Wednesday, December 26, 2007

'Exercise Is A Privilege' And Don't You Forget It!

Hey everyone, I'm back from Christmas vacation now! It was a fun time to get away for a few days, spend some time with family I don't get to see but once a decade (at least that's what they think!), and enjoy the reason for the season together with my beautiful bride. We're doing okay since the news we received about our IVF and it's been an amazing experience feeling the prayers and thoughts of so many of you this past week. THANK YOU!!!

Since it is late as I am typing this with my eyes drooping hard and Thursday is my birthday (36 and counting!), I'd like to share a quick column from my friend Nicki Anderson at Reality Fitness who wrote an outstanding piece in her "Happy Monday" column this week you WON'T want to miss if you are even the least bit down and discouraged about your health and fitness. Just as I have blogged about Nicki here and here recently, you're in for a healthy dose of inspiration and the truth in love. ENJOY!

Exercise Your Healthy Living Options!
By Nicki Anderson

No matter how out of shape you believe you are, there is someone that feels more out of shape.

No matter how “fat” you feel, there is always someone that feels “fatter.”

No matter how slow you need to start to get back to good health, it’s a starting point, and you can only go up from there.

No matter how frustrated you may feel with your level of fitness, you have the choice to do something about it, some do not.

Exercise is a privilege.

No matter how many times you have stopped and started an exercise program, it will eventually stick!

No matter how much you reminisce about the 6-pack you had at one time, that was then, this is now!

No matter how much you wish you had run that 5K under 30 minutes, there is someone just wishing they could have the choice to run. You have the choice to do something about it, some do not.

Exercise is a privilege.

No matter how much you wish you could have longer legs, tighter abs, hoisted rear, your genetic hand has been dealt. Why not focus on what you can do, versus what you cannot do?

No matter how many diets you’ve been on, you are not exempt from success, you just need to discover the perfect approach that works for you.

No matter how many times you have been told you “can’t,” there’s that voice inside saying, “You can”--turn the volume up on that one.

No matter what size you are now, focus on taking steps toward better health. You have the choice to start, some do not.

Exercise is a privilege.

No matter how scary it may be to step in to the gym all alone, there are 100 other people feeling the same way. Everyone has to start somewhere.

No matter how many times you wish you could go back to the weight you “once” were, you are where you are, acknowledge it and move ahead.

No matter how out of breath you are when you start to exercise, you’re doing it, lucky you! You have the choice, some do not.

Exercise is a privilege.

No matter what you may have read in magazines or seen on a commercial, there is no such thing as “fast and easy” when it comes to reclaiming your health and fitness. So, think about the fact that exercise is a choice, why not make it yours. Just remember that exercise is a privilege, not punishment for an imperfect body so make 2008 YOUR year for feeling great!!!

I'll be back blogging again real soon with some extra special surprises in store for January 2008. Stay tuned!

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Blogger Ab Normal said...

Welcome Back!!

We missed you!

Happy New Year!


12/27/2007 12:05 PM  
Blogger Gary J said...

Thanks so much for the continuing encouragement, Jimmy. It helps!

12/27/2007 2:32 PM  
Blogger Verlin said...


It seems we share a birthday in addition to our common interest in weight-loss. Best wishes for a happy birthday and a low-carb New Year!

Verlin Henderson

12/27/2007 9:11 PM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

Happy birthday, Verlin!!!

12/27/2007 9:33 PM  

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