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'Track Your Plaque' Author Interviews Jimmy Moore About Saturated Fat, Low-Carb Weight Loss

One good interview deserves another!

In late August, I was privileged to conduct an interview with a cardiologist named Dr. William Davis who utilizes a rather unconventional approach for examining heart health by measuring the amount of plaque build-up in the arteries called a heart scan. It is cutting-edge technology that would be a more widely accepted way to manage heart health if there was money involved in it. This is the uphill battle that Dr. Davis is attempting to counteract with his "Heart Scan Blog" which I fell in love with after Dr. Davis wrote a blog post entitled "The Ornish Diet Made Me Fat"--I WAS HOOKED! :)

Not long after my interview with Dr. Davis, he approached me about returning the favor--doing an interview with me--because he was especially interested in learning more about why I support saturated fat consumption as part of a healthy lifestyle. It's too important a subject to be swept under the rug and I was appreciative of the opportunity to articulate my argument to a man with an open mind willing to be convinced he may be wrong.

The interview is now available online at Dr. Davis' blog entitled "Is saturated fat the villain we thought?" Check it out and give a look-see at the comments that have been generated by it, including a rather informative one from Colette Heimowitz from Atkins Nutritionals who shared some remarkable research about the various kinds of saturated fats and their impact on heart health that you'll want to read as well.

Before his interview with me, Dr. Davis contended that he has "had a hard time dismissing the ill-effects of saturated fat."

"After all, we've all been taught--drilled--with the idea that saturated fats cause LDL cholesterol to go higher, cause arterial constriction, growth of atherosclerotic plaque, inflammation, even cancer," Dr. Davis contended.


"...there does indeed seem to be a growing sentiment that this long-held dogma may not be true," he concluded following his interview with me.

Here's just a few snippets from the interview:

"My thinking on saturated fat has evolved since I started eating this way nearly four years ago. Like most people, I was terrified to eat ANY fat at all because of the abject fear that people like Dr. Dean Ornish and other so-called health "experts" instilled in me about how dangerously unhealthy it is to consume it. This fat phobia is arguably the single biggest contributor to the ongoing obesity crisis our world faces today."
"To me, as a simple layperson with no medical background, it's all a matter of who you believe. Do we continue to buy into the low-fat propaganda machine and assume that what they are telling us about saturated fat is true? Or do we instead start paying closer attention to the latest research that is coming out about saturated fat that doesn't exactly line up with the edicts of the last three decades? The choice for me is a simple one."
"As for consuming the highly-touted 'healthy whole grain' cereals that you mentioned, what a travesty that would be for people trying to manage their weight and health. While the cereal manufacturers have had a heyday in their marketing efforts promoting their whole grain content, it's all just a big fat ruse on the public trying to convince them that these cereals are somehow healthy for their bodies. Sure, they're better than the sugary cereals, but all those grains are metabolized as sugar inside the body, so you might as well be eating Lucky Charms and Fruit Loops!
"There's a balance that people need to find for themselves and it's different for
all of us. I am one of the unlucky people who has to keep his carbohydrate
intake below 50g daily or I gain. It's just a fact of life that I've come to
grips with and realize is a necessity in order to manage my weight for the rest
of my life. But I wouldn't have it any other way!"
"My philosophy is simple: Find the diet plan that will work for YOU, read and research everything you can about that chosen plan, follow that plan exactly as prescribed by the author of that book, and then KEEP doing that plan for the rest of your life. If you do that, then there's no reason why you can't succeed just like I did."

There's much more in the FULL INTERVIEW, so be sure to check it out and leave a comment at Dr. Davis' blog! Special THANK YOU to Dr. William Davis for sharing my story with his readers and I hope we all continue to learn from one another about how to be as healthy as we can possibly be.

He and I both agree the current path is too tied up in the financial interests of the parties involved to give a rat's rear end about the people who are suffering from heart health problems. That's a bigger problem that needs to be confronted, exposed, and addressed to end this pandemic of cardiovascular disease that grips our nation.

Dr. Davis indicated that as a result of his interview with me, he's going to "rethink all the old observations" about saturated fat he once thought were the gospel truth.

"I am impressed with your knowledge on this topic," he remarked. "You've made a powerfully convincing argument for the misguidance of the saturated fat dogma. Thanks for teaching me a few things, Jimmy!"

It's my pleasure, Dr. Davis, and I encourage you to keep fighting the good fight against those who try to take advantage of making heart disease a multi-billion dollar moneymaker rather than trying to prevent it in the first place. Your efforts will not be in vain for those who find out the truth before it is too late for them.

For more information about the inexpensive heart scan test that Dr. Davis advocates to measure the plaque in your arteries, pick up a copy of his book Track Your Plaque.

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Blogger mrfritznyc said...

I posted my story over there, here's the short version-doc is alarmed by my cholesterol scores, wants me on statins, I refuse, take a CT scan instead, get a score of ZERO, in spite of my so-called high cholesterol and five years of glorious sat. fat consumption.

anyway, here is the dumber than a sack of hammers Jane Brody poo-pooing CT heart scans in the NY Times. Amazing.

10/09/2007 10:22 AM  

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