Sunday, September 10, 2006

SUGAR SHOCK! Blog Interviews Jimmy Moore

SUGAR SHOCK! Blog's Connie Bennett asked me about kicking sugar

One of the great thing about blogging about my weight loss success on the Internet is the fact that I get to meet a lot of people who I probably never would have crossed paths with in my life. From the thousands of people who have written me e-mails with questions about low-carb and weight loss to my fellow bloggers and people on the frontlines of the health debate in this country, it has been gratifying to meet so many fantastic and information-hungry individuals who want to do something about their weight and health.

There is one fellow blogger who actually started her blog within a week or so that I launched the "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" blog in April 2005. Her name is Connie Bennett and her blog is the SUGAR SHOCK! Blog. Connie was nice enough to invite me to be a part of her KickSugar TeleSeminar series late last year and is gearing up for her debut book release that has been five years in the making--SUGAR SHOCK!: How Sweets and Simple Carbs Can Derail Your Life-- and How You Can Get Back on Track.

Well, Connie recently asked me if I would be interested in being interviewed by her about my "Kick-Sugar Success Story" for a new feature she has at her blog and, of course, I enthusiastically replied with a resounding YES! As a professional journalist, Connie is extremely talented with her ability to write captivating columns and ask the right questions in a one-on-one interview. I think you'll see what I mean when you read her interview with me. THANK YOU Connie for doing the interview with me.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

Describe any pivotal moments in a doctor's office, an embarrassing event that made you decide to tackle your sugar habit, etc.

There was one memorable moment just a couple of months prior to starting my weight loss program that has stuck with me to this day. I was substitute teaching at a local middle school and was writing the instructions for the day on the chalkboard. Then, all of a sudden I hear this pudgy little 6th grade boy exclaim, "Mr. Moore is FFFFFFFAT!!!" Of course, the class burst into rip-roaring laughter and so did I. But I was only laughing to keep from crying at that point because that 12-year- old child was right. I was fat, and it was high time that I did something about it (although I'd love to see that little punk kid today and tell 'em that he needs to lose some weight, too! LOL!).
What did you used to eat before you began curtailing the culprit carbs?

You don't have enough room to print all that I used to eat. But here's just a small sample of what I REGULARLY ate and drank in a single day: 16 Coca-Colas, a whole box of Little Debbie oatmeal cookies, a whole box of Little Debbie swiss rolls...need I go on? I think you get the picture. I was a hog, and what is most sad is I DON'T KNOW WHY I ATE THAT WAY!
How did you first learn about the dangers of sugars and refined carbs?

Well, when I started reading Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution on January 1, 2004, one of the first things he said to do to lose weight was to get rid of sugar from your diet. I never thought about sugar or carbohydrates as being harmful to your body until I read that book. The more I started reading about the low-carb lifestyle and how it helps to stabilize your blood sugar levels, the more I realized exactly what was behind my weight and health problems. As we know, he was harshly ridiculed in his lifetime for the ideas he supported, but Dr. Robert C. Atkins is already being vindicated -- a wealth of scientific research is currently proving he was right after all. The medical establishment and media owe the family of this great man a sincere apology for egregiously maligning him personally for so long.
What have been your biggest challenges to kick sugar and refined carbs? Can you help prepare others for any potential pitfalls ahead?

If you can get past those intial few weeks and months of not consuming sugar, then you can make it for a lifetime. Friends and co-workers always brag about my willpower to say no to sugary foods now, and I tell them that it has nothing to do with willpower. Instead, it's my choice to not allow anything inside of my body that will cause harm to me. Sure, that chocolate cake might taste good in the here and now, but if you realize the consequences of eating it -- it will lead to obesity, diabetes or even an early death -- it sorta puts it all in perspective for you. The biggest thing is to not give in to the temptation even when you think you can't do it. YES YOU CAN and you MUST! Keep at it, and you will reap the sweet rewards of success in the end.

CLICK HERE to read the rest of Connie Bennett's interview with me.

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