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10 Healthy New Diet And Weight Loss Blogs

After featuring these five new low-carb blogs and then these five more in the past few weeks, I have received many requests from my readers to keep doing this from time to time with the new diet and health blogs I come across. I'm always happy to oblige a reasonable suggestion like this!

However, today I want to focus on some new blogs that may or may not have a "low-carb" tilt to them. While it is certainly helpful to people who are livin' la vida low-carb to find sources of information that help them in their specific lifestyle choice, there's a lot that can be learned from other weight loss and fitness bloggers as you will quickly find out with the blogs I have for you today.

Hopefully they can say the same about my blog whether they are on a low-carb diet or not. Sure, the title of my blog has "low-carb" in it, but I write posts that are applicable to virtually any healthy lifestyle. Let me know what you think about each of these!

1. Body Recovery

Despite the CSI-like title of this intriguing new health blog, you'll be pleased to learn that the "Body Recovery" blog has nothing at all to do with a fatal crime scene. Instead, blog author Donna R is about to finish up her tenure at a Boston, MA-based graduate school with a Master's Degree in journalism (hmmm, Donna, is that like the public policy graduate degree I earned in 2002 and NEVER used?! LOL!). Anyways, this blog of hers is about her day-by-day journey to get back into pre-college shape to help both her looks and her health improve. She looks like a portion control, low-calorie supporter, but I like her attitude about the current state of health in America. You won't want to miss her spot-on comments about the ever-changing American Heart Association dietary recommendations. I love this blog already! :)

2. He's Almost 1 And I'm Still Fat

If you've ever been pregnant (no, I haven't been and I'd worry about any of my male readers who say they have!), then you have undoubtedly dealt with the issue of justifying your weight gain because it's only "baby fat." But as newlywed and first-time mom Denise reveals in her aptly-titled blog "He's Almost 1 And I'm Still Fat," it's a whole lot easier putting on the weight than trying to take it off. She is now in a "fight to slim down" and sharing a few of her "joys, sorrows and frustrations" of being a new wife, parent and dieter. She certainly has an interesting take on the whole Tyra Banks is fat debate. Check it out!

3. Healthy Low-Carb Living

This isn't a blog, but it is one of the best-looking low-carb resources I have seen in a very long time from one of my most faithful readers--Sparky's Girl! "Healthy Low-Carb Living" organizes just about everything you could ever want about livin' la vida low-carb in one lovely package. You can read her and her husband's weight loss success stories, see pictures, find low-carb tips and links, see the myths addressed, and so much more! Check it out along with the companion "Healthy Low-Carb Living" blog.

4. The Constant Well Of Guilt

Not your average, ordinary blog or blogger, "The Constant Well Of Guilt" blog is run by someone calling herself Constance Guiltwell. If that's indeed her real name, then it's a creative play on words with her name. Regardless, it captures your attention, doesn't it? This blog is dedicated to the subject of guilt which sounds pretty depressing if you think about it. But Constance pulls it off well with personal stories and other assorted tidbits of information to keep you entertained and informed about what she's thinking about. Oh yeah, she addresses dieting, so be sure to check in on this blog often. She even got upset at me over my blog post about Diet Pepsi MAX. Read it to believe it!

5. Diary Of A Fat, Angry Woman

Okay, remind me not to make FatMom mad at me. Don't blame me, that's what she calls herself at her "Diary Of A Fat, Angry Woman" blog. This 30-something California mother of two is "trying to literally save my life and my marriage by losing the excess weight, but first I have to find out WHY I overeat." Boy, don't we all wish we knew the answer to that question! With all the brutally honest sincerity of someone who dares admit she's got a "crappy self-image," FatMom keeps it real and isn't afraid to ruffle a few feathers along the way. In a sicko sort of way, I like this blog. If you thought my writing style was "in-your-face," then you ain't seen nothin' yet!

6. Mark Sisson's Daily Apple

Even before I knew what this blog was about, I was drawn to it by the following quote at the top of the page: "Doing my part to piss off the self-righteous health establishment." ROTFL!!! I don't care what he advocates, there's no doubt I was gonna love this Mark guy! Wanna know where Mark stands on livin' la vida low-carb? Just click on the link of his name and read the interview questions about what he believes--WOWsers! What an amazing health philosophy this dude has! See a sample of what Mark's news blogging is like. I think you're gonna like "Mark Sisson's Daily Apple" blog...a LOT!

7. The Low-Carb Life: A Diabetic Diet

This online magazine from OOAK Dollmaking (don't ask, I haven't got a clue what that is!) is from a former 300-pound Type 2 diabetic woman who changed her life forever thanks to low-carb living. I say former because she has since dropped 100 pounds and keeps her blood sugar in check by livin' la vida low-carb. Disappointed by the lack of good low-carb recipes, she decided to come up with a few of her own, including a Chili and Beans recipe at "The Low-Carb Life: A Diabetic Diet" page. Check back often as this page is expected to include information about how to subscribe to this low-carb magazine.

8. Weight Loss HD

Other than the fact that it looks like they plagiarized my recent blog post about the new Diet Pepsi MAX (see for yourself and compare their post with my post), the "Weight Loss HD" blog (don't ask me what the HD stand for?!) seems to focus on low-carb topics for the most part. But with all the multiple and glaring grammar and spelling errors throughout this blog, it can be difficult to take the message very seriously. No wonder they felt they needed to steal content from my blog (more on this subject in a moment)! :)

9. Low-Carb-Bloggen

I so wish I could read Swedish! This "Low-Carb-Bloggen" blog from what I do understand is run by someone who has been livin' la vida low-carb since the Summer of 2006. The person who runs the blog has lost 20kg on a very, very low-carb ketogenic diet made up mostly of meat products. I noticed he links to my blog and has even posted about some of what I have written about here. How do I know? Well, "Jimmy Moore" sticks out like a sore thumb on his blog. LOL! If the author of that blog reads this, then I invite him to leave a message introducing himself to all of us in the comments section below...English, even if it is a little broken, would be helpful! Hee hee!

10. Diabetic Resource Center

Finally, I want to highlight a blog for no other reason than to expose yet another person who thinks they can take what I have written and make it their own (remember this guy) who tried it)! Read this "Diabetic Resource Center" blog post for yourself and then read my recent post about the same subject. While it's not a verbatim copy of my article, some of the phrases I used were repeated without any change on this blog. In case you haven't noticed, I don't like it when this happens and rightfully so--because it is pure, unadulterated STEALING!

I know I'm not the only blogger who deals with this (I've heard from MANY others!), but I for one will not take it. What really gets me the most is the fact that this particular blog includes many links to a diabetes supplies commerce page, so they're making money off of my writing skills (not to mention, I have a similiar diabetes links blog). ARGH! Also, since they used my trademarked "La Vida Low-Carb" phrase, technically I could sue them over this violation since I own the exclusive blogging rights to that phrase. Let's see if they'll do the right thing first and change or remove the post before I take the next step. Don't think I won't file the legal paperwork if anyone else takes what I've written again. You have been fairly warned and you know who you are. Don't make me release my posse on you! :D

There you have it, more great health and diet blogs to munch on for a little while. As always, if you have a blog or know about a blog that is worthy of being mentioned here, then simply drop me an e-mail about it and I'll check it out! THANKS for reading and please leave a comment on these various blogs letting them know you are visiting. I'm sure they'll appreciate that! ENJOY!

2-26-07 UPDATE: I did hear back from the Swedish low-carb blogger today.

Hi Jimmy!

Thanks for promoting my blog! My name is Arne Andersson. I'm living in Sweden. Last summer I faced problems getting into my pant and shirts. My wife and I made up our minds to do something about it. There was a notice on the news on TV telling about a doctor of the north of Sweden. She cured people with diabetes (Type 2) by changing their diet to a Low Carb High Fat diet (LCHF). We started at once.

We didn't know much of a program but started checking up a LCHF-breakfast. Then we read some books and faced the starting problems connected with a ketogenic diet. Soon I lost weight without problems. From July til now I have lost 20 kg which is just great. I have to buy pants and shirts now and then ;-)

On my other site I write down exactly what I eat everyday and what it gives me according to carbohydrates, protein, fat and calories. In order to communicate to people I started my current blog later on.

I have linked to your blog and Dr. Eades' blog because I think they are great and I want more Swedes to visit them. I originally thought you and Dr. Eades were more fond of protein than the Swedish low-carb movement, but I was wrong. Your post "Hunger On Low-Carb Means Something's Wrong" was very nice because you pointed out how important fat is. Many, many people are afraid of fat and they eat too little fat and they don't lose weight (and then they think low-carb doesn't work). Dr. Eades' "Protein Power" is good but something like "Fat Power" would be a more
adequate name, wouldn't it?

Indeed it would, Arne! THANKS so much for writing and keep giving your fellow Swedish citizens the truth about livin' la vida low-carb.

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Blogger Science4u1959 said...

That's a really nice update, from Arne. I've done a lot of work in the Scandinavian countries, including Sweden, in recent years, and they are wonderful and beautiful people. Many however are affected, unfortunately, by our "modern" dietary delusions and (thus) overweight. Especially in Finland they really have a problem, particularly with CHD. It's great to hear that your (good) influence stretches that far, Jimmy!

2/26/2007 8:38 PM  

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