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Making An Idol Out Of Unilateral Nutritionism

The post that appeared here has been removed for not promoting the low-carb community in the professional manner I have come to expect from myself. THANK YOU!

Read this blog post for more information.

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Blogger The Bunnell Farm said...

What your not saying is that along with your having cut back on your fat intake on this Kimkins diet that you are on that you have also cut back on your carb intake. All indicators are that you have cut both fat and carbs close to the bone in order to lose what could well be regarded as a drastic amount of weight loss in a very short period of time. Otherwise it wouldn't be working. That's well and good and like you say everybody has a right to there own personal way of losing weight no matter what anybody else says.

I personally believe that you could and would have lost the same amount of weight how be it more slowly by simply cutting back a lot on your carbs that you had grown to consuming much more of than you had in your early dieting and during your major weight loss.

In other words I believe that you would have lost the same amount of weight by simply going back to low carb similar to Atkins induction and have accomplished the same weight loss with a lot less risk to your health.

I also believe that if a thousand people in a similar situation as yours were to do exactly as you did that several would be in the hospital and several more would be in the grave yard.

We all tend to rationalize things that benefit us in order to make it right whatever we do. In this case it sailing Kimkins to the last breath.

7/14/2007 1:44 PM  
Blogger Tinkerbell said...


7/14/2007 2:05 PM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

Tom, I'll give you some credence inasmuch as you are probably right that I COULD be losing weight on an Atkins induction type of diet rather than Kimkins. But I decided to try this instead.

I have not cut my fat back to the bare-boned, although my carbs are indeed lower than they were. That said, low-carb is low-carb, so who cares how I am doing it? :)

You still didn't answer the central question of this post? Why is there such religious zealotry for unilateral nutritionism, hmmm?

7/14/2007 2:54 PM  
Blogger Gary J said...

Checking in today at 227. Up a few pounds from last weekend when I worked in the yard all day long. Maybe I gained back some of the water I lost. Anyway, I'm not discouraged.

Meanwhile, Jimmy, don't let anyone tell you that you're not doing it this way or that way, that you're endangering your health, etc. You know what you're doing. Others should stop second-guessing because they have not been in your shoes.

7/14/2007 2:56 PM  
Blogger yourmamma2000 said...

Jimmy brings a great point.

There is no denial that Kimkins is among the best, if not the best weight loss plan. The results speak for themselves.

However, the zealotry of its followers, combined with Kimmers alluring photos on the site, lead most observers to believe, myself included, that for some, Kimkins has become a cult (defined as an instance of great veneration of a person, ideal, or thing, esp. as manifested by a body of admirers).

With this said, I still strongly recommend this diet.

7/14/2007 3:06 PM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

I don't see that in the Kimkins members I see at the Forum site, yourmamma2000. Most people there are just regular people who want to find that glimmer of hope that weight loss and improved health is there for them with support to boot. That's what it's doing for them regardless of what others think of the diet or its founder.

7/14/2007 3:17 PM  
Blogger Kimberly said...

As a year long member of the "zealous" Kimkins site, I am apalled at the back biting in the low carb community. We are all in this for one thing--to lose the FAT that is making us unhealthy! There are plenty of people that "adjust" the way they do Kimkins to fit their own body's needs. No one, whether doing Kimkins or not, is shunned on that site. And as far as Kimmer is concerned, I could care less if she were a 15 year old pimply faced computer guru who is making millions. This WOE and that site has been a life saver for me. I can finally see myself keeping the weight off. And after joining and rejoining WW many times in the last 7 years--Kimkins is priceless. Why is it no one accuses Weight Watchers of being the second coming of Ornish? Do you know how much THEY make in a year touting THEIR WOE? Puhleez! Keep up your awesome LOW CARB work, Jimmy--what you said is RIGHT ON. Everyone who gives you grief should examine their TRUE motives...and why they can't just support others in a LC journey no matter WHAT WOE is followed! :)

7/14/2007 3:44 PM  
Blogger yourmamma2000 said...

Jimmy, I was not talking about the Kimkins members at the site. I was referring to Kimmer herself, with her Marlene Dietrich pose.

Perhaps she should imitate her succesful members' pose.

And by the way, I lost 40 lb. in 6 weeks with Kimkins.

7/14/2007 5:03 PM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

If you ask most Kimkins members, the diet and the Forum have very little to do with Kimmer at all. You can easily do the diet and get all the support you need and never know who she is at all.

7/14/2007 5:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too wonder why zealotry exists, especially against Owsley "Bear" Stanley's WOE. Talk about a diet plan that has been dragged through the mud! I know that if I could get over my carb addictions, it would be the best diet for me as I simply am not a big veggies or fruit person, though I enjoy onions, mushrooms, and many peppers as accessories to meat.

Meat, eggs, and cheese are good by themselves. Veggies have to be dipped in ranch or smothered in cheese sauce to be tasty. And contrary to what our friend anoldhouse tells us, an all-meat diet is not unhealthy. It's just extremely difficult to stick to psychologically and it bucks the propoganda we've been fed for over 50 years.

My plan is to avoid carbs as much as possible and try to stay away from even the Splenda-based sweets and diet sodas, as I feel it will be the best way for me to get over my carb addiction. We'll see how that goes, lol.

7/14/2007 5:52 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

I don't get all this "in-fighting" either. It seems we should all be on the same side of the low carb argument.

I've been doing Kimkins since mid April and have lost 32 pounds. And while I'm currently experiencing a stall, it hasn't discouraged me. I will alter the program as many others have, to find "what works for me" Don't we all do that on every program we've tried over the years? Kimkins has provided me with a program that works for me (regardless of what the heck Kimmer looks like) and support on the boards that has kept me motivated.

I know that no matter what modifications I make to my current WOE, I will be livin' la vida low carb for the rest of my life. And how many calories, grams of fat or carbs I put in my face is my business.

I've said this to you before, Jimmy...keep doing what you are doing. Regardless of what low carb plan people choose, you continue to be a great source of information and an undeniable inspiration.

7/14/2007 8:17 PM  
Blogger Ron said...

I've been lurking and reading your blog since about July 1 and it is a true blessing to me. Thanks for helping all of us keep our chin up and our eyes on our goal.

One of the things that has really impressed me about your site is the fact that you're not promoting a 'cookie-cutter' diet for everyone. You're smarter than that! You know that 'one size does not fit all' and I want you to know I really appreciate that about you and your blog.

I know low-carb works! I lost 65 pounds on it in 2003 and then somewhere in 2004 I ate 'a big bowl of stupid' and lost my way. Here I am starting over, with five more pounds than my original start in 2003. But one thing I've learned since coming here is that I can no longer 'be on a low-carb diet', instead I have to acquire the "Livin' La Vida Low Carb" mindset.

Now since my first experience with low carb I've read DANDR, Protein Power, Schwarzbein, Sugar Busters, Sugar Shock, The Secret to LC Success, How I Gave Up My Low Fat Diet and Lost 40 Pounds...and I'm currently reading Living the Low Carb Life by Jonny Bowden. I'm not dogmatic about any of the plans and refuse to become that way.

Fact is, I've reaped lots of helpful information from all of them. All of them have success stories and how can one argue with success. After all, 'the proof is in the pudding'!

I plan to continue to read and educate myself on Low Carb. I've fought weight all my life, and I'm now 54 and have made the decision to live the rest of my life Low Carb. It just works for I know I just have to work it!

Jimmy, I applaud your success and I applaud your decision to do Kimkins! I don't know the details of Kimkins but I know enough to know that if I think it will help me at some point in the future...I'll do it to!

We're all in this weight loss battle together...let's don't destroy each other with friendly fire! Let's do all we can to rally each other on to Victory!

Let's all be zealous for weight loss and maintenance...not for the vehicle each of us choose to reach the goal!

I've got 100+ pounds to lose. I've chosen to take the Low Carb Freeway to arrive at my goal...not sure which lane I'll be in...heck, I might even change lanes a few times! Honk if you love Low Carb!

7/14/2007 9:22 PM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

Hey Ron, THANK YOU for sharing your story. It's refreshing to hear a perspective like yours when the negativity tends to dominate the airwaves so to speak.

But you are right. Don't you know Dean Ornish is sitting somewhere laughing his head off at all the people in the low-carb community running my name through the mud over this Kimkins thing? It's sad that some have resorted to this level of personal destruction, but they have.

I remain undeterred because there is a greater purpose going on here which your story illustrates perfectly. I'm so happy to have you amongst my readership and encourage you to stick with your chosen path and DO IT until you reach your goal.

I'm so proud of you for choosing the low-carb lifestyle again and encourage you to never let go of it again. It changed my life and will change yours, too!

God bless you, my friend. Please let me know if I can ever help you along in this journey. THANK YOU again for your comments!

7/14/2007 9:59 PM  
Blogger Shawn said...

As another one on the Kimkins plan, may I say a big THANK YOU! I don't get all the negativity towards the Kimkins plan. Yes, it's a pretty extreme low carb/low cal/low fat plan on the surface. HOWEVER, as you said, it can be adapted to suit each individual.

I've removed 36 pounds so far from my 4'10 body since the beginning of April. As I've gotten closer to my goal weight, I've adjusted the plan according to what my body needs. Some days it needs more calories but still low carb/low fat, others it needs a bit more fat but still low carb/low cal. I've found the K/E portion of Kimkins works better for me but others need the veggies. That's the beauty of Kimkins, you figure out what your body needs and adjust your eating accordingly.

For me, this WOE was perfect. I've been on nearly every diet known to man, including Atkins, and NOTHING has given me the results that Kimkins has in this amount of time. I knew that in order to stay motivated and on track, I needed to see results quick, otherwise I'd do what I've always done, get frustrated and give up. Kimkins gave me the quick results I wanted and it's kept me motivated to stick with the plan and working out.

It's all low carb so why can't we all just get along? : )

7/14/2007 10:24 PM  
Blogger fritz said...


I give you the reasons there is such a commontion over Kimmer and her diet:
- she actively promotes extremely low calorie diets
- she promotes extended fasting
- she has posted fraudent pictures for her success stories, this has been proven to my satisfaction, at least.
- she has offered no evidence that she is who she says she is, that she really did lose all the weight she claims she lost, that those suspicious pictures she has posted are really her, etc. etc.
-she operates behind a series of alias, who is she? Kim Drake? Heidi Diaz? Kimmer someone else?

In short, she seems like she may very well be a fraud, offering very dangerous advice, and is getting rich do so.

yes, she also includes the unlimited diet you are following, sort of, and if that was all it was, nobody would mind much. But there are those other plans, and all the advice she has given....

personally, I'm not sure a very low calorie diet is such a bad thing, I just dont know.

also, I do believe a lot of folks just dont want to believe that calories do in fact matter. That calorie thing, I think, is where Kimmer has picked up the ball that Dr. A dropped, and she is runnng with it. She just happens to be running through some very sketchy neighorhoods...

7/14/2007 10:27 PM  
Blogger Sue said...

To me Kimkins is not a low carb diet, its just low everything. Dean Ornish would be happy with the low fat and low calorie part.
Kimkins encourages people to be afraid of fat again and I thought we were over that.

In regards to Kimmer, of course people want to know all about the creator of kimkins. They want to see her before photos, her recent photos - its just normal. She's selling a plan and people just want all the facts and not smoke and mirrors.

7/14/2007 10:28 PM  
Blogger melodiegale said...


Why does everyone care so much about who Kimmer is, what she looks like, and her personal affairs? Bottom line is her diet works, and works well. I recently started a support thread on her site and I'm following her diet. One of the things many of my members have expressed is that for them, this was the end of the line. This was one last desperate attempt to lose weight, because nothing else was working. And you know what? It's working for most of them and in a very big way.

I've shared many, many posts with these people over the past weeks. These are real people with real issues, and real results. This program has been nothing short of miraculous for most of them. All weight loss is not created equal for everyone. I am a small over forty woman who cannot lose weight any other way. Keep an open mind. There are probably even a few people out there who only lose weight on "low fat". Have some respect for everyone's bioindividuality. Lighten up (no pun intended).

7/14/2007 10:39 PM  
Blogger j said...

Referring to Kimmer as having a "psychiatric disorder" on one of the large LC websites was the last straw for me. This demonization is not about "educating" anybody. It's about an underlying hatred for a woman who became practically an overnight success by capitalizing on her weight loss and advice.

And a lot of folks (apparently many women) just can't handle that. My belief is that there is a lot of sexism underlying this demonizing.

But Kimmer will be vindicated, just as Dr. Atkins was vindicated with his program. My guess is if this had been 30 years ago, this same group of folks demonizing Kimmer would have been among the lynch mob attacking Atkins. There's no question about that.

All of it sickens me. Keep up the great work. Congrats on your success, BTW.


7/14/2007 11:59 PM  
Blogger David said...

Are you creatively editing comments posted on your main blog here like you did on LowCarbNewsline or are you just completely censoring comments that you don't like?

7/16/2007 9:02 AM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

Blogger does not allow you to "edit" comments to "creatively" change their content. You can only publish or reject those comments.

The only reasons I would reject a comment is if they are an ad for a porno or other such irrelevant commerce site or is especially vulgar or irrelevant to the blog post. Otherwise, it gets through even if you disagree with me. :)

I don't censor any comments here at my blog or any other sites I contribute to. The aforementioned comment you are referring to at Low-Carb Newsline was a practical joke by yours truly as I have already publicly shared.

With at least two months of chatter maliciously talking about me as if these people who me personally, this one little thing that I did has you this upset?

In my estimation, you should be a lot more concerned and upset by all the people who have quite literally dragged my good name through the mud at places like Low-Carb Friends and elsewhere without just cause.

What exactly has Jimmy Moore done to deserve all of this angst and vitriol hatred? Is this really all because I decided to go on the Kimkins diet and dare say something positive about it?

Surely you jest.

7/16/2007 9:32 AM  

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