Monday, October 23, 2006

Bowden Trilogy: Change Your Body, Change Your Life

This 4-CD audiobook contains Jonny's "Diet Boot Camp" program

The Jonny Bowden audiobook trilogy has been sensational so far, hasn't it? From his "9 Essential Steps To Weight Loss" to the "23 Ways To Improve Your Life", Bowden has really captured the essence of what works to not only help people lose weight, but to really bring about change for the better in every aspect of our lives. This is something sorely lacking among most of the so-called diet and weight loss products these days. THANK YOU, Jonny, for being a cut above the rest of the muckity muck out there.

Last but certainly not least among the three audiobooks offered by Jonny Bowden is the one entitled "Change Your Body, Change Your Life" featuring the famous two-week "Diet Boot Camp" developed by Jonny Bowden to help get people on the right track with their weight loss plan. But even before you can hear about the practical points on losing weight from that intensive and effective plan, Jonny gets you to start focusing on what the most important areas of change that need to happen in your life before you can embark on such a journey.

His emphasis on solidifying in your mind that this is something you really want to do as the groundwork for your future success is something I harp on quite often at my blog. Jonny also shares about having a rugged determination to make slight changes in your thinking about how you view the choices you are making in your life so you can learn to start making the right ones instead. Most of all, he instills within you a sense of personal purpose about your life that you've probably never been told by anyone before. All of these concepts are empowering mentally and will get you in the right mood to create BIG changes in yourself physically.

It may shock you to learn that Jonny does not think you need motivation and he explains why, that it's okay for you to have those nagging negative voices in your head that will constantly try to discourage you in your efforts to change, how the excuse of not having enough time to bring about weight loss is nothing but a crock, and other revolutionary concepts that you may have never thought about before. There's a reason he called this audiobook "Change Your Body, Change Your Life" because REAL CHANGES will happen if you take what you have learned to heart.

Then there's that amazing "Diet Boot Camp" plan that I told you about earlier. Ten principles that are tried-and-true, proven ways to bring about lasting and permanent weight loss success. Jonny describes it as "a guaranteed two week regimen that will have you wondering why you never lost weight before!" Sound too good to be true? Let me tell you, it isn't! And the best part is that most, if not all, of the principles fall right in line with livin' la vida low-carb and what I did to lose nearly 200 pounds, including increasing your protein intake, avoiding certain carbohydrates, eating the right fats, and so much more.

Does you weight loss plan need a BIG shot in the arm to get you going again? Jonny's "Diet Boot Camp" may be just what you need to get the scale moving downward, but more importantly, have you feeling good about what you are doing for your body again. Above everything else with what he talks about in his audiobooks, that concept is really at the heart of what Jonny Bowden wants to see happen in your life.

Finally, Jonny explains how to put all the pieces of the weight loss puzzle together and make sense perhaps for the first time in your life. This isn't about a quick fix diet that you hope to hurry up and lose weight with so you can get back to your old way of eating again. THAT right there is why all the other diets out there crash and burn.

Instead, he shows you how to take back complete control of your life by learning how to play the game of weight loss. Whether you like it or not, the game is being played. The only thing left is whether you are willing to play the game yourself and enjoy the ride or be miserable when the game plays you. The choice is up to you and you alone to make!

If you missed either of the other two CD sets in the Jonny Bowden trilogy, then be sure to go back and read my review of the "9 Essential Steps To Weight Loss" and "23 Ways To Improve Your Life." Get all three CD sets (and you WILL want them all!) at a very special deal from Jonny by clicking here.

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