Thursday, October 19, 2006

Here Are 'The Dan Ho Show' Contest Winners

Dan Ho knows how to make you happy--FREE BOOKS!

I was privileged to host a FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY contest at my blog earlier this week featuring the brand new release from Dan Ho in promotion of his television special on Discovery Health called "The Dan Ho Show." So many of you entered for your chance to win the book "Rescue From Domestic Perfection" and I was only able to give away 10 books.

Sorry to everyone who DIDN'T win, but here were the winners who were chosen along with the area of their life that they would like Dan Ho to help them improve and make more simple:

1. Kent from Iowa

"I wish my responsibility in dealing with my kids' functions and commitments were easier. I am spending Monday night bringing my boy to football, Tuesday is my eldest daughter choir practice, Wednesday. I teach Cadets (a Christian Boy Scout-like organization) for my boy, and my wife teaches my daughters GEMS lessons. On Saturday and Sunday, I spend my time preparing for and teaching Sunday school. On top of everything else, the school thinks we should have one hour extra per day to deal each of our four kids to help with their homework assignments. Trying to squeeze exercise in has forced me to resort to working out in the dark before work."

2. Audi from New Jersey

"I’d love to simplify my entertaining so that I can enjoy my friends more than just slaving for them the whole night and going to bed exhausted. Of course, true to Dan’s observations, it isn’t just one thing, cooking a nice meal, but it involves having the house clean enough and decorated right to set the mood that I want, and if it isn’t perfect, it wasn’t worth the effort."

3. Elizabeth from Illinois

"The area I would like to simplify the most is cooking. I am alone Sunday thru Thursday and have trouble cooking for just me--simple, easy cooking. I think I need more motivation because I would much rather pick up fast food."

4. Cynthia from Montana

"I wish there was an easier way to cook healthy!"

5. Nancy from Ohio

"I'm always feeling like I need a 'boost.' I've been on the South Beach diet since June and have lost 25 pounds, but I am starting to stray a bit. I had 3 cookies for supper, for example. A healthy lifestyle is important to me because I have diabetes and a heart problem. I would really like to read this book!"

6. Catherine from Georgia

"The area of my life I would like to make simpler is balancing home and work life. I never seem to have enough time to do the things I need to do at home because of my full-time job."

7. Kristie from Alabama

"I need to lose weight safely, consistently, and slowly. When I diet stringently, as soon as I eat normally again (bring in other foods), I gain weight. When I exercise at the gym, I gain. I do not know how to balance the dieting, exercise, and normal eating habits. I am over 50 and I need a sensible lifestyle, with regard to calorie intake. I need to lose a large amount of weight--and fast. Please help!"

8. Tina from Florida

"Currently home with a 1 month old, who's adjusting to life with me, my husband and our 19-month old. I'm just elated at having found Dan Ho, Discovery Health and all the positive, insightful and just plain helpful 'stuff' both online, on TV and would love to read the book.

Were I to seek guidance on which area of my life needs to be made simpler I would say just overall housework/work-work and my strength NOT being my organizational skills. This leaves me too tired to tackle the never-ending stacks of housework/duties. Were I able to feel more organized I could then really concentrate on my personal sense of spirituality (or lack of) and begin to feel healthier, internally. Thanks, hope that makes sense!"

9. Linda in Montana

"I watch Dan Ho's show on TV when I can. I like the healthy recipes he comes up with. One I would like is the corn on the cob with the cheese rub and the knot handles he did. I would love one of his cookbooks, the recipes I've seen on TV all look really good. As far as my life I guess the only one I can think of is I wish it was more simple to find a safe, easy, fun way to lose weight. Thank you!"

10. Sue from New Jersey

"I want to change my life as I have been on disability since last February with vertigo of unknown origin. Since the doctors disagree on the cause (migraine vs. nerve damage) I was wondering if there was any eating changes in my life that can make me better?"

CONGRATULATIONS to all of my winners! You should be receiving your book in the mail by next week sometime. Please let me know if you do not. I have also forwarded each of your comments to "The Dan Ho Show" for Dan and his producers to see. Who knows, one or more of these may be answered in an upcoming episode of his hit new show! THANKS again for entering and keep watching Discovery Health for more of "The Dan Ho Show!"

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