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Manuel Uribe Still At It In 2008 With His Low-Carb Weight Loss

Now that 2008 is here and everybody is thinking about weight loss and health, I thought I'd update you on a very heartwarming story about a man once dubbed as "The World's Heaviest Man" who decided to start livin' la vida low-carb about two years ago to shed the pounds and save his life. He is Manuel Uribe from Monterrey, Mexico and what an awe-inspiring story of dedication and determination to transform himself from a 1200-pound one-way ticket to an early grave into what he hopes will be a normal weight man within the next two years.

Beginning his amazing journey at the age of 41 in February 2006, Manuel quickly implemented the lower-carb strategies found in The Zone Diet by Dr. Barry Sears and experienced great success. He created a web site for people to help keep him accountable and follow his progress.

As of March 2007, Manuel had already lost 400 pounds--an INCREDIBLE one-third of his starting weight! He was hoping to lose about 200 pounds a year, but livin' la vida low-carb greatly accelerated this total. For a man of his size, the quicker he can lose it, the better!

In July 2007, Manuel Uribe earned the distinction by the Guinness Book of World Records as the "fattest" man in the world, but they are already watching his weight loss progress to see if in 2009 he will set a new record for weight loss. Maybe he will be able to duplicate the success of Patrick Deuel who used to be the world's heaviest man. We're rooting for Manuel to succeed!

He's lost a total of around 500 pounds so far and part of his routine besides his low-carb diet includes as much exercise as his morbidly obese body can handle right now. Here's a YouTube video showing a little bit of what Manuel does:

Anyone who says they're "too big" to exercise needs to watch what Manuel is doing. Sure, it looks like he's just wiggling around in the bed, but those pull-ups, twists, turns, and spinning work will build muscle, burn calories, and help him reach his eventual goal. I'm proud of Manuel and he's even willing to make fun of himself during this journey.

Watch these segments from the late night talk show "Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!" to see what a good sport he is because he's now doing something about his massive weight problem:

And here's my favorite one of all:

At least he's having a sense of humor about all this. And I couldn't think of a nicer guy for this to be happening to. YOU KEEP AT IT, MANUEL!!! We'll be cheering you on at you work your way down below 700, 600, 500, and beyond! GO GET 'EM!!!

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Blogger JayCee Botha said...

Thanks for the post Jimmy.

I am so glad that Manuel is using a low-carb-lifestyle as a means of loosing his weight :)

I cannot possibly imagine the pain and extra suffering he would have gone through if he tried to do it on a low-fat diet or any other way.

Congrats Manuel you are a real insperation for the rest of us !!

1/02/2008 7:17 PM  
Blogger The Bunnell Farm said...

I'm not proud to say that I find myself looking down at all of these obese people with a pretty large measure of disdain. -- The same thing with cigarette smokers and alcoholics and gamblers and drug users. How they can be so lame and how I could have been so lame defies me. I still weigh 280# on a 5'10" frame. I'm still fat. -- I see the cigarette smokers standing outside of buildings and I smell them when they get to close and I wonder how I could have ever been so lame and how I could ever have done such a thing. I'm not comfortable with being a 'know it all'. -- The alcoholics tell about the 'reformed alcoholic' and he being the worst of the worst and I know it to be true but I can't help myself. It feels so good to be free of all of these things and have a shot at life that never would have been had I continued on down that dark and dingy blindsided road. -- So I confess. I feel smarter and superior and less stupid and gullible. I wish the world could see the same. Pity and encouragment have there place to be sure -- as does a good hard dose of REALITY sometimes I think.

1/03/2008 6:47 AM  
Blogger Sparky's Girl said...

I'm so glad Manuel is still going strong! He's already made huge strides in his weight loss efforts and I expect to see him do great things in 2008!
You are an inspiration to us all Manuel! Keep up the good work!

1/03/2008 11:48 AM  

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