Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bowden Trilogy: 23 Ways To Improve Your Life

This 3-CD audiobook is a how-to manual on living life better

The first audiobook in the Jonny Bowden trilogy I reviewed the other day entitled "9 Essential Steps To Weight Loss" dealt with the hottest issue of our day--how to overcome obesity and make weight loss happen. That is an important subject in the context of health and getting your life headed in the right direction, but Jonny reveals in his second audiobook called "23 Ways To Improve Your Life" that there is so much more worth striving for in our lives than simply dropping a few pounds and he explains why.

When I saw the title of this audiobook, I was a little put off by the insinuation that Jonny was making assuming that I needed to make changes to "improve my life." Who does this man think he is and why do I need any advice from him about changing my life? I'm doing okay and my life is going along very well thank you very much. What can I learn from a weight loss and nutrition coach anyway about ways to make my life any better than it already is, huh?

Okay, I'll admit it. That kind of thinking was pretty dopey on my part, but I'm sure many of you are quite possibly thinking the same thing. What can Jonny Bowden teach me about myself that I don't already know? Hear me out on this, let me tell you something--you DO need to make some small changes in your life that will bring about enormous benefits to your health and wellbeing that you never thought were possible regardless of how well you think life is going. If I hadn't listened to this audiobook for the past few hours, then I wouldn't have believed it either! And if life sucks for you, then you REALLY need to listen to this 3-CD set!

While much of today's self-help category of products is filled with so much impractical fluff that you feel like you've wasted the hard-earned money you spent on them, that's not what you're gonna get from Jonny Bowden. In "23 Ways To Improve Your Life" there is very strong advice that you can put to good use RIGHT AWAY to make your life better. In fact, most of these tips that Jonny shares need to be tried for just 30 days to begin feeling the maximum benefits in your life. It's hard to believe you can really see changes that quickly, but you can--AND JONNY BOWDEN PERSONALLY GUARANTEES IT!!!

So what does he address in this audiobook? The better question is what DOESN'T he address! LOL! This man arms you with ways to strengthen your relationships, improve your state of mind, reduce stress in your life, make your body as healthy as it can be, eat foods that will make you feel good and are genuinely good for you, and put your life on course for the success you were destined to have. If I didn't know any better, then I would think Jonny was a professional sports coach using psychology and motivational speaking to pump up his team to perform at their best. That's exactly how you feel as you listen to him speak.

I felt convicted about areas of my own personal life as I was listening to this audibook because I never realized how some of my actions and reactions to circumstances were actually doing physical harm to my body. YIKES! That has become so much more amplified with my recent life struggles and Jonny Bowden has helped me be able to deal with those issues in ways I can easily begin implementing in my life. In fact, the part about forgiveness and gratitude on the CDs were the most beneficial to me and I am already feeling the tension release from my body just hours after listening to the wisdom of this man.

Sure, there are some parts of "23 Ways To Improve Your Life" that get a little deep and spooky when he starts talking about spirituality, visualization, and getting chummy with the "gremlins" in your life. But you need to listen may just learn something about yourself that you never knew before. But you'll NEVER get to experience that if you don't listen for yourself!

What an amazing experience this audiobook was to listen to and I cannot recommend it highly enough to you than to just say GET IT FOR YOURSELF! I promise you WON'T be disappointed and you will thank me later for urging you to get it--IT'S THAT GOOD! THANK YOU again, Jonny! This one's a masterpiece and I will be listening to it again and again.

Check out my previous review of "9 Essential Steps To Weight Loss" and be looking for my third and final review in the Bowden trilogy soon with the audiobook "Change Your Body, Change Your Life." Remember, you can get all three TODAY at a special price exclusively by clicking here.

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We all have room for improvement

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