Sunday, September 17, 2006

'Our Lady of Weight Loss' Is Speaking To You

The weight loss world will never be the same again because of this book

Wouldn't it be great if there existed in this world a singular person or entity who had all the answers to your questions regarding health, nutrition, and weight loss? This person would know exactly what to say about your specific circumstance and present the information to you in such a way that you felt good about yourself and honestly believed you could make the necessary changes in your life with little pain. For the millions of overweight and obese, that would be a miracle.

Well, I hope you believe in miracles because such a person DOES exist. Her name is Our Lady of Weight Loss and she spoke to a woman named Janice Taylor at a weight loss clinic of all places in 2001. From that day forward, Janice saw a change in her life like she had never experienced on any diet she had ever been on and completely turned her life around.

Does all this pseudo-religious talk sound a little spooky to you? LOL! Yeah, it did me, too. That is, until I kept reading and found out how these principles are what helped Janice Taylor shed 50 pounds and keep them off.

For the past five years, she has been helping others hear the voice of Our Lady of Weight Loss through her life coaching, motivational speakin, creative artwork, and Kick in the Tush Club (visit for more information). And because of her growing success, she decided to write a book about her experiences to help even more people discover what she and her faithful flock have found. The book is entitled Our Lady of Weight Loss: Miraculous and Motivational Musings from the Patron Saint of Permanent Fat Removal.

The Our Lady principles entail the following:
- Seeking the weight loss help of those who have gone before you
- Becoming a weight loss artist to divert attention away from food
- Instead of obsessing with food, try doing something artistic
- Join a support group to share ideas and stay accountable
- Feeling the urge to move and shake your body
- Offer an all-inclusive, spiritual journey towards health

Still a little freaked out by this? Nah, you shouldn't be. Janice Taylor is a real person who did something about her weight and now stand ready to pour every ounce of creative energy into helping others lose weight, too.

This is arguably the most unique weight loss book I think I have ever put my hands on. It's unconventional and Janice seems to like it that way because it fits her personality, too. You get the feeling she's definitely tried all the drab and dry diets that have ever been created and decided that enough was enough. She wanted to jack up the creative mojo to make this book like none other on the market today. Did she ever!

Our Lady of Weight Loss is loaded not only with helpful weight loss advice in the most peculiar way, but also many delicious-looking recipes. However, I must warn those of you who are livin' la vida low-carb--the recipes are not very low-carb, but rather low-fat and low-calorie. I don't bemoan Janice for putting these in her book, but I thought my fellow low-carb friends should be forewarned.

Nevertheless, I like the genuinely fresh approach that Janice Taylor brings to the weight loss world which will forever change what you think about weight loss books. My impression of this woman is that she is having fun while doing something meaningful in the lives of so many. If that is the formula for success that works for people to help them lose weight and get healthy, then keep on beckoning the call of Our Lady of Weight Loss.

As someone who has lost 180 pounds myself, I am all in favor of people finding SOMETHING that will work for them. Our Lady of Weight Loss may be just the thing that helps you attain the Holy Grail of the obese: lasting and permanent weight loss. Haaaaaaallelujah!

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