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More Incredible Feel Good Success Stories About Healthy Low-Carb Living

Wanna be a low-carb success? Read about other successes!

Success always begets success begets success.

Just in case you haven't noticed it before, I like to encourage people. It's always been in my nature to pass on positive thoughts to those who need an uplifting word to get them through a difficult time. I'm a "can-do" kinda guy and want others to be able to experience all the best that life has to offer them. For all intents and purposes in my mind, it's the way things are meant to be.

That's why I LOVE hearing from people who have been able to accomplish incredible things with their health while livin' la vida low-carb. And that's not by accident either. This way of eating, whether the media and those so-called "experts" ever want to admit it or not, is an incredibly amazing and simple way to bring about massive improvements in not just your weight but your health, too.

I've blogged about so many ways your health is supercharged with low-carb living, but let's just take a look at a few right now, shall we?

When you start eating low-carb:

- Weight loss commences without counting calories
- Triglycerides drop below 100 very easily and quickly
- Blood sugars stabilize
- HDL "good" cholesterol rises above 50
- Sensitivity to insulin is improved
- Blood pressure decreases
- Insulin levels in the body are reduced
- Muscle mass is preserved
- Epilepsy is virtually cured
- Cancer is not allowed to spread and grow
- Concentration and clarity of thought emerges
- Energy like you haven't seen before
- More sound sleep
- A positive mood and attitude
- Beaming confidence about yourself
- Incredible fat loss

I could go on and on and on, but I've blogged about these and so many other ways your health gets better and better as a result of livin' la vida low-carb. Today, I wanted to share some more incredible feel good success stories about healthy low-carb living from some of your fellow readers who were inspired to tells their great news to me.

After sharing about my wife Christine's 55% drop in her triglycerides in just six weeks and my own incredible lipid profile numbers, the floodgates opened up and you couldn't help but express how much the low-carb lifestyle has and is STILL changing your life for the better. Be encouraged as you read these remarkable changes that have happened without the use of any prescription medications or other medicinal interventions.

Just diet, baby--a low-carb one, that is! ENJOY! :D

Hey Jimmy,

I left the American Heart Association diet to eat only meat, fish, eggs, butter and vegetables. No grains, sugar, fruit or starchy veggies of any kind. My blood pressure went down from 141/90 average to 116/65 average also was able to stop all my BP meds. Total cholesterol went from 241 down to 180 and HDL went from 43 to 62. Was able to stop taking Lipitor. Sorry but Atkins was more or less right. I no longer buy the no-fat nonsense.

YOU GO BOY! Your health improvements are indeed SPECTACULAR!!!


Thank you so much for your support in my new way of eating. I read and listen to you almost every day. I read your blog about your blood sugar woes with great interest. I have been Livin' La Vida Low Carb for about 6 months only for blood sugar issues. I have had high fasting blood sugar for over 20 years. It has never progressed to anything beyond that and all other tests are normal.

I lost 30 pounds 2 years ago through sheer willpower and my fasting blood sugar did not improve. I have low trigylcerides and high HDL, and my BMI is 21. My only issue is the fasting number. My post meal numbers seem normal. I am so lost and I can't seem to get these numbers down. I am lucky my new physician has agreed that 30 carbs is a good daily max. Is there anyone out there can help me understand why nothing is helping these morning numbers!! Maybe I need to eat more fat and less protein.

I did read about a form of diabetes called mature onset diabetes of the young (MODY) where the only problem is fasting blood glucose and it never progresses to anything beyond that if carbs are controlled. I didn't start controlling my carbs at all until about a year ago and then really got serious about 6 months ago.

Can you point me to any good information about this?

It certainly sounds like you're on the right path, so don't give up hope. If you missed my podcast interview with Dr. Keith Berkowitz from last week, then you really should check it out because he may have some information that could help you. I'll be following up with him in another podcast soon, so let me know if you have any specific questions you'd like for me to ask Dr. Berkowitz. You're doing GREAT!

Hi Jimmy,

I found your podcasts today as I embark again on my low-carb "adventure." I have spent most of the evening listening, watching your YouTube videos and reading your blog and it's been a great inspiration.

I too was an Atkins follower back in 2003 and shed about 30 pounds to hit my goal weight and it was great. But things change and I left the low-carb way and I have paid for it. Still here we go again and I'm truly excited and will continue to listen and watch and read you as my body flips back (hopefully!) into the low-carb lifestyle!

Thanks very much and I hope your battle with the 30 pounds is not dragging you down too much. I am sure you will crack it!

THANK YOU so much and welcome back to livin' la vida low-carb. I urge you to make this your permanent lifestyle change and never let life get in the way again. Low-carb eating is HEALTHY eating, so there's no sense in ever eating any other way again, right? As for my recent weight woes, I'm not discouraged. Even if for some reason these 30 pounds refuse to budge, I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that I'm healthier than I'd EVER be eating any other way. The good news is I feel better now at the age of 36 than I have in my entire life. How many people can say that? :)

Hi Jimmy:

It's your fellow low-carb buddy here. I have been following your info about Christine's triglycerides on the blog and I just had to share some related news of my own that I got last week!

I got my first ever cholesterol test done since I've been low-carbing now for about 8 months, and let me tell you it was SOOOO VALIDATING!!!

Here are my numbers:

Total Cholesterol: 197
HDL: 64
LDL: 120
Triglycerides: 61

What I find absolutely fascinating about these numbers is when you compare them to my last test in 2004 when I was in the middle of doing Weight Watchers to lose the last of my pregnancy weight. I have the food journals I kept during that 30-pound weight loss and it was soooo carb heavy (it's amazing I even lost weight). I was also exercising 1 hour a day during that time. So here's what the numbers were:

Total Cholesterol: 210
HDL: 72
LDL: 100
Triglycerides: 188!!!!

When I compared the two triglyceride numbers (61 now on low-carb, 188 then on high-carb, low-fat) I just about fainted. Totally amazing. So I wanted to add my story as more proof that consuming massive quantities of fat-laden foods does not kill you, it makes you healthier--AS LONG AS YOU KEEP YOUR CARBS LOW!!!

Oh, I had such a great time this weekend showing this to all my friends who are FREAKING out because I eat whole milk, butter and steak. It was great. I hope Christine continues to see her levels stay healthy.

The only question I have is: Can you have triglyceride levels that are too low? Any danger in that one? I hope not, cause I'm sure proud right now. Keep up the good work!!!

WOWSERS! I love the enthusiastic response you have for livin' la vida low-carb and can only tell you to keep doing what you're doing. The difference between your low-fat triglyceride numbers and your low-carb ones is astonishing. Not surprising, though, since you eat so many carbohydrates on a low-fat diet. We should pay more attention to triglycerides when we talk about heart health, but doctors usually only give it a cursory glance compared to the LDL and total cholesterol which is their be-all, end-all for determining your cardiovascular risk. Puhleez! Give me low-carb any day of the week. And I wouldn't worry about "too low" triglycerides. Mine were once as low as 43, but when they're below 100 it shows you are indeed doing low-carb the right way. YOU GO GIRL with your bad self!!! :D

Changing the world one dietician at a time!

In all seriousness though, think about what keeps people from doing low-carb in the U.S., which we know works for the vast majority of people, for weight loss and so many other levels. I've thought about this in my own efforts to help those in my own small circle that have asked for advice in achieving some of the success that I've enjoyed with low-carb. Even with the proof of a real human being standing in from of them, it's can be difficult for people to convince themselves that it's worth a try. It's not lack of knowledge, because the research has been done. It's not poverty or lack of access to the right foods. It's what I would call the "social" factors.

I stole this term from the computer world where they refer to computer hackers (sorry to have to use the "h" word) doing "social" hacking, as opposed to "technical" hacking. That is, taking the route of sweet talking or deceiving people into giving up their passwords, as opposed to using some program to guess the password, which is a lot more difficult. The white hat guys that focus their efforts on preventing the "social" hacking, by convincing users to create tough passwords and guard their information, are doing a lot more good, just in terms of sheer scale of hacking prevented, than the guys focused on the technical approach like installing better firewalls.

I make the analogy to what you are doing with helping people get past the barriers to starting low-carb. They're not technical barriers. Rather, it almost takes a rebel these days to do low-carb in the face of official opposition, in spite of the well-documented benefits and logical physiological underpinnings. Most doctors don't advocate it or they even discourage it. The USDA, ADA (OK, a glimmer of hope there), AHA, Ornish, Oz, and other high profile entities actively discourage it. If people can get past these "barriers to entry," then they will, in all likelihood, be successful.

Jimmy, you are helping to break down these barriers and in effect giving people permission to do low-carb without thinking that they will drop of a heart attack after 6 months from the fat intake. In so doing, you're doing more good to address the biggest health issue in the U.S. (and much of the world) today--the obesity and diabetes epidemics--than probably hundreds of doctors do in their lifetimes.

It's not that the technical medical advocates aren't important, but I don't think they have the potential for the scale of impact. You're doing it with ideas, and by making the ideas accessible to millions through the Internet. Let's review that again, because I really mean it, and I get the feeling you may be too humble to have digested it the first time--doing more to help more people than hundreds of doctors do in their lifetimes!

We can only imagine how many more husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, children, and grandchildren would have many more quality years with their loved ones if the professionals and professional organizations were to actually SUPPORT the low-carb approach. And I know you're working on them too! I think that day will come in our lifetimes.

OK, that turned into a long speech. But I've been thinking about these matters a lot since I got past the anger I felt initially after educating myself with information from books like Good Calories, Bad Calories. BTW, I'll be listening to more of your podcasts right after I'm finished writing this.

So, keep up the good work. Hopefully I'll get to go on one of your cruises eventually, but unfortunately I won't be able to make it this year. Phenomenal line-up you've got though, and very reasonably priced as well. Enjoy it.

What can I say to something like that? THANK YOU! I never realized when I decided to start blogging about my experiences on the low-carb lifestyle that my writings and other projects would reach so many people. All I wanted to do was have an outlet for sharing my experiences with this way of eating to show others there is an alternative to the failed low-fat diets that have been shoved down our throats for decades. It is humbling for me to think about the over three million people who have graced my blog over the past three years. I hope to keep this going for as long as the fire is inside of me to write passionately about the transforming power of low-carb living. Right now, that looks like it's gonna be FOREVER! :D THANKS for your support!


I love your web site and appreciate very much what you are doing. I am just dropping a line to let you know I am a devout follower of yours and am better physically and mentally for it. Please never quit what you're doing for us low-carbers out here. Your impact is tremendous.

I have posted my story along the way on the Active Low-Carber forum. I was chronically obese, adult onset, for over 10 years. I tried dieting with Weight Watchers and on my own versions of a low-fat plan. But it never worked. I had to do something because I was definitely starting to see physical problems compiling.

My family physician--mum on diet plans--suggested I see a psychologist about my weight problem and he has been great. The first visit he had me get a copy of Protein Power. Since that January 2007 visit to him I have lost 125 pounds and counting (330/205/185). My life has improved so much.

I soak in all of your postings, all of the Drs. Eades postings, everything Gary Taubes writes, and whatever else I can find. I feel like I really understand my body now and can keep my weight stabilized without much effort. I have people all the time asking me how I've done it. I say low-carb. Most tell me they could never do it. I say I could no longer eat the way they are now because it was killing me. Anyway, thank you so much again.

Now that's interesting. Your doctor was clueless about what other diet options were out there to put you on, but he recommended a psychologist who said you should try livin' la vida low-carb. HA! That's hilarious. So a mental health doctor is better equipped to help you with your physical health than your own general practitioner?! Unbelievable! Maybe that's why people are losing faith in the medical profession and turning to alternative health sources like psychologists, chiropractors, and even online bloggers like me to give them truth that can help them truly change their lives. Your story is remarkable and probably more indicative of what is actually happening right now in our society. Physicians have let us down, so now we must take back control of our own health.

Hi Jimmy,

Thank you for the wonderful insights and speakers you provide on your blog. I just got through listening to the Berkley talk given by Gary Taubes. Actually, I found you because of him. My sister, who is a writer, is friends with him and told me about his work.

I have really enjoyed your blog and have been living low-carb for a little over a month now. Wow! What a difference! I am so happy that there is somewhere to go that provides insight, cooking tips, and general positive messages.

My husband and I are both eating this way and it has truly opened up an exciting new world. I can't shut up about it and am even chronicling my journey in a book that I am writing. I would love to send it to you when I am finished. This change has been a long time coming, but with all the information out there and my deep desire to make life better, it is a snap judgment. There is no return and that's a good thing.

I love that I have taken away my mode of coping with discomfort (food, sugar, sugar, and lots of carbs) and left myself no other option but to find real solutions. My husband and I both enjoy all the information and tips. (I tell him everything I learn.)

Thanks again and congratulations on Christine's triglycerides.

AWESOME! I look forward to reading that book when the story is completed. :)

Hi Jimmy,

The blogging world sure does take a while to get used to. I have a large number of blogging friends on MySpace and we all blog about weight loss and try and support each other. I am the only one that is living low-carb and I have a few blogging friends who don't like it when I post about low-carb.

One of them posted a blog today called "The Risks of Low Carb." It shocked me since I support all of their different lifestyles and have never posted anything bad about their diets. I was even more shocked when I read what it said. Anyway, to make a long story short I just told her that my lab work shows I am living a healthy lifestyle.

I believe it's healthier to eat a diet that allows me not to have to take my medications rather than eating carbs and have to be on medications all the time to stop the side effects carbs have on my body. It just made me feel so sad for her. She has diabetes and PCOS and I know this lifestyle is what she needs so badly.

What a witness you are for this way of eating and I admire you for standing up for the convictions of your heart about this. I've never understood the abject animosity people have for those of us who are livin' la vida low-carb. Here we are with a diet full of healthy and (GASP!) delicious whole foods like eggs, meats, butter, cream, cheese, nuts, etc. and all they can do is poo-poo it? If somebody wants to eat a low-fat diet, then knock yourself out. You won't find me criticizing you for doing so and I expect the same consideration about the way I eat, too. Remain firm in what you know is right for you and never let anyone convince you otherwise. WAY TO GO!!!

Dear Mr. Moore,

I was on the net today looking for info on Gary Taubes and his new book. I read about him in a magazine and am in absolutely in agreement with his science. The reason why I agree with him is this--I am a 60-year old woman who, when I was 22 or 23, read an article in Time magazine that dispelled the myth of eggs raising the level of cholesterol. At that time, folks were all talking about cholesterol.

A survey for cholesterol was done by some company in America, in which they took a few hundred people and put them on an egg diet. Some folks had one egg a day and the another lot had two, another three and so on up to some having 5 eggs a day. At the end of the survey which I think was done over a year, the amount of cholesterol level that the folks who had 5 eggs a day had risen minimally! There were figures and other proofs but I can't remember them, it was all so long ago.

I was particularly interested in the Time magazine article because my family had a cholesterol problem so it seems with my granddad and my father dying from heart attacks. Anyway I decided at that vain age of 23 that I would go on an egg diet in spite of the family's history and lost several pounds feeling healthier and happier.

Recently, in spite of the Atkins diet being vilified, and me being 28 pounds overweight, after having tried several diets, I reverted to the egg diet and lost those all those pounds within 3 weeks. A month has gone by and now and because of my age, I almost live on eggs and am healthy strong and still enjoying my nursing career.
If you know Gary Taubes email please send him a copy of my email to him. I'm sure he would be really happy to hear about the Time magazine survey of so long ago. Maybe he could pull it out of the archives and say, "There you are, I told you so."

LOL! That's GREAT! You sure are a fireball and I like it. I hope to have at least that much energy and vibrancy when I reach 60 in another quarter century. :) It truly is amazing that low-carb is so well-documented throughout scientific history with studies just like the egg one you noted and yet all we hear about is how Atkins low-carb is just a "fad" that is "dangerous" to your health. Oh really? If it's that bad, then why has it continued to stick around for 150 years if you go all the way back to William Banting's day? Wouldn't we be seeing massive sickness and death of Biblical proportions if low-carb was truly as bad as it has been made out to be? Me thinks these nincompoops protesteth too much! THANKS for your note and I did forward it to Gary Taubes who expressed his sincerest appreciation.

I saw the doctor today and I have GREAT NEWS. Everything went great at my check up!! I got on the scale and it said 266!!!! He looked back in my chart to see my starting weight from when he put me on his low-carb diet and was shocked to see how much weight I had lost!!! 59 pounds to his charts!!! Woohoo!! Woohoo!! Woohooo!!

He is keeping me at 500 mg of Metformin but I don't have to take any others meds!!!! He is a small town doctor here where we live and he told me that in his 30 years of practice he has never had a diabetic patient do so well and change their health around the way I have!!! Another Woohoo!!! He said he wished he could have his other patients follow me around so I could teach them how to do it!!!! LOL! He made my day! I also told him about your blog and he said he was going to look it up!

WOO HOO is right! This is the kind of story that needs to get out there to other doctors who are struggling with knowing what to do for their diabetic patients who keep getting WORSE on their recommended low-fat, low-cholesterol, high-carb diet. Put 'em on low-carb and watch how better they get almost instantaneously. This is what low-carb practitioners like Dr. Mary C. Vernon, Dr. Eric Westman, Dr. Jeffry Gerber, Dr. Keith Berkowitz, and so many more so in their practices on a daily basis. Changed lives because of livin' la vida low-carb. It's something EVERY doctor should know about and use for their patients who have not been successful on the more traditional treatment methods.

Dear Jimmy,

Last summer I was sent to a heart specialist who wanted to put me on statins for high cholesterol. I told him that I wanted to try diet and exercise. I followed a low-fat, high-carb diet dutifully for four months and lost 50 pounds. I was so excited to go in and get my cholesterol checked. I was stricken and dumbfounded when total cholesterol improved only marginally and HDL dropped and triglycerides rose.

It has taken since September 2007 for me to read and talk to enough people to finally get to the truth of the matter. I have been re-reading Atkins, Taubes, and other resources recently to figure this thing out. I have been following Atkins imperfectly for the past several months. I say imperfectly because following a non-traditional way of eating requires some very intense faith. My logic and emotions say that Atkins is great. My traditional Food Pyramid, clean your plate upbringing tells me to run to the nearest bag of carrots. With the help of the nurse today and my great HDL reading (85) and low triglycerides (78), the high-fat message has finally sunk in.

Total cholesterol 264
HDL 85
LDL 164
Triglycerides 78

All of those readings are better than my August test after two and a half months of the low-fat program, especially, the two most important indicators of heart health HDL and triglycerides. The nurse was definitely in agreement with a high-fat, low-carb diet. She told me she had been cautioned twice against this by her superiors and asked me not to mention our conversation to anyone. This is a big hospital with a huge pharmaceutical component.

Thanks so much for everything.

Now that's so scary! Here you have a nurse who "gets it" and has to engage in a covert low-carb mission to help patients like you get better. Why does a nurse who doesn't have nearly the amount of education and experience of a doctor (okay, maybe the experience, but not the book knowledge!) know more about healthy nutrition than a trained, professional doctor? What is WRONG with this picture? Frankly, I'm surprised they didn't give you a hard time about your LDL cholesterol being 164 and total cholesterol being 264. My own doctor freaked out with similar number and I haven't even shown him my recent 326 total cholesterol yet. He'd faint if he saw it! Keep fighting the good fight, my friend. You're doing super!

Do YOU have a story of low-carb success you'd like to share with me? I'd LOVE hearing from you, so don't be a stranger. Send me an e-mail with your fabulous low-carb results anytime at THANK YOU for being such a beacon of light in my life and giving me the motivation to keep doing what I'm doing for the sake of livin' la vida low-carb. The truth WILL prevail if we keep sharing it with a world full of people who feel so hopeless and helpless about what to do about their weight and health. God bless you guys!

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Anonymous Teresa H said...

Thanks for sharing all the wonderful stories you have been getting from your readers!! I really needed to read this today!
Thanks so much Jimmy!!

6/08/2008 4:23 PM  
Blogger Tom Bunnell (TB)--TB said...

In the future you are going to need to pay for the bookings for me and my guest on your cruise and then pay my round-trip airfares and small stipends for spending money to get me on your cruise and as a guest speaker and entertainer. -- You see, I will be a celebrity in these few short years! -- Not trying to be big headed, just preparing you for the future!

6/09/2008 11:04 AM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

Oooooookay, Tom! We shall see, won't we? :)

6/09/2008 11:19 AM  
Anonymous Ted Jones said...

the reader above who wrote you complained of high morning BG numbers - and didn't know why - may be struggling with the "dawn phenomenon". rise in BG from the liver. google the term and read it? a little fiber-ish low carb snack at bedtime has done the trick for me.

6/09/2008 4:47 PM  
Blogger Tony said...

I have to give a big THANK YOU to YOU for this article!

7 months ago, My doctor prescribed Exforge for my extremely high blood pressure (180/110). About 2 months ago, I started on South Beach - mostly to support my wife, but also because I wanted to lose about 30 pounds as well.

Now, 2 months later, I am down about 10 pounds, but better yet, I have completely stopped the BP medicine. My doctor is flummoxed - he says he has never seen anything like it. My unmedicated BP is now stable within 5 points of 120/80 - with no sign of it changing.

I had no idea that low-carb could have a major effect on BP like this, until I read this post. Now I'm getting the info together, and when I go back to the doctor, in 4 months, I will bring him some of the info that I gather.

So, again, THANKS for posting this!

6/10/2008 5:14 PM  

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