Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dr. Jonny Bowden Appears On Connie Bennett's New 'Stop SUGAR SHOCK!' Show

Dr. Jonny Bowden shares about seven healthy foods you should eat

One of my favorite people in the world of health and nutrition is none other than the highly-respected and much-revered Dr. Jonny Bowden. Ever since I first met him over two years ago when I first started my blog, I have had nothing but pure admiration for this man who is helping people no just with weight loss, but in changing their life. You can tell it is the heartbeat of all he does as evidenced in my blog interview with him last year!

His latest book is the well-written and informative 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth. He is also the author of what I consider the MUST-HAVE low-carb book for ANYONE who is even thinking about livin' la vida low-carb--Living The Low Carb Life: Choosing The Diet That's Right For You From Atkins To Zone. Additionally, Dr. Bowden has an inspiring audio trilogy that will kick you in the pants and get you going the right way on your healthy lifestyle change.

Now, you will have a chance to hear directly from this leading health guru LIVE on Connie Bennett's phenomenal new online radio show called "Stop SUGAR SHOCK!" This new show premiered on BlogTalkRadio last Tuesday night and yours truly was honored to be Connie's very first guest ever for the launch of her new show (you can still listen to that interview ANYTIME by clicking here).

The "Stop SUGAR SHOCK!" show airs LIVE at 6:00pm EST on Tuesday nights and Dr. Bowden is the guest slated for the July 17, 2007 broadcast. Even if you miss it LIVE, you can listen to the complete show within a few hours after it airs.

Dr. Bowden will be discussing 7 of the world's healthiest foods and why they're so good for us referencing the information he wrote about in his latest book. Be sure to tune in because Dr. Jonny Bowden is always engaging and entertaining. I KNOW you're gonna love him as much as I do!

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Blogger cartbabe said...

I am one of Jonny Bowden's biggest fans. This man really knows his stuff.
I found the book "Living the Low Carb Life" at the beginning of this year, and it has literally become my low-carb bible! I would recommend it to any low carber.
Not only is it full of information, but it is full of inspiration and reassurance.
I look forward to hearing the show!

7/18/2007 12:06 AM  

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