Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Quickie One-Liner Responses To My E-mails

If you have ever written an e-mail to me, then you know I ALWAYS respond with a fairly detailed answer to your questions about the amazingly healthy low-carb lifestyle. I feel duty-bound to do this and have committed myself to being there for you as you go through this lifestyle change for yourself. You need not feel lonely or discouraged while on low-carb because I am here for you whenever you need me.

With that said, I wanted to share with you some recent e-mails from your fellow "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" blog readers, but in a unique format. Although I've already provided an answer to all of these e-mails in my typical thorough fashion, today I'm gonna shoot for a quickie one-liner response to each of them. Some of these will be very hard to do that with, but I'm gonna try. :)

So, without further delay, here goes with a boatload of e-mails:

Dear Jimmy -

Here's one I don't know if you've heard before. It's about women's stuff, so if you're shy, be forewarned!

So I have a checkered past when it comes to fertility. Between the ages of 30 and 40 I had several ectopic pregnancies (the fertilized egg remains in the tube, never completing it's journey into the womb) which are quite dangerous, so when I hit 40 I got a tubal ligation (tubes tied). At that time I was mom to my beautiful daughter, adopted from Korea.

Also at that time my marriage broke up and I met my current husband, who is 14 years my junior. He and I have been parenting my daughter for the past eight years, but have talked from time to time about having a second child together. We've toyed with the idea of IVF - using his sperm and a donor egg which I would then carry. Then, two years ago, I was diagnosed with fibroid tumors and had uterine fibroid immbolization, which basically means they kill off the blood supply to the tumors in your uterus in order to shrink them, avoiding hysterectomy.

Well, when I had the procedure, I was 46 years old and the doctor told me I'd lose my period for about 3 months, then it would return. After 5 months, nothing. I went for a check up and the OB/GYN told me it happens sometimes, maybe I'd never get it back. Virtually nothing for two years, maybe some light spotting now and then. We put away any thought of my carrying a pregnancy.

What does this have to do with low carb? Get this. Around Christmas time I bought Gary Taubes' book (GOOD CALORIES, BAD CALORIES) and began adding fat back into my diet while limiting carbs. I've really been enjoying how I feel -- more even moods, sleeping better at night, no more constant hunger like I had on my low fat regimen (which I've followed for years, knowing it wasn't working). Three days ago I got my period.

Could this have to do with my new diet? Don't know, but I got on line and Googled "fertility and low carb." I learned there are fertility treatments, specifically for women who don't ovulate, that entail high fat/low carb diets with plenty of protein! Apparently this way of eating balances hormones and women begin to ovulate regularly. Who knew? No one ever told me, that's for sure.

So, don't know what the future will hold for us, but I wanted you to know about my experience so other women who struggle with having regular periods know to ask their doctors about diet related treatments. Fats are so important!

MY ONE-LINER: A little more than I wanted to know, but I'm so glad to hear livin' la vida low-carb with a high-fat intake did the trick for you!

So I have been taking cough syrup for the last two days and haven't lost a pound, Then I realized it might be the cough syrup, does it knock you out of ketosis and if so will I have to start all over with the headaches that I went through the 1st week?

MY ONE-LINER: Yes, the sugar in the cough syrup probably kicked you out of ketosis, but just get right back on plan again after your cold and you'll be just fine (next time, get SUGAR-FREE cough syrup instead!).

Hello Jimmy,

I just found you on the Internet. Great, I need encouragement. I am starting Atkins induction today. About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes. I probably had the
disease for at least 10 years. I had a friend tell me, no doctor ever told me this, that if I lost 50 pounds, the symptoms would go away. To this day no doctor has ever suggested I lose weight (the best way to treat diabetes), they only want to give meds.

So I did Atkins along with exercise and lost 60 pounds and eight inches on my waist. The diabetic symptoms did almost go away. My cholesterol numbers were also great. Over the last five years I have let my weight creep up and my health numbers (cholesterol, blood glucose) have also gone up. I have put about half the weight back on. So now I'm back to the low-carb life. I commute by bicycle. I get a lot of exercise. Exercise alone isn't enough.

Two weeks on Induction and I'm already down 16 pounds! The best thing is my blood glucose numbers got great right away. I stopped taking all my meds; diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol. I could never see any results from them anyway. I monitor my numbers for these conditions and on Induction they all are great. I am going to stay on Induction until I hit my target weight.

Six years ago I lost 60 pounds on Atkins. I was very healthy. I have gained half that weight back and was rapidly getting unhealthy. Since then I have been eating low-carb because of my diabetes, but cheating. A little cheating goes a long way in wrecking your health. All of my health problems are due to carrying around too much fat. I am now in a correction phase.

MY ONE-LINER: This time around, how about staying on the low-carb lifestyle for the sake of controlling your diabetes and managing your weight over the long-term, hmmm? :)

Hello Jimmy,

I’ve never contacted you before but I’ve read many of your online articles. I was diagnosed with Type 2 (insulin resistant) diabetes just over 4 years ago at the age of 46. Up to that time I had been on every diet known to mankind, all with my doctor’s supervision and encouragement, and all without any luck. After diagnosis he said "hey, maybe we should try you on a low-carb diet.” Well that was it. I was down 7 pounds after the first week, and another 6 the week after that. In the span of just over 15 months I lost 155 pounds and have been happy at my current 200 pounds. The biggest improvement was of course to my blood sugars-–down from an hbA1C of 9.8 at diagnosis to a very respectable 5.0 now.

I started then, and continue to this day, walking 2.5 miles in the morning five times a week. But the most significant improvement in my health has come from lifting weights. That’s why your article caught my attention. I had of course great motivation (we’re talking about my life here!) to educate myself on everything diabetes related. I soon discovered that here were two kinds of truth: the “accepted” truth; and the “real” truth. The later being much harder to find and takes a concerted effort to uncover. One of those truths is that weightlifting is as essential to a type-2 diabetic as the oxygen we breathe. And it doesn’t take much either!

When I first walked into my local gym it was the first time I EVER walked into a gym. I explained to the owner what I needed to do and he suggested that I get a trainer. He recommended a few and the one I eventually ended up with understood exactly what my goals were and what I needed to do to reach them. To that end he went out to the library and read up on the correlation between weightlifting and insulin resistant diabetes. Neither he, nor anyone else at the gym had a second thought about my low-carb diet. They just thought "well, yeah, what else but low-carb?"

There are two other diabetics in the office I work with. One well controlled and has quizzed me constantly about what I do, the other is more typical ”my doctor says you need carbs to live and to cut down on all the fat.” He and his doctor are “happy” with his dangerously high 7.2 A1c. No matter what, he doesn’t want to change anything about the way he lives or eats. He won’t listen. I’ve promised to play my bagpipes at his funeral.

Sorry for the length of this Jimmy, but something has to be done about motivating diabetics to take action! How do we get through to them about all the things they can do to ward off, and possibly eliminate the complications? They need to be spoken to with the real truth and not the convenient, acceptable, readily available truth.

Thanks for listening, and all the best. And remember--everything IS better with bacon!

MY ONE-LINER: I think you just articulated why diabetics should be livin' la vida low-carb by sharing from your own personal experience with it better than anything the so-called "experts" could ever say!

Hi there, I've been reading your blog for years, and have developed a better understanding of this diet associated issues that are often misrepresented by the media and even so-called mainstream low-carbers. I like the work, and often follow your web site along with Barry Groves' web site. I often email Barry with questions about the low-carb diet, but I thought I'd ask you a few questions about ketosis.

You see, while my weight issue is quite the contrary--too low. I've used the low-carb approach as a means to keep myself energized, and with substantial protein intake. You see, I have always wanted to avoid gaining weight, or getting sloppy on the traditional carb diet. In fact, going low-carb has helped regulate my hunger and reduce my actual body fat content while I worked on my body toning.

All of the routine has gone well, and I've been doing this diet for a year--in my case, no real results, probably because I am lean as we speak, which is okay. So long as there isn't any non-lean tissue gain, I am fine with the routine. However, I never bothered to test myself for ketosis. Now, I'm in a bit of shock after getting these testing sticks known as Ketostix.

Oddly, my ketosis reading is usually very low. The color on the strip is rarely ever a light red--mostly plain--and far from the purple that is often desired. It's usually clear in the mornings, and barely light red during the later parts of the day. I would like to know why I am not getting into ketosis. Do I need to eat more fats? Do I need to break down my meals into smaller portions and spread them across the entire day?

Your insight will be greatly appreciated.

MY ONE-LINER: Being in ketosis is like being pregnant--you either are or you're not; regardless of what the Ketosticks show you, if you are eating less than 30g carbohydrates a day, then you ARE in ketosis.

Hey Jimmy,

I listened to Episode 103 of your podcast show today and it totally resonated with me! I've been struggling with some recent weight creep (my holiday time-off lasted about 6 weeks) and the more I focus on the weight and scale the worse I feel and the harder it seems to get back into a groove. My personal trainer has always stressed to me that if you focus on a number you will NEVER be satisfied because even if you hit it, the daily struggle to stay there will get old real fast--whereas if you focus on a fitness
event (the gym I go to is very into that) you will always have more to strive for.

You can always try to run faster, farther, try a new sport, etc. I am really trying to focus on my daily healthy actions as opposed to the results (i.e. the scale) because that is something that I can tangibly be held accountable for. Currently there are a bunch of us from Amy's forum site training for a half-marathon, where we will be meeting up on Whidbey Island (in Washington State) to participate in April. Now that is a much better goal to work towards!

Just wanted you to know I'm glad the podcasts are back! AND...I cannot wait until we get a chance to catch up in person one of these days. Hope all is well. Take care!

MY ONE-LINER: Remember to always put the focus on your health first and the weight loss will naturally follow when you are livin' la vida low-carb.


Love your blog and want to lose weight. I am 46 and absolutely hate vegetables and always have. I can tolerate lettuce but I don't like it. Hate yellow vegetables. The only veggies that I like are crowder peas,black eyes, and brown butter beans (but I hear that these are really not good for you.) Love fruit, all potato product (except sweet potatoes), and meats. Love rice and pasta.

My question: it it possible to have a low carb diet if you absolutely hate veggies regardless of the spices and sauces that I have tried to use to mask their taste?

MY ONE-LINER: I know plenty of people who choose to live the low-carb life eating a primarily meat-based diet, although I bet you'd enjoy a spinach salad, mashed cauliflower, or grilled broccoli if you gave it a chance!

Hello Jimmy,

I’'m 38 years old, a Type 2 diabetic (that I treat solely with insulin), and I weigh about 360 pounds. –That'’s because I’'ve lost about 40 pounds the last year or so. I have read so many great things about your book that I think I’'ve finally decided to order it. I’'ve read my gamut of weight loss books –Atkins, The Zone, Fit for Life, Lean for Life, Sugar Busters, Suzanne Sommers, various food addict books. You name it, I’'ve read it and tried it.

I’ve had a weight problem all of my life, but never as out of control as it has become since my father died. I suffered from post-traumatic shock finding him myself. He had passed away in the middle of the night from a massive stroke. I think I feed into the guilt of being there with him that night and not hearing him so I could do anything about it. I turned to food as my trusted crutch. I must have weighed in about 220 pounds then. That was 4 years ago now.

My world is small. I am a prisoner of my own making. I refuse to see friends because I have not accepted the fact that I have let myself become so obese. It has been years, and I’m lucky they’re still seeking me out, but the thought of having to see them this way is brutal. Somewhere along the way my life split off on that day that I found my dad, and I’ve been in this dark place since.

I never imagined I would be prisoner to my food addictions. I live with my mother and I’m 38 years old. I keep saying, I’'ll start tomorrow, or I’'ll start Monday, or I keep waiting for that bolt of lightening from above to strike down on me and hit me solid into snapping out of my food spell.

I used to have such a passion for living. I still feel that inside, but I'’m too ashamed to be seen in public. I’'ve developed severe panic and anxiety attacks since too. I can’'t just go anywhere in public without the worry of finding a place to sit, or if I will fit. I can’'t go anywhere without the scrutinizing looks in general. I used to love going to the movies, but since I can'’t fit into regular seats or because of my knee problems I can’'t really walk much distance without feeling winded or injured.

When I think about what I weigh, and how much I have to lose –it just seems hopeless. I do have my small moments of inspiration, but they are fleeting. I fall off the wagon and that’s it. I forget about any progress made and go back into my constant mode of thinking about food, obsessing about my next meal.

The truth is, I can remember as far back as 12 years old when the mall in our small hometown had just opened. I remember making a Christmas list for my brother and I to go shopping for, but it wasn’'t without all of the food places we could catch in the mall first –Chick-Fil-A Corny Dog –you name it. It has been a lifelong addiction.

I didn’'t used to have this food addiction to this degree. At the time I had switched the addiction with something more lethal –alcohol. I was only about 170 pounds when I turned 30, but I could fit into a pair of 501’s, and I felt great about my body. I was an alcoholic on the weekends, but I was closer to my ideal weight. One vice for the other.

In 1994 I let my weight balloon up to 240, at the time that was my highest weight. I lived on my own so it was easy to stock my fridge with the foods I wanted. This was during all of the Susan Powter Low Fat craze going about then. I remember getting my first student loan check and going out and buying a mountain climber, a bench step, a weight bench and a scale. There was no question in my mind I was going to lose my weight. I cut out soda’s, drank only water, got home from class and made two skinless, boneless Shake N’ Bake chicken breasts while I did my 30 minutes of bench step with my “space suit” on. I felt great. I was losing weight quick.

Every time I took off my space suit after a cardio workout, I could just feel the fat melting away. The more I lost, the more focused I became. At that point in time I had never read a diet book, or taken a nutrition class before in my life. I just used common sense. I got my weight down in less than a year to about 160 pounds. I kept my weight loss for about 8 years or so until I moved away from Austin. I stayed between 160 and 170 during that time.

It seems like the more I have read, the more conflicted I've become as to a solid approach on weight loss. One book can be completely contradictory to the next and it’s confusing. The thing is I used to know how to lose weight when I wasn'’t a diabetic, when I could get on a bench step and do 30 minutes of aerobics after my night classes, but now I don’t know. The more I know, the less I know.

Right now I'’m looking more for inspiration. I have more lows than I do highs. I'’m still coming out of the gates so to speak. For the most part the past year I’'ve dropped a little weight by just cutting back, but God –do I still have my downfalls. I know for certain since I am a diabetic that I need a low-carb diet so I won'’t have the sugar spikes. I know I can’t be completely low-carb because my kidney’s can'’t stay in ketosis for long because of my diabetes. I don’'t know how to live without the insulin and I can’'t seem to get a straight answer to this one simple question –can I still lose weight on a low-carb diet and still take inject my insulin? I’'ve asked doctors, looked online, read book after book and I can’'t find that answer. It’s discouraging Jimmy. So discouraging.

This week I have been on-track. I wake up, have 2 eggs, two sausages for breakfast with about 32 ounces of water. I’m eating salads with ranch dressing for lunch. I also have a question on Ranch dressing –is it a low-carb food I can indulge in and feel okay about? For dinner I’'ve been pounding out a skinless, boneless chicken breast or two and roasting thick slices of cauliflower, or grilling egg plant or fresh mushrooms. I make ham rolls with cream cheese and will snack on pork rinds if I’'m hungry late at night. I feel better. I feel I’'m still eating too much, but I am finding I’'m eating these amounts to keep the hunger away. I make sugar free pudding and Jello. I have granola bars in case I want something more substantial, but those aren’'t too low-carb.

I don’'t know Jimmy. There’'s my story and a sample of my diet. I try to keep my mom on it too, but she cheats a lot at work. My mom and I enable our food addictions. When we’re not on the same page, it’'s hard to do this. She’'s also a diabetic and turned 60 this year. We were allowing ourselves this past year, every Saturday night in fact, a dinner of fried chicken from Church’'s chicken. –That was our “bad meal” for the week that we allowed ourselves. She’s lost about 25 pounds or so, but our weight loss is hardly but a drop in the bucket.

It would be a dream for both of us to get healthy together. And as soon as I can afford to get your book I’'m ordering it. I'’m looking for inspiration, something to get me through the fight and struggle I have everyday. As far as working out, I have a knee injury –possibly a tear in my ligament. I broke my ankle about 6 months after my dad died and it still bothers me. I have a double-stack universal weight bench in my room, with a pec-dec, squat-rack, and cable rows –it basically has everything. I just haven’'t used it. I haven’'t been able to sleep on a bed in over a year. I sleep on a recliner –mostly because of my knee, and because I feel like I’'m crushing my chest under the weight of my body when I sleep on my side. My mom is an RN and she tells me I have sleep apnea too.

I know. I’m a horrible mess. What would be a godsend from you would be your opinion on my meal plan, maybe some helpful tips on snacking, how you stayed on track and how in the world do you get over the number you have to lose? Did you ever allow yourself any meals off? Or anything you feel that will help me at this point of desperation. I do thank you Jimmy in advance for your time and taking the time to read this.

MY ONE-LINER: Be encouraged that if you follow the low-carb lifestyle plan of your choice exactly as prescribed by the author, then it will work for you--BELIEVE IT!!!

Here was her response a couple weeks later:

Dear Jimmy,

It's just a drop in the bucket, but both my mom and I are "Livin' La Vida Low Carb!" I am down 29 pounds this morning and my mom is down 19 pounds. We didn't start until after the Thanksgiving holiday, and we allowed ourselves Christmas Eve and Christmas day off, but we're doing it and actually seeing results!

I'm not experiencing the sweet cravings I used too. We're eating filling breakfasts, having our salads with ranch for lunch and at dinner I might make a steak or chicken breast with low carb veggies. If we're having a sugar free vanilla Coke float or something to that effect before bed we forego the veggies at dinner time.

I've also added a white kidney bean extract to help aid in blocking carbs too. I'm drinking more water than I can handle sometimes--I need a restroom close by, but I am feeling so much better. I'm still not able to work out. I've tried. I have a knee that feels like it pops out of place and I also have a wrist fracture from before the holidays that's still healing in a splint. As soon as I am able bodied--I am ready to start working my body out. I'm so anxious for it.

We are both down significantly in the amount of insulin our bodies needs to control out diabetes. You have no idea how many units I used to inject a day! Sometimes close to 300 units a day. Now it's between 20 to 40 units per day. It's so dramatic!

We're both excited Jimmy. As I mentioned, it is only a drop in the bucket of all the weight my mom and I both have to lose, but finally we are seeing results on something that we feel can live with long term. It is a lifestyle and not a diet. That is how we've approached it. I can't thank you enough for your complimentary book. I will be ordering your paperback book soon though. I printed out the e-book and it's in a huge 3 inch thick binder that's kind of big and bulky, but that is how I read your book the first time.

I have to admit. There have been some tough times, especially when we're visiting my family out of town, but I take that big binder with me for inspiration. I read your words for inspiration, look at your photos and I get back on track. I really have to print out your before and after photo's and keep those in my wallet. I just wanted for you to know I was thinking about you and what kind of blessing you have been in our lives. Thank you so much Jimmy!

MY ONE-LINER: WOW, now that's what I call the POWER of livin' la vida low-carb, baby!

Hi Jimmy and Christine! Nice to find and meet you. I am a 38-year old female weighing in at 238 pounds at 5'4" with a degenerative hip filled with arthritis. Exercise is out of the question unless it is swimming, doctors orders and I have no pool here in my area. I can do upper body weight training but am restricted other wise. I am starting to take my "low carb DIET mentality" to a "low carb lifestyle". I have been researching recipes and ideas and motivation on the web, and I can say I'm very excited to begin the rest of my life healthier and happier (not to mention thinner).

I have had success to varying degrees on low-carb diets, but I always fell back into bad habits and regained the weight. The reason befuddles me because I enjoy low-carb eating more than any other diet I've ever followed. I'd rather have a juicy steak, and mushrooms fried in butter with asparagus than the biggest plate of pasta. My biggest drawback was working in a bakery for the past twenty years. Any the irony is that I just got a job in a butcher shop, so what better time?

I would love to watch your videos on YouTube but I have dial-up connection and just using your web site with the pictures is a long and frustrating process, but very well worth it I have discovered. I was wondering if you have transcripts available anywhere on your site, or anything like that, where I wouldn't miss out on the information you are providing during your podcasts?

I can't tell you how motivating your posts are and I really enjoyed the pictures of your dining choice at the casual dining restaurants. How much more satisfying they looked compared to the usual sides of fries and hashbrowns. I was wondering what your opinion is for aspartame, and Crystal Light? I do have quite an addiction, I drink about 32 oz. of water but about 1/2 gallon of crystal light a day (wonder how I have time and room to even eat?).

I have been trying to search on your blog but it keeps timing out. I would greatly appreciate any info you are willing to provide. I know you are very busy but I will be patient and very appreciative of a reply. Thank you for sharing your story and help.

MY ONE-LINER: A full transcript is provided for all of my non-interview podcasts (I'm looking for someone to transcribe the interviews for the show) and I try to avoid drinking anything with aspartame--aka NASTY-tame--in it if at all possible.

Dearest Jimmy,

Hope your holidays were as special as you are. Since Dec. 17, 2007 (when I started) I'm down 3.6 more pounds, AND this is over the Christmas holidays ! (3 parties!) I have more energy than I've had in years, and the best part is I'm NEVER hungry (unlike low-fat diets when I was about half starved all the time). Thank you, thank you, thank you!

MY ONE-LINER: Way to go and keep on livin' la vida low-carb!

Good evening,

I just found your web site and I am slowly going through it. I have just started Atkins (today was my 7th day). I started for two reasons. The first was to get my blood sugar under control. The second to lose weight. I need to drop 65 to 70 pounds to, hopefully, get off some of the 9 meds I take every day. Do you have any tips or words of encouragement to someone who is not good at sticking to diet plans? Thank you for your time.

MY ONE-LINER: Yes, my advice is to stop dieting and start living like your health depended on it--and it very well may.


First of all, God bless you for what you do. I recently found your blog and the information and inspiration contained there undoubtedly helps many people along the road to better health. Salute!

I've been a "big guy" since my teens, but a few years ago I stepped on the scale one day (at my wife's urging) and looked down with shock and shame at 366. I knew I had gained weight (I had weighed in at about 260 when I was married in 1992, up from 230 when I graduated college in 1990), but people always told me that I "carried it well." After doing some research, I settled on the low-carb diet. In 8 months, I had lost 80 pounds, was exercising, and felt better than I had in many years.

Then I just stopped.

I don't know why. There were no tragic events, no emotional triggers, no real reasons for my change in behavior. Even a therapist told me that she didn't feel I was eating for emotional reasons. I just stopped eating healthy and exercising and started justifying and rationalizing. "I'm healthy as long as my doctor doesn't ask me to
lose weight" became my mantra.

And that worked, until two things happened.

First, my doctor put me on a low-dosage blood pressure medication, telling me that if I wasn't going to lose weight he felt he'd be derelict in his duty if he didn't do something to protect me. Even that only had a slight effect on my attitude towards my ever-increasing weight. The catalyst for change was actually something seemingly less serious than a grim diagnosis from my doctor.

My wife had LAP-BAND surgery two years ago. Since then, she has lost over 140 pounds, dropping from 300 pounds to just under 160. To put it quite bluntly, she looks HOT. She has never really nagged me about my weight, telling me instead that she loves me for who I am but that she wished I would lose weight so we will have more time together (quantity and quality) as a family. She fears losing me and our kids losing their father at a young age.

Anyway, this past December my wife and I attended a Christmas party with friends, and the hostess of the party took a picture of my wife and me in front of their Christmas tree as a memento of the party. When she showed me the picture on our digital camera, I was embarrassed and ashamed. I was so big, my belly covered half my wife in the picture. She was smiling big in the picture, I was forcing a grin. I was so ashamed I wouldn't even let my wife print the picture.

I decided that since low-carb was the only "diet" I had ever done successfully, I would try it again. But this time, I decided that instead of calling it a "diet", I would work towards making this a "way of eating". I stepped on the scales the Sunday before Christmas (the day after the party) and saw that I weighed in at a whopping 391 pounds, the heaviest I had ever been. Standing there on the scales in my bathroom I actually said out loud, "enough is enough!" I started eating low-carb that day with a breakfast of a 4-egg ham and cheese omelet and large glass of ice water.

I bought another copy of Dr. Atkins' book and low-carb cookbook. I loaded up my iPod and started walking again (I'm up to 40 mins a day now, working my way up to one hour a day). I even bought a new gas grill for preparing the steaks, chicken, pork chops, fish, and grilled veggies I was eating. Since the Sunday before Christmas (about 4 weeks), I'm down 39 pounds and still dropping. I feel better than I have in years. My clothes are starting to get baggy. I'm on the last notch on my belt. And I'm pricing treadmills and weight station machines. Needless to say, I'm proud of myself and my family and friends are proud of me too. Thought I have a long way to go (my goal is 210 lbs), I feel I'm on my way to being another low-carb success story.

Thanks for listening, it's nice to know that there are folks out there that understand where the current and former "big folks" are coming from.

MY ONE-LINER: Amazing story and all I can add to it is to KEEP IT GOING and NEVER GIVE UP even when the weight loss phase is over--when you get there, you're work has only just begun!

People who are over 300 pounds never learned to eat like "normal" people and a diet of 800 calories or less is not eating like normal people any more than eating 8000. And that, my friend is the worst lie of all about the Kimkins plan (setting aside for a moment that the woman is a pure sociopath liar and should be locked up). No abnormal substitution for an abnormal history of eating will work. Only slow steady healthy weight loss.

Something that I wonder about--that there is such a strong and active denial mechanism that kicks in when one needs to buy two airline tickets for one person, or when there are no clothes in stores that will fit, or when doing simple things that we all take for granted like carnival rides and turnstiles at the market and what about tying shoes or personal hygiene? Every day the morbidly obese are confronted with their weight and denial makes it possible to go on. Maybe a new version of denial kicks in when the unfortunate one encounters a site like and the lie that this is going to work and be good for you in the bargain.

MY ONE-LINER: Things that make you go, hmmmmmmmmmm.

Hi Jimmy,

I really like what you have done for the low-carb community. I am a faithful reader and now you have started a new menu blog. It's great!! I have been on a plateau for several months and I now realize I eat way too little food!! Thank you for letting me know what amount of food it takes to get back on track. What I really need is a way to Internet journal. Some journalizing sites don't favor low-carb as much and emphasize low-fat and high-carb foods. Ugh! Do you know of a good journalizing site? Thank you for all you and Christine do for us out here on the internet. Happy eating "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb!"

MY ONE-LINER: The best way to journal is to either start your own blog (I use Blogger, but Typepad is good, too!) or join a low-carb forum like mine and journal your low-carb experience there. :D


Hello, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your YouTube videos. I lost 80 pounds 4 years ago doing the low-carb life. Then I got pregnant with my second child and still had 35 pounds to lose. Anyway, as of 2008 I am back on Induction again. I thought I knew everything about low-carb and then I found you. Thanks for all the wonderful info and keep up the great work!

MY ONE-LINER: You betcha and keep up the fabulous work on your low-carb lifestyle!

I started living the low-carb lifestyle beginning in late 2003. I have always been heavy from a toddler until the present time. I was generally taller than most kids my age, so I was able to hide my weight a little. I have always been self conscious about being heavy. I think the straw that broke the camel's back was a trip to Sea World in Florida, and I was too big to sit in the chair for a rollercoaster ride. They had a chair set up outside the ride for you to get in, and I couldn’t--how embarrassing! I did not realize how big I had gotten.

I don’t know my exact starting weight; I am guessing 410 pounds, because I could not find a scale big enough to weigh my morbidly obese body. I had been living the low-carb lifestyle for 2 to 3 months before I finally got weighed and at that time I was weighing 396 pounds. Since I have been living low-carb, I have found out that I had a serious problem with food. I would eat to solve boredom, pain, depression, anger, and I would eat for every reason except for hunger. There was no such thing as portion control.

For a family of 3 we would have to order 2 large pizzas and breadsticks, going to the buffet required 3 trips to the buffet table, whether I was full or not. Leftovers what were leftovers, I would eat till there was none left. After studying the low-carb lifestyle, I got even more inspiration to live this way. Diabetes runs in my family--granddad had it, dad has it, and my older brother has it. I knew at my weight I would be next. Thanks the Lord I don’t have it, and if I continue this healthy way of eating then hopefully I will not get it.

The biggest enjoyment I get out of losing this extra person that I used to carry on my back is being able to help others learn this healthy lifestyle. I love being a motivator and inspiration to others. I now weigh 179 pounds; still want to lose 4 more pounds. This is such a wonderful way to live and feel that it is hard to explain and put into words. I have never been skinny, even when I look in the mirror I still see a heavy person looking back at me, even though others don’t see that person anymore.

I have learned that being addicted to food is a disease, and by living the low-carb lifestyle, I am able to have a better handle on this disease. There are times that it is hard, and I still want to eat that large pizza by myself, but all I do is remember where I was and where I am now, and I like the present much better than I like the past.

I know that this is a lifestyle that I can live with for the rest of my life. There are so many false ideas about the low-carb way, that people think it is all meat and cheese. They are just so misguided. I now eat more veggies than I ever did when I was obese. I have lost about 230 pounds in about 4 years which that is just a little over 1 pound a week, which in my beliefs that is a very healthy weight loss plan and lifestyle.

MY ONE-LINER: Oh my gosh, CONGRATULATIONS on such a lifechanging weight loss experience and I encourage you to keep doing it for the rest of your long and healthy life!

Hi Jimmy,

I just checked out your new menu blog and I just about laughed my behind off at how much cheesecake and chocolate bars you eat! That is so awesome! And twice in one day many times!!!

My husband and I own two bagel shops and I'm in partnership with my niece in a gourmet chocolate business. Talk about temptation! I'm constantly creating new recipes and ideas for the chocolate business and now I try and create low-carb stuff. They have helped me lose 20 pounds since June and now I'm only five pounds away from my goal weight. Thanks for all you do for the low-carb community, I really appreciate it!

MY ONE-LINER: Who says you can't enjoy decadent food on the low-carb lifestyle, hmmm? :P


I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm hoping for some feedback and I value your opinions. I re-started low-carb on Jan 14th. I've done the low-carb diet in the past (last year) and always have lost weight, a lot, right away. This time I'm only down 2 pounds in 10 days. That's CRAZY. :(

I've been strict in counting my carbs, and writing down what I eat. Here is a typical day:

2 egg omlet w/1 slice swiss cheese and 1 slice of turkey or ham, few cups of coffee w/heavy cream

Assorted salad greens, cheese, ham or turkey slices, cucumber, tomato and a few olives, olive oil and vinegar dressing, lemon water or Diet Pepsi

Atkins bar/coffee w/cream or pistachio nuts

Chicken, fish or beef w/ salad, same as above, mashed cauliflower or a mixture
of zucchini, mushrooms, peppers, onions cooked in olive oil and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese, sugar free Jello mixed w/2 TBS cream cheese, lemon water or glass of white wine

I drink anywhere from 32-64 oz of water a day and have walked 2 miles 6 out of the last 10 days. I'm just not sure what is going on. I was testing my urine for ketones and I did have a high amount on the 6th day, but it has dropped to a low now. I was so psyched to start this, for the rest of my life after reading all of your blogs. I know I can do it and trust me, I'm not stopping just because I'm not losing weight, but the weight loss would be a great bonus. I have about 120 pounds to lose.

If you have a moment and any advice I sure could use it!! Thanks bunches for all the inspiration.

MY ONE-LINER: Try eating a little more fat and a little more often while putting the scale away for the next month to see what happens (I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!).

Dear Jimmy,

I came across your blog when I went to the dLife web site for some controlled carb recipes and you got me hooked! I have seen all 23 of your YouTube videos and have gone to "The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show" and your blog, of course. Thank you for all the excellent work. You mentioned in your broadcasting of an interview with Jonny Bowden that you would be "updating" Livin' La Vida Low Carb and also writing two other books that would hopefully be out later this year. Will these books be available a retail stores as well as over the Internet?

MY ONE-LINER: I am actively shopping for a major publisher for my book, but regardless my first book and any future ones will be available from and can be ordered by your local bookstore.

I am a 56 year old woman with cerebral palsy--I alternate between a walker and wheelchair. Could you recommend any exercise resources that I could use? Thanks for all you do.

MY ONE-LINER: Move whatever part of your body you can until your heart rate goes up and you start to sweat a little--add some weight to increase the resistance and build muscle while burning fat.


Love reading your website. After a few false starts, I am going to start low-carb tomorrow. I do have a question for you. After you lost your weight, did your shoe size go down? I have heard of it happening to people that have lost a lot of weight. I currently weigh 350 pounds at 6'8" and wear a 16 shoe. These are starting to feel tight and I am hoping to get back to a comfortable 16 or even a 15, as this is more readily available. Keep up the good work!!

MY ONE-LINER: As funny as it sounds, believe it or not I DID lose weight in my feet which is why I started getting blisters on the bottom of my feet when I was exercising because my foot was too loose in my tennis shoes!

Hi Jimmy, I have been dieting since third grade and since I am going on 57 years old that is a long time. I just wanted to say that I tried low-carb with Dr. Stillman ages ago and Dr. Atkins when his first book came out and lost weight but always gained it back because of no support with my family, friends or the media about this way of eating. Even when I was in my 30's and went to a weight loss specialist and she even told me to eat protein and fats because certain people like me just didn't have the metabolism or body make up that could tolerate carbs, I never really listened.

Then I came across you and your wonderful book and web site. You are so real and human rather than scientific that I can really believe you and relate to you. After reading your book I was so inspired that I lost 6 pounds the first week. Well, then the Christmas bills came in, I lost my job and we were really struggling financially and I had not really gotten rid of all my high-carb foods since my husband can tolerate eating carbs and I had been giving him rice and potatoes and biscuits and bread. I was frightened about lack of money and had no money to shop so I started eating the carbs.

Well, I have gained back those 6 pounds and more in just a couple weeks. So even if I have to live on eggs and whatever meat I can pick up in the reduced meat section of the store along with the low carb veggies, I am back and this time for life. I just have to. They always say it gets even harder the older you get and now I know what they mean. Thanks for all you do for people like me. I look forward to reading your blog site every day. I am not very good at computers so I hope you get this letter. God bless you and your lovely wife--I feel like I really know you both. Keep smiling. Your friend and devoted reader forever!

MY ONE-LINER: I admire your tenacity and dedication in the midst of financial hardship--you are an inspiration to us all to double up our efforts on the healthy low-carb lifestyle.

I have a quick question: I have been a binge eater, consuming massive amounts of carbohydrate calories most of my life. Five years ago I joined Overeaters Anonymous and Weight Watchers, lost 20 pounds, and have maintained that weight ever since. I weigh 128 and have counted calories (and been hungry) for the last 5 years. I eat the typical "healthy" almost-no-fat high-fiber low-calorie diet, although I haven't eaten many refined carbs in the past 5 years.

My question is this: I just read GOOD CALORIES, BAD CALORIES by Gary Taubes and I am becoming a low-carb believer, but if I don't count calories or something, how will I know when I've had enough? Just saying "eat until you're full" hasn't worked for me. Occasionally I know I'm full and do not want any more food, but that feeling is rare. Do you have advice for me?

MY ONE-LINER: Remember this--you can't eat too much fat because your body will reject it before you do; but if you keep your carbs to a minimum, then your body will naturally regulate your caloric intake through satiety from the fat and protein you consume.

Hi, I don't know how I ended up on the blog site of Jimmy Moore but I AM SO HAPPY I DID! There is so much to read about I don't know where to begin. Thanks for caring enough to do this for all of us out here.

MY ONE-LINER: It is my honor and privilege to share with you just a small part of the miraculous change that has happened in my life because of low-carb living.

Hey Jimmy! I've been reading your blog and listening to your podcast. Thank you! I feel very encouraged. I followed the Atkins program faithfully and was thrilled with my results until I got pregnant and had a baby. She is now old enough to tell me I'm fat and give me the reasons why. :)

I started back one week ago (yeah!) and the first two or three days I was also going low-fat (until I heard your Kimmer podcast). Now, I am living it the good way (high-fat) and it is delicious. I have Ketostix, a scale with body fat monitor and I am tracking things on a spreadsheet. I lost 4 pounds the first week. I started checking with Ketostix after every meal, exercise, whatever to make sure I was doing the right things.

My question to you is, if I am in ketosis do I need to worry about anything else? Is that the telltale sign that I'm doing this the right way? Are there are other things I should be looking for or doing?

MY ONE-LINER: If you are low-carbing the right way, other things to look for include your hunger will dissipate, your HDL will rise above 50, your triglycerides will drop below 100, and you should lose body fat even when the scale doesn't move an inch.

I have been living low-carb for almost 10 years. I so appreciate your blog, I can't even tell you. I keep trying to get the message out to everyone I know. My youngest son who recently started weight training, as you have, was getting crappy nutritional advice from a trainer who told him that he needed carbs for energy and to eat low-fat. But I think I have finally gotten him to understand the science behind the low-carb way of eating and how beneficial it will be for his workouts.

He now eats plenty of beef, wild Alaskan salmon, eggs, cheese, olive oil, avocados--in other words, all the right stuff. I've been trying to educate my co-workers, but that's a whole other Oprah! I have one co-worker who has tried every diet under the sun but will not try low-carb (I am assuming because of all the bad press it has gotten over the years). But I keep trying to let her know how much better she will feel (she's always complaining about being soooo tired) and that she will actually be able to lose weight without being hungry and cranky. We shall see!!!

Thanks again for your blog. I have learned more than I ever thought I would and it has led me to many wonderful web sites along the way.

MY ONE-LINER: Keep sharing and BEING THE EXAMPLE for all the world to see about livin' la vida low-carb!

Dear Jimmy:

Thanks ever so much for your great blog! I love it! I haven't totally committed to a low-carb lifestyle yet, but I HAVE cut down quite a bit. I do feel much better, and I have lost a few pounds.

I found your blog a while back while Googling for "weight loss and loose skin"--one of my fears. You posted a few different articles on loose skin after weight loss. If I recall, someone had written in to you to say that loose skin was really still fat and that dieting could eventually take care of it. You pondered this for a bit, but I think you decided it just wasn't so. And, of course, plastic surgeons tell us we HAVE to get surgery to remove this "excess skin."

Almost everyone in the Internet community seems to agree: it's not fat, it's excess skin, and if you have too much of it and can't stand it you HAVE to get surgery or you're stuck with it for life. But...hope springs eternal. I found this web site in my searches. It seems like this man really DOES just have the loose skin and no fat beneath it. He claims that the skin will eventually disappear. And it looks like on him it very well just might do so! I see no fat at all!

I was wondering what you thought of this. I respect your opinion because I have read your blog and know just how much of yourself you have committed to the low-carb and thin lifestyle. I know how far you have come and how much work you have put into this. But...if it's possible, wouldn't it be great?

Surgery is so expensive, and even if I could get it, I'm terrified of it! It sure would be nice if we COULD get rid of that excess skin without surgery. Or am I just fooling myself here? I'd really appreciate your opinion. I have nothing whatever to do with that web site, and I don't know the man at all. I'm just asking for peace of mind because I trust your opinion. Thank you so much for your time and for your awesome blog! Crossing my fingers!

MY ONE-LINER: I don't think when you have lost nearly 200 pounds and endured a lifetime of losing and gaining weight like I have that the "loose skin" will ever tighten up for me--but I'm weight training now to see what I can do to improve it as best as I can so we'll see what happens!

Hey there! I have been following the No Flour, No Sugar plan by Dr. Gott and I have been faithful. BUT, I haven't lost anything. I am thinking my PORTIONS are probably the cause. BUT, could it be too that I am not eating enough veggies?? What do you think??

I am beginning my 3rd week...We weigh in tonight, but my scales here are pretty accurate to what they will be there. Last week, I gained a 1/2 pounds. Granted I did exercise a good bit but this week I've been to exercise 3 times.

I want to stick with it. I have tried Atkins way before, but I cannot do it. This No Flour No Sugar has seemed to work pretty good. This one does allow for potatoes, rice and maybe I should keep them in moderation--to a minimum. You know what it's like to have someone tell you YOU HAVE TO DO something because it totally turns me off. So I haven't really mentioned it to anyone because I don't want to hear what they have to say. But I figured I would ask you anyways--maybe reading it through e-mail wouldn't be so bad. LOL!

PORTIONS though may be the culprit but still I am scratching my head. I would have thought cutting flour and sugar I would have at least lost something!!!!!!! These past 2 weeks have been a TOTAL improvement over my eating habits! Again, I've got to add more veggies. Your input is WELCOMED--just this once! Haha!

MY ONE-LINER: If you wanna be serious about your weight loss and health efforts, then you have to cut out the starchy carbs like potatoes and rice and only eat veggies that are non-starchy as well as green, leafy (broccoli, cauliflower, spinach leaves, green beans, squash, kale, and so much more!).

Hey Jimmy,

I am not sure why I feel the need to bother you with this, but I do. We haven't really had a chance to get to know each other, but I feel like you're a friend.

I fell off the wagon, already. I just hate myself. I was doing pretty good, but then people having carb foods around me just was too much. I'm not saying it's their fault, just that I couldn't take it. And once I slipped, my mind said, "you may as well slip big time." What a stupid thing to think, I know.

I thought I was doing pretty good. I was eating some eggs for breakfast, usually some sort of meat and salad for lunch, and then meat and some form of veggie for dinner. I was trying to get my water in, but I couldn't take fiber, as it wasn't having the proper effect, and actually made "things" worse. In the evenings, I might have some cheese or something like that for a snack. I was getting lots of fat, in the way of butter mostly. My calories were usually running anywhere from 1300 to around 1800, I think.

But even though I lost 4 pounds the first week, it didn't do anything the second, and I actually gained a couple pounds. I didn't consciously think it, but maybe part of me thought it wasn't working, and decided to quit. I do believe in the low-carb lifestyle.

Oh, that made me think of a question. I was looking at your menus, and wondered if those are considered Atkins Induction friendly? I didn't know if you were still trying to lose, or if you're maintaining now, which, I think, would let you eat different foods. If it's different, I'd be interested in knowing what you ate at the beginning of your weight loss journey. :-)

Ok, well, I'll let you go. I just had to get that stuff off my chest. Now to get my butt back in gear. Bad girl! Bad bad girl!!!! Please tell Christine hi!

MY ONE-LINER: You've not been bad, just get right back on it and NEVER GET OFF AGAIN--the menus I post at "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Menus" blog are how I eat now in maintenance (I've shared what I ate during my weight loss often here at my blog as well as in my Livin' La Vida Low-Carb book).

The one-liners are done! That was a lot of fun, although much more challenging than the more thorough answers I wrote back to each of them. I get a lot of e-mails, but I LOVE hearing from anyone and everyone who has a story or question to ask me. You can share YOUR e-mail with me anytime at

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Blogger txchick said...

What was your purpose/point here? Are you trying to act like SJM (SJ Miller) from your forum? If so, you need to be a whole lot shorter and nastier.

Not trying to be contrite, I just do not understand what the point of this is.

1/30/2008 12:28 PM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

THANKS TXChick! Regular readers of my blog will tell you that I often share many of the e-mails I receive so everyone can see what others are asking and sharing with me. Sometimes the responses I write back can be quite lengthy, so I decided to do something a little different to make it more interesting. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it, but I do appreciate your feedback as always. :D

1/30/2008 12:39 PM  
Blogger Celeste said...

I loved this. I know you are unfailingly polite and the stories showed what you mean to us.
Jimmy, I hope you continue to do this once in a while in your busy life.

1/30/2008 3:18 PM  
Blogger Tiffany Ludwig said...

Jimmy, I think it's awesome that you posted this on your blog. It's so inspirational to read what others have to say, and some of the questions that you answered were questions I had, too. This is why I continue to check your blog almost daily. Thanks for all you do.

1/31/2008 5:45 PM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

THANKS Celeste and Tiffany! This is one of my favorite things to post at my blog because it's REAL feedback from people who are reading. THANK YOU for your support! :)

1/31/2008 6:22 PM  

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