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The Must-Have Book For Everybody Doing Low-Carb

Have you ever read a book and honestly believed that author somehow jumped into your mind and pulled out every thought you have had about the subject he was writing about? Well, that's exactly how I felt when I was reading Living The Low Carb Life by Jonny Bowden. I introduced you to Jonny previously, but let's just say my appreciation and admiration of this man has grown even stronger since reading this excellent contribution to the low-carb community.

If you or someone you know is struggling with questions about what low-carb living is and which plan is right for you, then you definitely need to get this book. Believe it or not, Jonny does not believe in a one-size-fits-all weight loss method. But what he does for the reader is outline the proven science behind low-carb and why the various plans out there can and will work for you.

Living The Low Carb Life presents the history of the low-carb movement (guess what? It didn't start with Dr. Robert Atkins!), explains why doing low-carb is effective for weight loss and better health, examines 17 of the most popular low-carb plans (did you know there were that many?), carefully scrutinizes the various supplements and diet drugs on the market, refutes the five most common myths about low-carb, answers those burning questions you may have about low-carb, offers 50 tips for doing low-carb the right way, helps you create the low-carb program that's right for you, and offers valuable resources to continue your education about livin' la vida low-carb.

The information in this book is incredibly useful whether you are thinking about doing low-carb, already started and struggling, well on your way to your goal weight, or in lifetime maintenance. If it hasn't already achieved this status already, then I believe this book is the encyclopedia of all things low-carb and the starting point for people wanting to lose weight and get healthy!

Jonny has a lot of credibility on the subject of health and weight loss as a well-respected nutritionist. In other words, this man has done his homework and offers his expert advice with solid facts to back up every claim he makes. He provides real-life examples to further embolden every argument he offers in favor of doing the low-carb lifestyle.

Chapter 1 provides a timeline on how low-carb originated and contains fascinating information for people who enjoy history. It really gives you a greater appreciation for the enormous impact this way of eating has had in the United States and around the world. Additionally, it is a chapter that debunks the oft-repeated myth that low-carb is just a "fad" diet destined for failure. Not hardly.

Chapter 2 should be required reading for every doctor advising patients about how to improve their health and nutrition as well as the so-called health experts in the media. This is the chapter Jonny explains the mechanics of low-carb in language that even a layman could understand. Before you proceed with any low-carb plan, you need to read this chapter to know why low-carb works. The information presented here arms you with the facts about low-carb and not with the hyperbolic innuendo that pervades the media these days.

Chapter 3 was the fun chapter for me because Jonny honestly looks at the various low-carb programs and makes recommendations based on their effectiveness. Several rise to the top of the heap (Atkins, South Beach, Fat Flush, Hamptons, Protein Power, Zone) and others bring up the rear (Scarsdale, Somersizing, Sugar Busters, Curves, Lean For Life). He offers an overview of the various diet plans and presents you with the pros and cons of each. You have to appreciate his honesty as he offers you his opinion about the low-carb options that are better for you than others.

Chapter 4 looks at diet pills and vitamin supplementation as a means for aiding your weight loss. Jonny says people looking for a magic pill that will make them lose weight need to wake up from their dream. He does reveal what the number one supplement for controlling weight is in this chapter. I knew it already, but you'll have to read the book to find out.

Chapter 5 is where Jonny does a tremendous public service for people wanting to refute the negative claims in the media about low-carb. He narrows it down to five of the most popular myths that are spread about low-carb in the media and completely blows them out of the water with sound research and reasoned logic. If you get frustrated by all the negativity in the media, this chapter is your refuge from it all.

Chapter 6 is unique because it contains answers to all of those burning questions people may have about low-carb. For example, it explains the difference between net carbs and effective carbs, why you get leg cramps, why you have carb cravings, what is ketosis, should you drink diet sodas, can an athlete do low-carb and more! These frequently asked questions should answer just about any question you have about low-carb.

Chapter 7 is where Jonny offers his top 50 tips for doing low-carb for life. These suggestions are borne out of his desire to see you succeed at livin' la vida low-carb. While he doesn't recommend you do them all, this is a good chapter to reference when you get "stuck" during your weight loss.

Finally, in Chapter 8, Jonny brings it all together and breaks it down to the nitty gritty for people serious about doing a low-carb lifestyle. He presents 10 simple principles that will get you started on the right food doing low-carb for life!

At the end of the book, Jonny points the reader to more resources found on the Internet to get the latest information about low-carb. There is also a great Pocket Carb Counter companion book to Living The Low Carb Life that provides the most comprehensive information about the nutritional content of foods from popular fast food restaurants as well as on grocery store shelves.

We owe Jonny Bowden a heartfelt thanks for this 1-2 punch in support of the low-carb lifestyle. His obvious passion for educating and encouraging people on the benefits of low-carb shines through loud and clear in his writings. This is a man worth getting to know even better. Read more about him at

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Blogger Susan said...

I'm so glad you did this review. I'm reading the book now and think it is overall the best book I have read on low carbing. If a person can read only one book, this is the one to read! Thanks Jimmy!

9/16/2007 2:14 AM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

THANKS, Susan! I couldn't agree more.

9/16/2007 7:58 AM  

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