I think that book you gave to your mum was very sweet and such a good idea.

When the day comes that she goes, you are going to have something special of her left with you.

3/28/2007 1:26 AM  
Blogger Kevin said...

My mom was trying to do something just like this on her own (because we asked her to), but it is a daunting task for her - and where to begin? Maybe this book would be just the right motivation.

3/28/2007 8:09 PM  

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