Monday, June 11, 2007

Grasp A Quick 'Glimpse Of Heaven' On Earth In The Smoky Mountains

The "Glimpse Of Heaven" cabin in the Smoky Mountains is divine

My wife Christine has been bugging me to death to go on vacation in the Smoky Mountains. When we owned a timeshare, the waiting list for reservations in the Pigeon Forge/Dollywood/Gatlinburg, TN area was five years! Jeepers, I don't plan that far ahead, so up until now we've put off heading up the road for the trip.

But then I recently came across a Hickory, NC-based company called Heavenly Cabins which has a variety of quality, fully-furnished cabins nestled right there in the Smoky Mountains. Sweet! That's when we saw their cabin they named "Glimpse of Heaven" and we couldn't wait to book our trip!

Great Smoky Mountains, here we come!

Roger and Cheryl Gilliam, who are the husband-wife owners of Heavenly Cabins, made sure we had everything we needed for our trip and they went out of their way to make us feel welcome in their home away from home. Boy, did they ever!

I enjoyed a little blogging while resting in the cabin

Christine and I traveled to the "Glimpse of Heaven" cabin on the day after Memorial Day for a peaceful and relaxing getaway in the mountains. I was concerned that I wouldn't have Internet access, but Cheryl assured me that there would be a high-speed connection available. It was amazing and I was able to check my e-mails as well as blog all week...with satellite television no less! Gotta LOVE that!

A pool table and a hot tub provided fun entertainment

But it wasn't all work while we were there. The pool table was a favorite since both Christine and I love to shoot billiards (I won most of time, of course!). Then when the sun would start to set, we hopped in our very own private outdoor hot tub. Oh WOW, melt the stress away! This is the life!

I wanted to take this gorgeous little kitchen with me

Mealtimes were so convenient with the magnificent kitchen provided with every pot, pan, plate, and glass you would ever need during your stay. And cleanup was a breeze with the automatic dishwasher! Plus, there's a great propane BBQ grill to cook up some fabulous low-carb meals overlooking a panoramic view of the Great Smoky Mountains! Can I come LIVE here? :D

The beds in this cabin were so comfy you didn't want to get up

After a long day of activities, it was nice to be able to hop into a bed that was as relaxing as it looks. In fact, there were TWO beds (one on the lower level and one on the upper deck) for larger families or a pair of couples to use. We enjoyed our alone time together on this trip, but the next time we will be bringing other guests!

Take your pick--swingin' in a hammock or swingin' on the porch?

To say we enjoyed ourselves is an understatement. Going on a trip to the Smoky Mountains was a dream come true for us. This cabin was a mere 10 miles away from all the tourist attractions of the Pigeon Forge area, but it felt like we were all alone. And that was what made it so special!

I highly recommend "Glimpse of Heaven" for your next vacation

If you would like more information about booking a trip to the Smoky Mountains through Heavenly Cabins to stay in the same cabin that Christine and I did, then simply contact Cheryl and let her know you want to find out more about that cabin Jimmy Moore stayed at.

I promise you'll come back home refreshed and energized by the mountainous serenity!

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Blogger Diet Pepsi Girl said...

Sounds like a great trip, Jimmy! We live pretty close to the Smoky Mountains ourselves (Knoxville, TN) so we were not too far away from you!
Interested to hear more about your success on Kimkins :D

6/11/2007 12:57 PM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

Yeah, I couldn't believe how close we were to the Knoxville area! Maybe next time we could plan a quick visit to your area for a get together. :)

I'll be updating on my Kimkins progress very soon! THANKS for writing!

6/12/2007 4:31 AM  
Blogger Cheryl said...

Hi Jimmy & Christine,
WOW, what an awesome blog post about our cabin - Glimpse of Heaven. You guys are so sweet..

We are thrilled that you enjoyed the Smoky Mountains - what an awesome display of God's mighty handiwork and His blessings upon us!!

You guys were so kind to send us a beautiful new "Blue Bear" for our stuffed bear collection there. I guess I will have to name him LivinLaVidaLoCarb bear ;-) Also, thanks for all the other goodies..can't wait to have you come back again soon..

I am joining you on strict Kimkins this week !!
Cheryl Gilliam
Luxury Cabin Rentals-Smoky Mtns of TN

6/12/2007 10:44 AM  

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