Friday, May 11, 2007

The Pinnacle Diabetes Bible Just Got Better

Dr. Richard Bernstein doesn't just teach, but lives the low-carb way

Diabetes is a disease that used to only afflict young children when Type 1 was so dominant. But now it's the 21st Century and Type 2 diabetes hasn't just risen, but exploded into a full-fledged epidemic as one of the biggest health threats of our day. What's really scary is the fact that the problem is expected to get that much worse over the next few decades. Yikes!

In 1997, Dr. Richard K. Bernstein first introduced what would become the pinnacle diabetes bible to the world when he published the first edition of The Diabetes Solution: The Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars. Controversial, against the grain, but extremely effective, the low-carbohydrate dietary approach to treating diabetes has never been more clearly explained.

Now, Dr. Bernstein has revised and expanded his classic bestselling book to make it even better than it was when it released a decade ago. As a man who has lived with Type 1 diabetes since childhood, he knows from whence he speaks and now wants to help others find the "solution" that he discovered a long time ago.

Controlling diabetes as much as possible without little to no use of insulin or medications is the goal of The Diabetes Solution. While the American Diabetes Association (ADA) feels good about recommending a high-carb, low-fat diet (which requires HIGHER doses of insulin and prescription diabetes drugs), Dr. Bernstein believes that is the wrong way to go about managing blood sugars.

Written in a very informative and entertaining style, this book answers all those little nagging questions diabetics may have about this method of treatment, including the uniquely damaging role of carbohydrate in the diet, what the best pharmaceuticals and how they can help, a comprehensive look at the various types of insulin and which should be used, and what to do to manage your disease naturally.

Is low-carb dieting controversial? Sure. But so are a whole lot of other things that we used to think were strange, but now they're normal years later after much research has proven them to be true. The same goes for the low-carb lifestyle as a treatment option for diseases like diabetes and aiding in weight loss. The science is catching up to a reality that Dr. Bernstein unveiled years ago.

I personally lost nearly 200 pounds on this way of eating. Although I don't have diabetes, it runs in my family and I was borderline when I weighed over 400 pounds. But then I started a low-carb diet in 2004 and changed my life forever. Dr. Robert C. Atkins, like Dr. Bernstein, was also before his time espousing the benefits of livin' la vida low-carb.

Living with diabetes need not be a hopeless situation where you feel all alone. Dr. Bernstein has The Diabetes Solution and wants you to experience the freedom that comes from knowing you can beat your diabetes. Never give up the hope for a better life, even with diabetes.

Dr. Bernstein, we salute you for your contribution to diabetes management and low-carb living. You should be honored and hailed for standing up for what you know is right and refusing to just settle for the failed methods for treating your diabetes. I think your life speaks for itself. CONGRATULATIONS!

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Blogger renegadediabetic said...

Dr. B is the man!!! I can't say I follow his way of eating to the letter, but close. It's great to see someone going counter to the prevailing medical-pharmaceutical culture. And it works!!!

5/14/2007 9:18 PM  

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