Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Pop Princess Popping Pills For Weight Loss

I am not one who usually cares a bit in the world about what the latest teeny-bopper, talentless "superstar" is doing in her life, but this National Ledger story about the struggle one of the biggest names in entertainment is having trying to lose weight after having a baby recently caught my attention.

We all know Britney Spears, right? She's that "virtuous" young girl who encouraged people to "hit me one more time" before she recanted and told us "oops, I did it again." Yeah, you get the picture.

What is incredibly ironic about this story is how so many little girls have been out there looking up to the Pop Princess Spears for what a girl should look like since she splashed on the scene in the 1990s: pretty, thin, skimpy clothes, and the like.

Now look at her! No, not that parody picture that I put at the top of the blog post, but at her DESPERATION to lose that last 20 pounds of baby fat just months after giving birth to her first child. What's the matter, Britney, are you feeling the pressure to look a certain way?!

Sadly, that's exactly what Britney Spears has done to hundreds of thousands of little girls when she jumped around stage wearing her midriff shirts and other such trashy outfits sporting an impossible figure for the average girl to attain. Now the tables are turned and we're supposed to feel sorry for her?! LOL!

This story notes that Spears has been offered BIG MONEY by several weight loss companies to become their spokesperson. But, she's decided against doing those programs in favor of one that apparently is much more appealing to this role model for little girls. Wanna know what she's doing -- SHE'S TAKING DIET PILLS!

Now that's the spirit, Britney. Let's show those little impressionable fans of yours that you don't need to alter your eating and exercise habits, but just pop a pill to make it all better no matter what the problem is! Sheeez! Are you kidding me?!

Could it be those carb-loaded, calorie-busting junk-food binges have contributed to the little tummy that you've got now? Hmmmmm?

Okay, so here's where Britney Spears is right now: She's 24-years-old, 5'5" tall and weighs 140 pounds.

To reach her goal of 120 pounds, all she needs to do is lose 2 pounds a week for the next 10 weeks. That's it! This isn't too demanding and is completely achievable with a little commitment to a good diet and exercise routine. What a role model THAT would be to see Britney Spears show those screaming fans, wouldn't it?!

Instead, though, she'll be downing a pill from Canada that promises people can lose "35 pounds in six weeks." Does anyone else wanna scream at this? :-~

The article notes that Spears is "at her wit's end."

"She wants to lose weight, but she's having the most difficult time doing it. Britney is feeling awful about herself right now."

It sounds like there are much deeper issues there than the inability to lose weight. I know it can't be easy being in the constant spotlight, but Spears hasn't helped herself in the public relations department. What an opportunity for her to do something constructive by being an example for her fans while brushing off past mistakes. And she'll get skinnier in the process, too!

If that doesn't happen and she messes up, then she can always say "Oops, I did it again!" Sorry, couldn't resist!

2-15-06 UPDATE: Well, it looks like Britney Spears isn't the ONLY pop music star with a slight weight problem!

But for Janet Jackson, the infamous "wardrobe malfunction" incident at the Super Bowl two years ago and trauma over her brother Michael's child molestation trial caused her to put on some extra weight.

According to this Monsters & Critics story, her record company Virgin has ordered her to lose 20 pounds by September or her new CD will not come out and they may drop her from the label. Nevermind the fact that her last album, "Damita Jo," was a dismal failure.

Janet Jackson, I have the same advice for you as I did for Britney Spears: Lose just 2 pounds a week over the next 10 weeks and you'll lose that 20 pounds before May comes. She supposedly is on a "diet" now and hired a personal trainer to help her get there.

I don't know why the media is making such a big deal about these pop stars NEEDING to lose weight when all they have is 20 pounds to lose.

Try sincerely needing to lose over 100 pounds and I'll show you something that takes commitment, persistance, and self-motivation. These highly-paid "entertainers" don't even know what it means to have an obesity problem that requires you to change your lifestyle forever to get your weight under control! Puhleeez! Don't get me started.

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