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Commemorate Dr. Robert C. Atkins On Cruise To Carribean Coming March 2008

It's back and better than ever before--the official Atkins Diet Cruise!!!

Believe it or not, there are tons of brand new people who are JUST finding out about livin' la vida low-carb for the very first time because of the explosive new Gary Taubes book called Good Calories, Bad Calories. I've seen a noticeable increase in traffic over the past months or so and the e-mail inquiries from people wanting to know more about how to do the Atkins diet have nearly doubled since so many people are ready to give this healthy nutritional approach a try.

Rest and relax on the beaches of the Eastern Caribbean

That's why I'm pleased to announce the thrilling return of the very popular Atkins Diet Cruise coming in March 2008. After a few years away, this fun and exciting more than week-long trip down to the Eastern Caribbean has returned and is just as educational, enjoyable, and entertaining as ever! This is arguably the most unique cruise you will ever take in your life!

You won't eat this good on your low-carb lifestyle on just any cruise

While most cruises have so much food, mostly high-carb offerings that tempt you to go off plan during your vacation, the Atkins Diet Cruise is different. On the previous 11 cruises they have done over the past 15 years, they have had expert Atkins chefs right there on board to provide delectable Atkins-approved dishes for those who are following the low-carb lifestyle.

Master Atkins chefs stand ready to serve you low-carb meals

The chef who will be on board this upcoming Atkins Diet Cruise is a veteran low-carb diet cook who is quite experienced with the needs of low-carbers and has been on many past cruises. The ship's menu will be completely compatible with your Atkins diet, so there's no need to worry about gaining weight. In fact, the average weight loss for the people who go on this 8-day cruise is an astounding 4-8 pounds!!! WOW!

Obviously, NOBODY is gonna get you results like that, so this is quite a lucrative deal for anyone who is new to the Atkins diet or would like a refresher course.

Dr. Atkins enjoyed finding low-carb treasures on the island stops

The cruise line is the Costa Mediterranea, which leaves the port in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Saturday, March 29, 2008, and will travel down to luxurious destinations in the Caribbean including San Juan, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, the U.S. Virgin Islands, La Romana, Dominican Republic, Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos Islands. The cruise will return to port on Saturday, April 5, 2008.

Eberstein, seated next to Dr. Atkins, knows all about low-carb living

Leading the Atkins seminars on board the ship will be Jacqueline Eberstein, R.N. who worked directly with Dr. Atkins for three decades and orchestrated all of the past successful Atkins Diet Cruises. She will be joined by Karen Paris, P.A., who has an additional 20 years of Atkins diet experience to impart on the people who will be attending this outstanding cruise.

Some of the topics that will be covered on the cruise include:

- How to get started on a Low Carb Plan
- The Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes
- Low Carb and Family Nutrition.

Both of the hostesses will also be available for one-on-one personal nutritional counseling sessions for those interested in customized help with their low-carb lifestyle. Additionally, there will be yummy cooking demonstration, a regimented exercise routine program, and an open question and answer session about anything and everything related to the Atkins diet.

All the Atkins dishes will be clearly marked for you to enjoy

Best of all, all the meals will ENCOURAGE you to eat healthy while indulging in the delicious offerings of the master Atkins chef who will prepare everything for you to keep you on the straight and narrow all week long. You most certainly won't have to worry about what you put in your mouth on this cruise because it's ALL gonna be low-carb and oh-so-yummy!

Dr. Atkins and Veronica always looked forward to these cruises

Plus, there will be a very special commemoration and celebration of the life of the late great Dr. Robert C. Atkins on the 5th anniversary of his passing while on this cruise. So many of us owe a great deal of gratitude to this man who committed his career to helping people overcome their weight and health problems with the use of a non-traditional diet plan that just plain works! It helped me lose over 180 pounds and keep it off for the past four years. And I'll never be the same again!

Oooh la la, I can smell the tropical air now! AHHHHHH!

Christine and I are so excited to be going on this cruise and I can't wait to meet those of you who will be going on this trip. It looks to be a great way to start your 2008 off on the right foot and it's only a matter of months from being a reality. I hope you can join us on the Atkins Diet Cruise!

The Atkins Diet Cruise is both affordable and practical

With rates starting as low as $799 per person (which is all-inclusive for the cruise, Atkins-approved food, and all the low-carb lifestyle classes on the ship), this could be just what you need to kickstart YOUR Atkins diet into high gear. Please call 1-800-947-6051 to speak to your cruise captain Bob Lincoln with any questions you may have about this cruise or go to the Atkins Diet Cruise web site for more information.

These gorgeous sunsets await you on the Atkins Diet Cruise

If you decide to go, then let me know! I'll be looking for you and would love to talk to you on the ship about how the Atkins diet completely changed my life for the better. :D

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Blogger Sparky's Girl said...

I so wish we could join you guys on this cruise. We'll need a major financial miracle first though... It could happen, right? :0)

11/06/2007 10:08 PM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

It could happen with your new business, Amy! Hopefully somehow someway it will happen for you guys.

11/06/2007 10:49 PM  

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