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'Excessive Carbs' The Culprit In Weight Gain, Finding Security Without The Blubber

As much as I hear from others who share with me how my low-carb weight loss success story has inspired them, I am continually amazed by some truly remarkable, breathtaking, and stunning transformations that have taken place in the lives of those who are a part of the reading audience of this blog. It is such an honor to know so many of you personally because you have been willing to share your life, your story, your success!

As inspiring as people say that I am to them, let me tell you what inspires me--hearing from people who finally understand why they are obese and how to overcome it naturally in a way that not only shed the pounds, but also makes them healthier than they ever thought possible! For many, that way is the low-carb lifestyle and I couldn't be prouder.

Weight loss is such a personal struggle for so many people and I know how painful it is to feel like you are stuck being fat forever. Believe me, I was there once myself. It's no fun at all and you feel trapped inside of a body you are unhappy with on so many levels. You just wanna be "normal" again and feel like you are a part of life rather than an outcast.

Low-carb living can instigate that change as you will see from this e-mail I received this week from a dear reader who wrote to me with her story. Originally from Bellingham, Washington back in the late 1940s/early 1950s, she now lives in the UK with her devoted husband.

Here's her awe-inspiring and uplifting story:

Hi Jimmy,

I'm a 59 year old woman and I've struggled all of my life with obesity. I can't remember EVER being thin; not even as a child. I had a 44" waistline at the age of eleven! I have lost weight in the past on low-fat diets (many times) but I have always packed it back on.

A few years ago I managed to get down to 152 lbs which was wonderful as I should weigh about 150 lbs, but then I quit smoking and I piled it right back on. I didn't really know anything about low-carb dieting then; if I had, things might have turned out differently.

Unfortunately I didn't, so my weight shot up to a record 260 lbs! I hadn't weighed myself for a long time so it was a shocking revelation when I finally stepped on the scales. I was horrified but didn't think I had any 'fight' left in me for another round of 'Beat the Fat Gene.'

I tried to settle for being a 'happy' fat person for a while but I couldn't. I felt
ugly, out of control and very depressed. I started researching low-carb diets and nutrition in general. I decided to make a list of my favorite foods to see where I was going wrong; the result made it apparent that excessive carbs were behind my yo-yoing weight.

Having identified my 'enemy' at last, I was filled with new hope, and I embarked on a mission of discovery. I felt that somewhere underneath all of that fat was a person I'd never met; a person who didn't need to cloak herself in blubber in order to feel secure. I decided to set 'her' free.

I hadn't discovered your blog yet, and I felt that it would be easier to stay motivated if I had someone to 'talk to.' I began writing a book about my battle with obesity. I was bullied endlessly about my weight as a kid. I am 'letting go' of that pent up hurt and anger as I write; then that wound will be healed and I can move on.

Your blog has reinforced my strength and determination to succeed. You are a wonderful inspiration to me and to thousands like me. I've lost my first 15 lbs, and I love the low-carb lifestyle. I don't need my 'FAT COAT' anymore. Thank you so much for 'being there' and keep up the good work!

Isn't she just LOVELY?! WOW, what an absolutely, positively, rip-roaring ready to get up and make you wanna shout lifestyle change! WOO HOO! I'm so proud of her for making the right choice to get her life back in line. You can tell she has a heart of gold and is using her experiences to help others find what she has found.

I inquired with her about that book she is writing and she's promised to let me review it when she is finished. It sounds like she has quite a bit to say on the subject and I'll be very interested in reading it.

Here's how she came up with the idea for her book:

One morning early in July, I woke up with a 'mind-set' to purge myself of fat forever. I decided that I wanted to give myself a 60th birthday present by 'unwrapping' me, and I wanted to share my thoughts with others who might benefit along the way. I set May 3, 2008 as the date for reaching my 150 lb target. My kids are all coming over from the United States to help me celebrate, so it just seemed like a great motivator.

My book is a humorous and introspective exploration of my obesity problem. Part of it is a historical look at my childhood and the developmental years that were plagued by fat, but it is more to do with finding solutions.

When I started writing it, I wasn't sure which diet to follow or who to believe. The low-fat method is very slow and agonizingly boring, so I set out to unearth 'the cause' of my problem before deciding which way to go. In the meantime I went on a strict high-protein diet just to kick start weight loss.

I had intended to stay on it for two weeks but after 8 days I was feeling very tired and listless. I knew that it was decision time. When my research flagged up carbs in big red letters, I knew it was the way forward.

Prior to that I had steeled myself because I thought that I had a lot of suffering to do in order to lose weight. I'm relaxed and confident now. I'm finding that I really enjoy what I'm eating and it isn't like being on a diet at all.

And therein lies the beauty of livin' la vida low-carb. If we could make a theme song or bumper sticker with something like "livin' la vida low-carb isn't like being on a diet at all," then perhaps people would FINALLY realize this could be exactly what they've been looking for their entire lives. That's what it was for my reader and it could very well be for YOU, too!

There's still work left for this UK reader, but something tells me she's gonna do just fine. She has a game plan for staying on track to meet her May 2008 goal.

"I'll keep reading your blog and thinking positive thoughts," she said.

We'll check in again with this reader to track her progress and let you know when her book tentatively titled Two Rhinos will be coming out. Feel free to share any encouraging and positive thoughts for this reader in the comments section below. Her enthusiasm for livin' la vida low-carb is contagious, so let her know how much you appreciate her. :D

How about YOU? Do you have a special story about how the low-carb lifestyle has changed your life, too? If so, then feel free to share your experience with me anytime by writing to me at I enjoy hearing from real people who have changed their lives for the better through the permanent and healthy low-carb way of life. I know you're out there, so let's get to inspiring others with YOUR story.

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Blogger LCT Cathy said...

Jimmy, awesome post and extremely uplifting.

So many of us who have spent our entire lives being overweight have more than just the fat to struggle with. For women this can be particularly difficult as our society tends to judge women with a different eye than a man. Now I'm not saying that men don't have it tough but I can only speak from a female perspective.

Most women grow up gradually learning how to deal with attention from the opposite sex and can easily cope with attention. I however, never developed this "muscle" and have found it very difficult to deal with the attention that being thinner brings on.

It's an ongoing struggle and something that I'm still not comfortable with. Alot of people just don't talk about this very real aspect of losing weight.

8/19/2007 9:15 PM  

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