Thursday, August 31, 2006

Colpo Presents 'Best Of TheOmnivore' E-Book

Do you miss TheOmnivore? Get all the best Colpo articles in this e-book!

When you've got what is arguably considered one of the most highly successful and best health web sites of all time on the Internet and then suddenly decide to pull that web site's content virtually overnight, without warning, forever and ever, then you're gonna have quite a few people start to miss the great information that they took advantage of having readily available to them.

That's exactly what happened to when its author Anthony Colpo decided to shut it down for good back in June 2006. Ever since that time, though, Colpo has received dozens of e-mails from his devoted fan base asking him to make his well-researched articles available again in some format. Please?

Thus was born the idea for "The Best Of The Omnivore" e-book. For everyone who complained that Colpo was being too selfish for pulling the wonderful content from his site, then here is your opportunity to step up and buy your own direct access to all your favorite articles again for less than five bucks!

That's right, these 266 pages of classic Colpo feature your favorite columns, memorable articles, heated e-mail exchanges, and so much more. And your total cost for this invaluable e-book compilation? ONLY $4.99! As in FOUR DOLLARS AND NINETY-NINE CENTS! Are you kidding me, Anthony? THAT'S ALL YOU WANNA CHARGE?!

WOW, can you get any more dirt cheap than that for such high-quality content that is backed by solid scientific evidence? I can't think of ANY good reason why everyone who supports what this man has done on behalf of all of us believers and supporters in livin' la vida low-carb wouldn't shell out what amounts to pennies per column for content that is easily worth hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars.

Colpo invested countless hours of much of his life over the past three years researching, writing, refuting, and doing the dirty behind-the-scenes work to prove all these health claims we have had hammered down our throats for decades are as wrong as wrong can be. He did all of this without one single dime of payment from any special interest groups so he could uphold the independent integrity of his research. Can't we say THANK YOU to Anthony Colpo by buying his e-book now?

Even more impressive to me is the fact that Colpo wants to help benefit a fine organization with a portion of the proceeds from the sale of his e-book. He has agreed to donate 20 percent of each of the e-books he sell to the good work being done by a group called The International Advocates of Health Freedom.

Following on the heels of his critically-acclaimed debut blockbuster book "The Great Cholesterol Con" as well as his brand new web site called, this new e-book should take away any and all excuses that people have about Colpo's decision to no longer make the content on his web site available publicly. JUST GET THE E-BOOK ALREADY!

Colpo's obviously not going to make a ton of money off of this, so the least people who have supported his efforts with can do is buy this e-book. And it really is fantastic with all your favorites from Colpo, including:

- "Why the Low-Fat Diet is Stupid and Potentially Dangerous"
- "LDL Cholesterol Does NOT Cause Atheroscierosis or Heart Disease"
- "Why Diabetics Should Avoid High Carbohydrate Diets"
- "The Ties That Bind"
- "The Dietary Delusions of Dean Ornish"
- "The China Study: More Vegan Nonsense!"
- "Stop The Insanity!"
- "Just How Low Will The Anti-Low-Carb Crowd Go?"
- "It's official: Statin proponents have lost their minds!"
- "'Brainless is Better' If You're a Statin Researcher!"
- "Cholesterol Drugs Can Cause Impotence"
- "How to Become an Easily-Brainwashed Sucker in 5 easy steps!"
- "If Everybody Believes the Same Thing, It Must Be True, Right? Wrong!"

PLUS, you'll get Colpo's infamous "Straight Out of My Inbox!" responses to some of the rather odd and peculiar feedback that Colpo received from his skeptical readers over the past three years. He also responds to the "Health Authorities" as well as "The Critics" in a way only Anthony Colpo could.

Most people who support livin' la vida low-carb will never forget those three years from 2003-2006 when offered so much to the field of health that quite literally shook the entire medical establishment to the core. Colpo questioned everything that had ever been taught regarding healthy living and ripped it to shreds! From cholesterol to saturated fat to drugs and the monopolized low-fat diet, "The Best Of TheOmnivore" has it all for YOU!

Colpo was literally a one-man show telling it like it is, never backing down from a challenge, always giving it to you no-hold-barred, take it or leave it because he KNEW he had the TRUTH on his side. And to this day, NOBODY has been able to refute any of the sound research that Colpo has presented. NOBODY!

So, don't delay! Pick up your copy of "The Best Of TheOmnivore" by Anthony Colpo exclusively available for download from TODAY!

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Blogger Newbirth said...

Just as an aside, I have the article, "Why the Low-Fat Diet is Stupid and Potentially Dangerous" on my blog. I don't have the rest of the articles, though.

9/01/2006 12:38 AM  
Blogger Science4u1959 said...

So far I've bought and given away a dozen or so copies of Colpo's Magnum Opus. We should all do the same!

One researcher, who happens to be a medical doctor as well, called me the other day and said that he had tears in his eyes of anger. Anger because he wasn't aware of much of this. He checked it out, as Colpo suggests everybody should do, and found out it's all true - and more.

One day, Colpo's work will be required reading for medical students. Period!

9/05/2006 7:21 AM  

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