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Disease Proof's Disgusting Dietary Delusions

The longer I have been blogging about the healthy low-carb lifestyle, the more I have come to realize the opponents of this incredible way of eating will stop at nothing to try to keep people from even trying to lose weight and improve their health forever in this way. It simply confounds me how anyone could actively DISCOURAGE others who have a weight and/or health issue from doing something about their problem rather than remaining in their current state.

As you well know, I am all in favor of people finding what will work for them to lose weight and get healthy, encourage them to follow that plan exactly as prescribed by the author, and then to keep doing that plan for the rest of their life. Whether it is low-fat, low-carb, veganism, or whatever works best for you, this permanent lifestyle change concept is my philosophy in a nutshell. Sadly, not everyone shares this same ideal about diet that I do and instead smugly go around trashing livin' la vida low-carb like it's some kind of disease or something.

One of the most outrageous anti-low-carb web sites out there right now has got to be Disease Proof featuring the low-fat nutritional principles espoused by a vegan named Dr. Joel Fuhrman. He is the author of a book I have reviewed entitled Eat To Live and is a very loud and vocal critic of the Atkins low-carb diet.

I have highlighted some of the vitriol hatred towards the Atkins low-carb diet that has been posted at Dr. Fuhrman's web site previously by his online minion Gerald Pugliese. This anger-filled nitwit has been notorious for writing disgusting article that question how Dr. Atkins REALLY died (which then prompted this infamous e-mail I received from a Dr. Fuhrman fan--SCARY!), unfairly looping all low-carbers as meat-only savages, and then unnecessarily scaring people into believing that eating salt will kill them.

When you see such extreme positions being taken on a subject that the author clearly knows nothing about, the best course of action is to simply ignore it and move on. But so many of my readers have literally begged me to respond to not one, but two of these kind of columns against low-carb that have come out this week from Pugliese at the Disease Proof web site.

I'm hesitant to give them any free exposure since they are so "out there" when it comes to diet and health, but I suppose this will serve a good purpose in educating and illustrating the kind of nastiness and lunacy that exists despite all the positive research about low-carb that continues to pour in from the research community. Are these people so blinded by their own monopolistic vegetarian agenda that they conveniently dismiss and overlook the low-carb lifestyle as a healthy alternative? Apparently so.

The first column that was posted on Monday is called "The Low-Carb Mindset" which Pugliese erroneously describes as a "fad" (not so, Gerald, if you would listen to this podcast I recently did about the REAL diet fads, then you'd know the difference). He went on to make fun of low-carb supporters for believing in a dietary "us vs. them" mentality and even went so far as to call us "borderline fanatical."

Yep! We're fanatical alright! Make that ultra big-time fans of the most delicious and nutritious way to not only lose weight, which is a nice side benefit to livin' la vida low-carb, but also radically improving our health. Just take a good hard look at all of these health ailments that are improved or avoided because of the low-carb lifestyle: fatty liver, infertility, high blood pressure, brain cancer, HDL and triglycerides, GERD, PCOS, diabetes, pancreatic cancer, heart disease, esophageal cancer, kidney cancer, insulin resistance, Alzheimer's disease, elevated blood sugar levels, cholesterol, Parkinson's disease, osteoporosis, epilepsy, headaches...

Shall I go on, Gerald? There's plenty more where this came from. This idea that livin' la vida low-carb is ONLY good for weight loss is as irrelevant and absurd as the people uttering such ridiculous jibberish. No wonder people can't trust the same old failed low-fat dietary message from people like Dr. Furhman anymore because he's got ritards like Pugliese working for him who can only feign knowledge and intelligence about health where none exists.

Even still, Pugliese says we low-carbers "rage" against anything and everything that goes against what we believe. His evidence of this was with a recent e-mail he received from a reader described as "one of Disease Proof's blog trolls" who he subsequently has banned from the site (WHAT?! More on that in a moment!). Here's the offensive e-mail:

I am no less polite than your blog and Dr. F. are towards low carb, Atkins, etc. We are not 'crazies' (well, some of us are...), and it's not medical malpractice for a doctor to recommend this diet. It works and the science backs it up, again and again.

You should look forward to my blog, by the way. I plan to make a regular sport of spoofing you guys. Enjoy your rice cakes, my bacon and eggs are almost ready!

Pugliese took this one e-mail from a low-carb supporter and automatically painted us all with a broad brush assuming we think exactly like this person. While I agree Disease Proof is against low-carb living and that the science backs up this way of eating, I don't believe "spoofing" them is productive (although they do it to me and my blog all the time with frequent lampooning mentions). But I can certainly appreciate where the low-carber is coming from.

Now about this idea of banning somene from your web site just because you disagree with them. What's up with that? People who read my blog are abundantly aware that I allow all kinds of views to be expressed as long as it's a salient point that's on topic with what I'm blogging about. This is how we learn from one another and expand our understanding.

The fact that Pugliese would prohibit someone who has views that run counter to his own from publishing a comment in response to something he has written at Disease Proof reminds me of the Nazis running the "Low-Carb Friends" forum. Whatever happened to the open expression of ideas in a free society? Those days seem long gone now.

But Pugliese and Dr. Furhman obviously believe low-carb is nothing more than "propaganda" that has no useful place in modern society. Why do I say this? Just check out the second column posted today at Disease Proof entitled Meat: Grill, Fry or Broil it? Uh-oh! You know this ain't gonna be good when a radical vegan starts talking about meat.

While much of the article is about a new study warning about the toxins that allegedly come from consuming overcooked meats and cheeses, Pugliese does manage to get in his expected jabs at those of us who support low-carb living. Does this man just sit at his computer all day salivating at the opportunity to find something he thinks is gonna be the "gotcha" moment for his readership at Disease Proof? Sheez, man, you've got waayyyyyy too much time on your hands if you're doing that!

Railing against saturated fat, especially cheese and butter, Pugliese quoted from this blog post I wrote where I blogged about the asinine endorsement of the low-fat lie by a grocery store chain. Contending I am spreading "rhetoric" with my "ringing endorsement of frying meat in butter," here's the paragraph he quoted from me:

"I agree with the advice to shun the fried foods specifically because of the breading. But if you want to fry up your meat in a pan full of butter, then knock yourself out. It’s a healthy way to enjoy that succulent protein-loaded food.

While it’s nice to bake, broil, and especially grill meats, don’t fall for the illusion that cooking these ways is any healthier than cooking meat in fat. Avoid the trans fats, of course, but you shouldn’t worry about saturated fats as long as you are livin’ la vida low-carb."

Since when did butter become one of the worst foods for healthy and longevity, Gerald? Just because your cherished Dr. Furhman says it's unhealthy doesn't make it so. Have you read Dr. Jonny Bowden's 150 Healthiest Foods On Earth yet? Apparently not because this leading nutrition expert names butter and even coconut oil (GASP!) among that exclusive list of the best foods you could possibly eat. It's all there in black and white if you would just read the book!

Now who's spreading the propaganda, Gerald? But I wasn't the only low-carb blogger who was the target of his vile disgust and disdain for livin' la vida low-carb. He even took aim at one of my regular readers Victoria and her fantastic "Carbohydrate Addict" blog where she talked about the newfound freedom she has found with the Atkins low-carb approach that was lacking on her low-fat diet.

"I think one of the reasons Atkins was so perfect for me was because I was on low fat/low cholesterol for sooooo many years. All of the forbidden foods suddenly became okay to eat without guilt and my cholesterol is finally FABULOUS. I'm still on a high when I eat them! Egg salad, bacon, chicken wings, mac and cheese, grilled cheese.... YUM!"

Bemoaning this "rant" by Victoria, Pugliese pulled out the standby response about what's he deems as the only healthy way to eat--namely eating fruits and vegetables as the "best" options for health and disease-prevention. I've got a whole blog post in me coming soon about what I believe is the "fruits and veggies copout" answer, so stay tuned!

Interestingly, at the end of his column, Pugliese brags about the average 49-pound weight loss experienced over a two-year period for people following the Eat to Live vegan diet plan. He says it's "the most sustained weight loss ever recorded in a medical study in history." Well whoop-dee-freakin' doo, Gerald! That's less than one itty bitty little pound a week over 24 months. Do you REALLY want to call that a success?

How about the 180 pounds I lost in one year on the Atkins low-carb lifestyle? That was an average weight loss of 3.5 pounds every single week for a whole year! Those are the kind of meaningful results people who are looking to lose weight and keep it off forever would much rather have than a slow and discouraging LESS THAN A POUND A WEEK average eating nasty and disgusting low-fat foods. I'm not going back there ever again!

Best of all, I am as healthy as I have ever been in my entire life. No more prescription medications for blood pressure, cholesterol or breathing for me and my health has never been better. In fact, at the age of 35, I am more healthy than I was at 15 or even 25 years old. And it's all because I'm livin' la vida low-carb. Not even the relentless adersaries over at Disease Proof can EVER take that fact away from me for the rest of my long and happy life for many years to come!

So how about that interview with Dr. Furhman, Gerald? Is he really too scared to be asked a few hard questions about what he believes from a bona fide low-carb success story? Heck, if renowned low-fat diet guru Dr. Dean Ornish can agree to and interview with Jimmy Moore, then surely Dr. Furhman could do it, too! What are you all so afraid of, hmmm?

Perhaps that I'll expose Disease Proof's disgusting dietary delusions? Too late! I just did that today so the gig is up.

4-26-07 UPDATE: Bright and early this morning, I received an e-mail from the man who instigated this post to begin with. Gerald claims I amd "lying" about him banning commenters at his blog. Here's what he wrote:


I wanted to correct you on one thing. The reason that commenter was banned was not due to difference of opinion. DiseaseProof does not ban dissenting opinions--just read the comments in my post, Meat: Grill, Fry, or Broil it?

This particular commenter has a history of insulting remarks. As I think you would agree, that has no place on a professional blog. If you continue to say otherwise, well, then you are lying to your readers.

As a blogger, I'm sure you understand that accusing someone of comment-filtering based on difference of opinion is very insulting. I would appreciate it if you would shelf that particular aspect of your criticism of DiseaseProof, because it is simply not true.

As much as we clearly disagree Jimmy, I would never attack your merits as a blogger.


I wasn't accusing you of anything more than what you yourself said in your column, Gerry! Here's the paragraph where YOU stated that you BANNED a reader from commenting. Here, I'll repeat it here so you can see again:

Gerry wrote:
"And low-carbers do rage. Against everyone and anyone who doesn’t goosestep—oh, I mean—fall in line with their beliefs; which usually come in the form of childish us-against-them tantrums, laced with misinterpretations. Want an example? Here’s a recent email I got from one of DiseaseProof’s blog trolls. Asking why I banned him from commenting."

"Banned" was your word, my friend. If that was wrong, then please feel free to clarify. But I would never even think about preventing ANYONE who has a point to make that is on topic from posting their thoughts. If that's not the way you do things, then I can understand why you would accuse me of "lying."

If you are insulted, then the only person you have to blame is yourself. Perhaps you should be a little more careful about the words you use in your "professional blog." Thanks for your comments, though. See, even I let them get posted here at my blog in a prominent position, a courtesy the Disease Proof blog has never afforded Jimmy Moore.

Now how about that interview with Dr. F?

This request has once again fallen on deaf ears. But Gerry didn't mind writing yet again about the banned commenter:


Said commentor was banned for previous insults, and not dissenting opinions. So yes, he was banned, but not for living low-carb...for the insults. Hope this clears it up.


If you are blogging on a regular basis (and you are), then you have to build up a tough skin, Gerry. People insult me all the time, but I'd never even think about banning them from posting at my blog. You do what you have to do, but I'm not buying your excuse for refusing opinions that differ from yours. That's yet another difference between my blog and yours.

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Blogger Fat Victoria said...

"I think one of the reasons Atkins was so perfect for me was because I was on low fat/low cholesterol for sooooo many years. All of the forbidden foods suddenly became okay to eat without guilt and my cholesterol is finally FABULOUS. I'm still on a high when I eat them! Egg salad, bacon, chicken wings, mac and cheese, grilled cheese.... YUM!"

I didn't write that. I think I was quopting someone (probably my friend Janis), but I did not write the above paragraph. Gerald isn't very observant if he didn't recognize that because I make it CLEAR when I quote someone. Up until recently I have never been on low-fat, low-cholesterol, much less "for sooooo many years."

4/25/2007 9:56 PM  
Blogger Mary said...

First off, I'm vegan and I follow Eat To Live. Wanted to start off saying that so it's clear.

I think both you and Gerry say some really stupid things sometimes. You both act like babies. Do what you think is right for you.

First, Eat To Live is NOT low fat. Why do you keep on saying that? I probably eat around 60 g fat, 100 g protein, and 250ish g carbs. Again, Eat to Live is not low fat. It can be or it can not be. Just like low carb can be low fat or not.

Second, what a wonderful message you are sending out to your readers by saying low fat foods are disgusting. Maybe the low fat foods you were eating were disgusting, but I bet you they came from a box. The best low fat foods you can eat for you are fruits and vegetables. And I'm actually surprised that you would agrue with some of the points Eat To Live makes, such as a high intake of fruits and veggies. They have been proven time and time again to be the key player in preventing cancer. I'm sure that you want to live a long time. Why live with disease when you can live without? Meat consumption has a possible link to cancer. My question to you: Why risk your health for merely taste? Doesn't make sense to me.

Third, congratulations on your weight loss. I must comment though about your 3.5 lb/week weight loss. You had so much weight to lose that you were going to lose it at a fast rate. I don't know how much weight those participants needed to lose, but maybe not as much as you? Trust me, when you're at the last 10lbs, it's hard. And from my knowledge, you can't lose 3.5 lb/week of fat when you have so little let to lose.

Again, I'm vegan, so I have a different stand point about animal products, but I also have a health point of view about animal products too. Butter, to me anyways, is bad mainly for the amount of hormones they inject into the cow. Also, if you had to compare the nutritional density between an apple and butter, how can you honestly say butter is healthy? Even if you don't compare it to an apple, if you never eat butter again, you will not die. In fact, you will probably be better off without it.

I think it's really silly to call vegans radical. Everyone is radical if they don't follow what is mainstream. I'd rather be radical than be overweight and tired like every other American. I'm not sure what's so wrong with being radical.

Anyways, I think that neither Gerry or you will ever back down, so why don't you leave each other alone?

4/25/2007 11:51 PM  
Blogger TESS said...

It is a sad thing when a person has to attack other beliefs to make themselves look important. What is really important is getting the weight off and keeping it off but this site seems to act like the only way to get people to listen to them is to attack others apparently their lifestyle can't stand on it's own. Lack of meat has fried their brains.

4/26/2007 6:37 AM  
Blogger Disease said...


You think what you want, but, differing opinions are always welcome on DiseaseProof. Diversity is what makes the world go round.

If you don't believe me, just make a comment on the blog...provided you keep it clean (which you will)'ll always see the light of day....that goes for everyone.


4/26/2007 10:26 AM  
Blogger mrfritznyc said...

dont have time right now to read your post jimmy, just want to say that the commenter who was banned was yours truly, me, aka invisible blogger, mrfreddy, mrfritz, etc. I admit I made some sarcastic posts over there, in a sort of emotional knee jerk response to the inflamatory stuff they publish.. they basically accuse Dr. A of murder, medical malpractice, etc. etc. They regularly call us "low carb loonies" and even recently published a disgusting piece comparing us to Nazis. They dish it out, but can't take it.
more later, gotta go to work...

4/26/2007 10:45 AM  
Blogger mrfritznyc said...

one more thing, even before I was "banned" it was rare that my comments, a lot of them even tempered and non-insulting- would get thru. When Gerry claims he doesn't filter non-agreeing comments, he is flat out lying.
Also, I think he's just trying to drum up business by stirring up a little controversy. Perhaps he is best ignored. The sad thing is, a lot of folks who could be helped by low carb will be steered in the wrong direction. Sigh.

4/26/2007 11:01 AM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

Mary, I'm happy to just ignore the other side, but my readers asked me to respond to the hate-filled jibberish coming from your buddies at Disease Proof.

If someone wants to eat that way and it works for them, then SUPER! But why do people like Gerry Pugliese feel so compelled to slam the Atkins low-carb way of eating to prop up his vegan diet?

Even Gerry said the Eat To Live diet is "low-fat by default." But I think your carbohydrate intake is WAY too high to be healthy. That's just me.

As for Gerry's open invitation to post comments at his blog, I consider that an open invitation to respond to the nonsense when he posts it. Please give it a try and let me know if your comment does not go through.

As for you, mrfritznyc, I definitely would like to hear YOUR side of the story. Even I don't agree with everything you have to say about diet, but I do give you a platform for sharing your ideas.

Hope to hear from you later!

4/26/2007 11:04 AM  
Blogger Disease said...

If I am "flat out lying." Why not check out the comments to that it you'll find a low-carber talking about their blood, why would I let a thing like that go through...oh, that's right...I don't filter based on opinion.


4/26/2007 11:16 AM  
Blogger mrfritznyc said...

ah, gerry, gerry, gerry.... what I've found is a pattern of letting some comments thru, but ignoring others. Way before you decided to ban me (I feel so honored!), you emailed me to thank me for my improved tone. It was true, I had decided at some point awhile back to stop the immature jabs and stick to making sensible points. Even then, some would get posted, many would not. Then for some reason, in spite of my improved behavior - I really was just making valid counterarguments, as far as I can recall - tho I suppose a few jabs might have leaked thru, cant help it, it's my nature!-then for some reason, you banned me. You claim it was the insults, but 1)I pretty much had stopped insulting you and 2)you insult the low carbers all the time, and not in a fun or friendly way. Goosesteping? Cant we do better than invoking Nazi images?

Just because you do choose to post some comments that disagree with you doesn't contradict anything I have said above. In fact, it kinda fits with the eat to live methodology. You claim you arent animal rights types because you allow a very miniscule amount of animal protein in your diet. 3 ounces a week, I believe. You clam you dont filter posts, because you allow a few disagreeing ones to appear. I sense a pattern here...

4/26/2007 12:22 PM  
Blogger Disease said...


As I told you...I should have never given you a second chance on are a blog troll....your "MrTruth" comments are what has you was my mistake to give you a second add nothing to the conversation...and again DiseaseProof does not filter comments due to opinion...if you don't want to believe that...that's your problem...blogs thrive on honesty...and I would never compromise that...although you do...because you change your screen name left and right...something to hide?


4/26/2007 1:23 PM  
Blogger mrfritznyc said...

um, my name changes on this blog because I havent figured out how to keep it the same, hahaaa.. one time it's mrfritz, another its invisible blogger, and I cant seem to figure out how to control it.

over on yours, I changed around because I noticed my only a few of my comments would get thru, and then they would stop alltogether. so I tried different names. As I recall, the mrtruth comments were long before I took a more sensible approach.

I could be wrong, but it does appear to me that you take an approach of publishing a few dissenting opintions, but not too many.

Anyway, I'm bored of this, why dont we get together in NYC, you can do one of your ETL on the outside articles, dinning with me at a steakhouse in NYC, Michael Jordan's, or the Strip House, or Houston's, or Dylan Prime, or Delmonico's, or.... Bring your blood tests, we can compare our HDL, triglycerids, I can show you the CT heart scan results I got, showing zero plaque...

4/26/2007 2:46 PM  
Blogger Science4u1959 said...

Jimmy wrote: What are you all so afraid of, hmmm?

Easy: the TRUTH is what they are so very afraid of!

As for comparing us to Nazis: I think that history shows that it's not a good comparison - as the "Great Fuehrer" of that perverted, demoniacal, tyrannical black page in the history of Humankind was a rabid vegetarian...

4/27/2007 12:26 AM  
Blogger Jake Silver said...

I like your blog and diseaseproof. I think both blogs make it their mission to get people to eat healthier. Like I've said in the past, anything Americans can do to improve... exercise, eat right, stay away from the donuts!

4/27/2007 6:57 PM  

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