Saturday, October 27, 2007

LLVLC On YouTube (Episode 10): Specific Supplements To Support Your Healthy Lifestyle

Regardless of your choice of diet, you need to be taking supplements

One of the most common questions I receive from people inquiring about my low-carb lifestyle is regarding vitamin supplements. They want to know specifically what I take and why I take them. I've briefly blogged about this before, but this was such an interesting topic that I decided to dedicate Episode 10 of "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb On YouTube" to go over the ones that Christine and I currently take.

Some people erroneously think that they can get all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients they need by simply eating the right kinds of foods in their diet. Unfortunately, that is next to impossible to do which necessitates the need for supplementation. There are arguments both for and against taking vitamins, but I personally feel better and healthier over these past four years since I added DAILY supplementation to my lifestyle. Nobody will ever convince me otherwise.

See EXACTLY what I am taking in our latest YouTube video:

We'd love to have your feedback about Episode 10 at YouTube, including any supplements that you take that I did not mention. Plus, your comment will make you eligible to win another very special surprise prize that will be announced in our next episode. Click here to leave your comment and GOOD LUCK in the contest.

Special CONGRATULATIONS to one of my forum readers ChrisTina (aka Mrs. A), whose screen name at YouTube is xf89, for being the winner of our previous surprise giveaway contest from Episode 9. She won certificates for 10 FREE Atkins Nutritionals bars just for leaving a comment and for being fortunate enough to be chosen in our drawing. YOU could be the next winner, so be sure to leave a comment at Episode 10 TODAY! :)

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We are continuing to grow in the number of subscribers to our YouTube videos, so keep sharing and telling others about them. We value your input about how to make the videos even better, so don't hesitate to let us know your thoughts at Your constructive criticism and suggestions for future topics for me and Christine to talk about are greatly appreciated. THANKS as always for your faithful support for the work we are doing to educate, encourage, and inspire others who are livin' la vida low-carb through these videos.

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Blogger OnlineChristian said...

Jimmy - I bought the latest Readers Digest which has a leading article about vitamins that are bad for you (or will kill you, or something like that). Anyhow, it is a very interesting read.

But here's the funny part. They apparently have a picture of you raiding the fridge on the back cover of the magazine - in a Norman Rockwell-esque illustration.

At least it looks like you to me. Pretty funny! I am sure that if we put pix side-by-side it would look nothing like you, but going from the memory in my old worn-out brain - it sure looked like you to me. Go out to the local grocery and pick up a RD and check it out!!

10/28/2007 4:58 PM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

Dreaming about me, are you OnlineChristian? LOL! I'll have to take a look at that for myself. FREAKY! :P

10/28/2007 5:47 PM  
Blogger Azure said...

One thing about Womens' multivitamins! After re-starting Atkins, I began to have some (dare I say it?) constipation issues. I was taking fiber in the form of Metamucil to combat it, but was still having this digestional distress. I needed to get a new supplement (ran out of my old multi vitamin), and I was reading the bottle. It had a LOT of iron in it for a women's multi...and I was thinking that as an Atkins girl, I'm probably getting PLENTY of iron without my multi's help.

I asked a pharmacist when I was buying a multi if excess iron could cause a problem. She said the only problem it could potentially cause is *drumroll* constipation! So, in order to find a multi that didn't have iron, my options were to buy a womens' 50+ vitamin (I'm 22), or buy a men's multi. I opted for the men's multi this time around...just wondering what you thought of that?

Thanks for the awesome podcasts/blogs/video!

10/28/2007 5:58 PM  
Blogger OnlineChristian said...


Nope, not dreaming. But take a look for yourself. See the link below.

You gotta admit there is at least a little resemblance...

What do ya think?

10/31/2007 11:11 PM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

Dan, that is just plain eerie! WOW! Although my refrigerator doesn't have any milk, juice, or leftover spaghetti in it! LOL! That's pretty funny, though.

11/01/2007 10:44 AM  

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