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Lora Ruffner's 'Long Story' About 'Low-Carb Luxury' Laid Bear In My Upcoming Interview

"Low-Carb Luxury" creator Lora Ruffner contacted me this week

One week ago today, I asked the question here at my blog, "Have We Seen The Last Of Low-Carb Luxury?" after several of my concerned readers inquired with me about the future of the Internet's most prominent low-carb magazine.

Where has it gone? Is it ever coming back?

It has now been over three months since Low-Carb Luxury magazine was last updated and many of us who have enjoyed the high-quality, professional layout of this remarkable low-carb resource want to know what has happened to it. Did they just pack up their bags and call it a day after eight wonderful years of excellence?

Let me tell you, I wouldn't blame Low-Carb Luxury creator Lora Ruffner if she ever decided to do that because pumping out brand new information, especially with a niche subject like the low-carb lifestyle, can be a real challenge sometimes. Sure, there are always things to talk about, but keeping it interesting and building on an ever-changing base of readers takes a lot of work.

But Ruffner, along with her devoted life partner Neil Beaty, has been plugging along beautifully up until February this year. I suppose people had gotten so used to seeing new articles each month at Low-Carb Luxury that they now realize how much they probably took it for granted now that it's missing. It's too bad it takes circumstances like the sudden absence of something you love so much to realize how much you enjoyed having it.

So what's the deal? Is Low-Carb Luxury no more?

That's the million dollar question I wanted answered when I blogged about this last week and I was pleased to hear from Lora Ruffner herself this week in an e-mail. She said that someone she knew who reads my blog had forwarded my blog post to her (THANK YOU to whoever that was!) inquiring about what has become of Low-Carb Luxury and Lora stated she wanted to respond to me "right away."

"There's a long story behind all that has happened," Lora explained, relaying that she has had some pretty major health concerns to come up this year.

Without divulging the specifics to you, let's just say it's one of those things you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy to go through. Just because she has a wildly popular web site about diet and health doesn't mean she's immune to life's unexpected twists and turns. And that's exactly what Lora has been going through in 2007.

After a brief e-mail exchange, Lora and I have set up a meeting in June to get together and find out more about her story so I can share it with you either in a written interview here at my blog or for my podcast show.

"Then I can give you the skinny," Lora exclaimed about our interview next month.

She did want me to reassure fans of Low-Carb Luxury that you shouldn't give up on the site just yet because it is still possible the magazine could come back bigger and better than it ever was before. But it is going to take some hard work.

"There are a number of things that need to happen for the site to survive, but we may be able to make it happen," Lora admitted without getting into the details of what that may entail.

Perhaps we will learn more about what we as low-carbers can do to help in this effort as fans of Low-Carb Luxury following my interview with Lora Ruffner. Now more than ever with the resurgence of livin' la vida low-carb happening in the scientific community right now, we need every positive voice we can get in the diet and health debate. The low-carb comeback is imminent and all hands need to be on deck for it!

Just so you know, your concerns for not just the Low-Carb Luxury magazine, but for Ruffner and Beaty as human beings going through an incredibly difficult situation at this time, have not gone unnoticed by them.

"Thanks for caring," Lora said. "It really does mean a lot to us."

And the "us" in that statement is an important part of where Low-Carb Luxury is headed from here because it is a collaborative effort between both Ruffner and Beaty. Despite the nasty whispers that may have been floating around out there about a rift between them, Lora said it's time to "put all those rumors to rest."

"They're not at all true," she explained. "We're as close as two people can be...without his love and support, I wouldn't be here now."

I'm thrilled to FINALLY have the opportunity to meet Lora Ruffner in person for the first time ever and it's been a long time coming since I've been writing about my nearly 200-pound low-carb weight loss success since 2004. My upcoming interview in the next few weeks should answer a lot of the questions you may have about what is happening with Low-Carb Luxury and where it will be going from here.

As soon as the interview is completed sometime next month, I'll post it for you to read at my blog or hear as a special edition of my podcast show. THANK YOU again to everyone who has e-mailed me over the past few months about the sudden departure of Low-Carb Luxury magazine. There's a story behind everything and soon we will know about all that's going on with this one. Stay tuned!

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Blogger TESS said...

I hope you will blog on it as I am unable to acess the pod casts.

5/27/2007 8:27 AM  
Blogger Paula Brantner said...

I could never find details of your interview, Jimmy -- not in the podcast and not in subsequent blog posts. If you can't talk about it, that's fine, but I searched your site looking for the scoop which never happened.

I was a big fan of Low-Carb Luxury, and wish all the best to Lora and Neil.

1/04/2008 9:49 AM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

THANKS Paula! It hasn't happened yet because some VERY unexpected things happened right after we met that I can't say much more about right now. But Lora DEFINITELY wants to do the interview to let everyone know what's happening with her and Neil. They could use your prayers right now.

1/04/2008 9:55 AM  
Blogger Paula Brantner said...

I'm not a religious person, but I'll keep them in my thoughts and hope for the best.

I move away from low-carbing for a few months (due to a bunch of life changes that walloped me) and come back to find all sorts of major developments (including the Kimkins scandal) afoot. Wow!

1/04/2008 10:01 AM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

Well, happy thoughts their way would be appreciated. Yep, you can't be away for too long in this community because it changes fast! :D WELCOME BACK, Paula!

1/04/2008 10:31 AM  

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