Tuesday, July 17, 2007

How To Keep That Gung-Ho Spirit In Your Diet

I see the same thing happen time and time again. Somebody FINALLY gets excited about wanting to lose weight and is rip-roaring ready to go with diet in hand and expectations galore! They buy some diet books, read up on the Internet, and go to Wal-mart to buy a brand new scale to get started right.

So they begin their own great adventure towards Thinville with all the best intentions, motivations, and desires to be added to the list of the cherished weight loss success stories only to find themselves quitting for good after only a few weeks or months.

What the heck just happened? Where'd that gung-ho spirit go?

Unfortunately, this is the ruthless cycle that millions of people put themselves through year after year and I think I know why it continues to happen more times than not. I have a working theory about this issue, but I think it applies. See if you agree.

When you begin on a weight loss program like low-carb, the prevailing thought is that the diet will automatically take care of shedding the pounds for you without any effort on your part. And, to the credit of this way of eating, it does indeed work REMARKABLY!

But...(and you knew there was one of those coming, didn't you?)

The thing I see most people forgetting to do when beginning a new journey to lose weight and get healthy is the whole experience of it all. Find out how soaking it all in and allowing the positives that happen all along the way make you successful by clicking here.

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