Monday, May 12, 2008

LLVLC On YouTube (Episode 36): Meeting Durham Low-Carbers And Duke Researcher Eric Westman

We visited Duke University on our recent Durham, NC trip

Last week Christine and I were in North Carolina for several days in Durham area to meet some truly fabulous low-carb supporters, speak with people who are interested in the healthy low-carb lifestyle, and observe in action an amazing low-carb researcher-turned-clinician who is changing the weight and health of people using a controlled-carbohydrate nutritional approach to help his patients do just that. In case you missed it, click here for a recap of our amazing visit including stories and pictures from our three days in Durham.

In Episode 36 of "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb On YouTube," we show you even more pictures and video footage we took of our meeting at Rio Churrascario in Cary, NC where we met up with about 18 enthusiastic low-carbers who are part of the Triangle Low Carb Cooking Meetup group, my talk to Dr. Eric Westman's patients from the Duke Lifestyle Medicine Clinic, and then took a tour through what a real low-carb doctor's office actually looks like. It was a great adventure that I'm excited to share with you today in our latest video.

Listen to me and Christine recollect on our Durham visit in today's video:

We'd love to come visit your area as well, so let us know if you'd be interested in having us speak to your group. Feel free to contact me at if you'd like to set it up. This was an incredible experience and we will DEFINITELY be coming back to Durham again in the future. :)

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Anonymous Steve L. said...

132! You GO Girl!!

5/13/2008 1:55 PM  
Blogger Tara said...

What a great doctor!
It's so nice (and unusual) when doctors are so friendly and treat patients like people instead of numbers!
Also, yay for Christine's great news!

5/13/2008 2:35 PM  
Anonymous Cheerwino said...

Great report! Congrats! Meat, cheese, chocolate, butter, low-carb isn't so hard. Just reading "Good Calories, Bad Calories" was enough to convince me not to eat bread and sugar.

Jimmy, is there a local low-carb friendly doctor in Upstate SC you know and recommend? I live down the road from you in Simpsonville, SC and would like to find a physician knowledgeable about low carb, if possible.



5/16/2008 12:41 PM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

Hey Guy,

Unfortunately, there isn't one that I'm aware of in the Upstate of SC. We drove up I-85 three hours to see Dr. Eric Westman in Durham because he is the best.

5/16/2008 1:07 PM  

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