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Top 10 Low-Carb Movers & Shakers Of 2006

With 2006 quickly approaching the fourth quarter, it's time yet again for me to continue a tradition at the "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" blog to name my top 10 movers & shakers of the year. When I debuted this feature for the first time in 2005, the response was overwhelmingly positive. People were intrigued by the list of ten people who I thought had made the biggest difference on behalf of the low-carb community.

So why not do it again in 2006? And something peculiar happened with my picks this year when there was only one repeat from last year. While some of those chosen in 2005 are certainly worthy of mention again this year, it's time to introduce some new names and faces so people can see who is intricately involved in furthering the low-carb cause in a culture still feeling the effects of the constant negativity about this amazing way of eating.

As I stated last year, you may have heard of some of these people already and perhaps there are others you haven't heard about before. Regardless, each one of these men and women are low-carb leaders that you really should get to know and be grateful for their tireless contributions on behalf of livin' la vida low-carb.

The following is my random list of who I think are the top ten low-carb movers & shakers of 2006:

1. Drs. Michael & Mary Dan Eades - Protein Power

As the only carryover pick from 2005, I would be completely remiss if I overlooked the enormous contribution of Dr. Michael Eades and Dr. Mary Dan Eades. If ever there were two people more dedicated to helping people desiring not only weight loss but also a healthier life, then I haven't met them yet! The Eades are true heroes among us low-carbers who admire their continued bold stand on behalf of this way of eating despite the intense negativity that pervades our media and culture. This pick was a no-brainer!

2. Dr. Richard Bernstein - Diabetes Solution

If you are a diabetic, then you will most definitely want to acquaint yourself with Dr. Richard Bernstein, author of The Diabetes Solution. This incredible man heralds the low-carb approach to treating and reversing diabetes even as the ADA keeps pressing for more and more medications. Dr. Bernstein has more recently appeared on a new cable television show on CNBC called dLife in debates with Dr. Howard Wolpert and Hope Warshaw. This man is a true inspiration to all of us who believe in the miraculous power of low-carb living.

3. Veronica Atkins - The Atkins Foundation

When Dr. Robert C. Atkins tragically passed away a few years ago, everyone thought his legacy would quickly fade. But thanks to his faithful and loving widow Veronica Atkins, the great work of Dr. Atkins still lives on in 2006. Veronica Atkins has made several donations through her charitable Atkins Foundation to help further low-carb research. She has also recognized students for shunning sugar and continued the work of her late husband in helping diabetics defeat their disease. Mrs. Atkins has endured a lot of heartache and pain from those who choose to continue debating his death. She handles it with all the dignity and class that defines who she is.

4. Dr. Richard Feinman - Nutrition & Metabolism

It was my privilege to interview Dr. Richard Feinman recently and I found him to be a most fascinating low-carb researcher. His passion is evident in the meticulous way he goes about studying the metabolic science behind what makes the low-carbohydrate diet work so well. His study on metabolic syndrome would be headline-making news if it were about the low-fat diet. But Dr. Feinman just keeps plugging away at his research because he knows sooner or later the media will not be able to ignore the facts about low-carb.

5. Dr. Mary Vernon - Ask Dr. Vernon

One of the nicest and most personable people you will ever meet is Dr. Mary Vernon, who recently started answering questions from the public about livin' la vida low-carb at her new blog. She too had a lot to say in my interview with her and she is fully committed to continuing to educate the public about how low-carb can help with weight loss and diabetes management. Be looking for many more great things from this amazing woman in the years to come.

6. David Koch - "Low-Carb Dave"

If you haven't had the chance to read about "Low-Carb Dave" and his low-carb weight loss success story yet, then you have missed one of the most energetic and enthusiastic low-carb supporters on the planet. This Melbourne, Australia native, whose real name is David Koch, has lost over 100 pounds so far on the Atkins diet and is planning to lose another 100 pounds. In addition to his popular low-carb blog, he also has a fairly active message board called Aus Low-Carb. His story was recently featured on and I expect Dave to continue inspiring people the world over with his success.

7. Dr. Eric Westman - Duke University researcher

If you ever get the opportunity to meet Dr. Eric Westman from Duke University in person, then you will know that this man of research is not some lab rat who doesn't understand the workings of the real world. He is as real as they come from my brief encounter with him in January. But Dr. Westman made a name for himself in 2006 with this landmark study on the impact of the Atkins diet on diabetes patients. A long-time low-carb researcher, Dr. Westman has applied his skills to help the scientific world better understand how controlling carbohydrates helps the body overcome obesity and disease. We haven't heard the last of Dr. Eric Westman.

8. Kent Altena - Atkins Diet Videos

What can you say about a man who has lost 200 pounds on the Atkins diet? If his name is Kent Altena, then you can say plenty! Two years after weighing in at well over 400 pounds, this incredible man is now seeking to educate the public about how the Atkins/low-carb nutritional approach can help them lose weight and get healthy. From his motivating success video to his practical how-to videos, Kent is using his talents to spread the news about low-carb even further. Visit his YouTube feed often for new videos.

9. Anthony Colpo - Low-Carb Muscle

What a year it has been for independent researcher Anthony Colpo! Not long after my interview with him about his remarkable new book entitled The Great Cholesterol Con, he decided to pull the content from his wildly popular down for good. However, he did decide to make those articles available in an e-book format. Currently, Colpo is cultivating his latest project Low-Carb Muscle to give low-carb bodybuilders a place to discuss fitness. Colpo will always be a voice of sanity in the insane world of health.

10. Richard Morris - Bread & Money

Last, but most certainly not least is a man named Richard Morris. He's another 400-pounder who lost a ton of weight and is now seeking to educate the public about the benefits of eating more organic, natural, whole foods instead of the high-carb, sugary, processed foods that dominate grocery store shelves these days. His autobiographical A Life Unburdened book about his weight loss experience is a stunning account of how one man changed his life forever. This talented individual was gracious enough to allow me to interview him for my blog so he could share his insights and lessons learned through life's experiences. This is a man you will want to keep an eye on for many years to come.

What do you think about my top ten low-carb movers & shakers of 2006? Did I get all the biggies in the wonderful world of low-carb who are making a difference? If nothing else, perhaps you learned a new name and face on the frontlines of defending livin' la vida low-carb to the masses. I encourage you to learn more about each of these people because they play a vital role in spreading the low-carb message in 2006 and beyond.

Comments anyone? If you believe I left someone off of my top ten list who deserves to be among the low-carb movers & shakers this year, then please post your comment below or e-mail me at

9-19-06 UPDATE: One of my regular readers said I missed another low-carb mover & shaker:

You forgot someone...YOURSELF!!!!! Come on, Jimmy, I know it's hard but somewhere you have to give yourself some credit. Most of those people you listed, I have no idea who they are. Anyone can write columns and columns of information about low-carb. But to do with the enthusiasm and support that you do makes people want to go back, time and time again.

You just never know who is out there and who you are helping but I think the whole thing is bigger then you can ever imagine. Having a COACH like you helps more then you know. So yes I would make a #11 and add yourself.

Awwww, that's so sweet! I appreciate the heartfelt words of encouragement and appreciation from my reader. I'm grateful for the privilege to come here day after day to do what I do. Every single one of you who reads this blog daily, weekly, or just every once in a while is why I keep on doing what I am doing. THANK YOU for your faithfulness and I will keep on sharing the positive message of livin' la vida low-carb to a world desperately looking for answers to their weight and health problems.

9-20-06 UPDATE: Low-Carb Dave is showing his appreciation for being named in my top 10 list by blogging about it and me today at his popular blog. THANKS for those extremely kind remarks, Dave. I too am glad to know there are good people like you in the world as well. :)

9-21-06 UPDATE: Several more honorees on the list decided to respond to being named.

Richard Morris said:

Hey Jimmy,

Thanks for including me on the list with some very impressive people. I feel really good about how the low carb message has evolved from being the diet of the week to a permanent and healthful part of the nutrition landscape.


Dr. Eric Westman said:

Thanks, Jimmy. I keep an eye on your blog because sometimes you discuss research articles that I haven't seen yet! Jeff Volek also was an "early researcher," like me. Keep it up.

Eric C. Westman, MD MHS
Associate Professor of Medicine
Duke University Medical Center

Anthony Colpo said:

Hey Jimmy,

What an honor to be included in your list, thanks!

I think it's great that you have included some of us low-carb "underdogs" on your list along with some of the more famous low-carb identities, this kind of recognition is always nice and gives that extra bit of incentive to keep battling on.

And I agree with the reader who said that you yourself deserve to be on the list--you're doing a great job!

Take care,


Kent Altena said:

It was a tremendous honor to have my name listed next to some of the big names in the low carb field. I only hope I can reach or assist in making successful a small portion of low carbers as those researchers or benefactors have. Thank you for the honor, and I agree with Richard that moving low carb from a fad to an accepted healthy way of eating is my goal for 2006 and beyond. Keep up the good and inspiring all of us (those at goal and those just starting) with your work here.


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Blogger Newbirth said...

Count backward like Letterman's top ten list. :)

Oh...the Eades' rock!

9/18/2006 10:13 PM  
Blogger Lowcarb_dave said...


Thanks for honouring me once again Jimmy!


Does this mean I can't cheat on my diet?! LOL

Hopefully I'll get to goal soon!

9/19/2006 5:47 AM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

You'll make it Dave! Just keep inspiring a new generation of people who are livin' la vida low-carb. We'll change this culture one life at a time!

9/19/2006 2:00 PM  

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