Monday, December 04, 2006

'Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show' Episode 7: Being Sick Or Stressed Not A License To Cheat

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This week's episode is very personal because I recorded it while experiencing the seventh day of symptoms of one of the most grueling head colds I have ever had. This past week has been horrendous for me with sniffling, sneezing, hacking cough, fever, congestion, and an overall rotten feeling. Actually, it royally sucks (wanna know how I REALLY feel?). So, what better opportunity to talk about remaining committed to your low-carb plan even when you are sick or stressed? I think you'll enjoy my perspective on this subject matter this week.

Share your tips and stories about how you deal with being sick or stressed while livin' la vida low-carb by leaving a comment at the official web site for the show. We've all thrown our hands up in the air and given in to those "comfort foods" we thought we needed to get through it, but I'd be interested in hearing from people who have overcome and triumphed. Did you feel better knowing you didn't throw in the towel on your low-carb diet? Share, share, share! :)

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