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So Much Moore: Cavuto, Kevin, Oprah, Transcripts, & Forum

I like to keep the focus of this blog on the subject of low-carb and healthy living, but it is a blog written by a real person sitting behind a computer screen typing on a keyboard. So it's impossible for me to separate Jimmy Moore the guy who blogs about low-carb and Jimmy Moore the actual guy who does the blogging. We are as inseparable as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. :D

To that end, I want to share just a little bit Moore (sorry, I've never been able to resist that pun throughout my life!) about what's going on in my world right now. I can't tell you EVERYTHING or I'd have to kill you. Hee hee! Alrighty then, shall we update you on what's happening? Let's do it!


This morning I received a telephone call from a fellow diet and health colleague of mine (will remain unnamed) who was contacted by the producers of "Your World with Neil Cavuto" from the FOX News Channel about his reaction to the new Dreamworks film starring Jack Black called "Kung Fu Panda" portraying the main character as someone who is obese and everyone makes fun of him. Since this friend of mine was unable to do the show because of a prior commitment, he wanted to know if I would like to take his place. I said I hadn't seen the film yet (and really hadn't planned on it!), but it would be great to share some of my thoughts about the whole ridiculous "fat acceptance" movement that has crept into our society. So YEAH BABY!

I spoke with the producer several times this morning and in the early afternoon anxiously awaiting my chance to be on this popular afternoon cable business show. I even went through a mock interview with the producer to see how comfortable I was sharing my opinions on the phone to her as a gauge to see how I would do on camera. She liked what I had to say and here's just a little bit of my thoughts:

The bottom line in my mind is that obesity has become such an accepted thing in our society now that it's not out of place to make fun of fat people anymore like it is to use derogatory terms about race, sexual orientation, or gender. So a movie that shows a bunch of people making fun of the fat panda is part and parcel of what we expect nowadays. Is it right? Of course not. But that's where we are these days.

It does come down to the parents to make responsible decisions for their children and the actions they allow them to take. Fat kids don't sit around all day just stuffing their mouths with food as the stereotype (and this movie) portrays them. Instead, they probably feel guilty about eating and skip breakfast and probably lunch too and end up eating a hefty supper. Overweight and obese kids are ruthlessly picked on by their peers and that can drive a lot of kids to turn to food for comfort.

In "Kung Fu Panda," whenever the main panda character did something well, they rewarded him with food. Parents do the exact same thing with their kids giving them food as a reward when most children would probably enjoy other non-food rewards like a trip to a theme park, a favorite new toy, or even a trip to the movies. The responsibility for obesity isn't some mysterious disease, but the decision of the person who is fat. When you're talking about kids, though, that onus is on the parents.

Obese kids don't need to be told in a movie that they're fat--they know it already. As a former 400-pounder, I used to be the subject of stares from people who passed judgment on me because of my size. Of course, they had never met me nor had they been exposed to any of the reasons why I got to be the weight that I was at the time. That didn't matter because if you're fat, then it must mean you're a lazy slob who can't take care of yourself. While there may be some people like that, I don't agree that all overweight and obese people deserve to be characterized that way. It's just an unfair stereotype.

I was rip-roaring ready to go when about two hours before I was scheduled to appear on the show at 4:41pm EST, the phone rang and the dejected producer on the other end said she regretted to tell me that the satellite equipment for uploading video from my local FOX affiliate where my interview was gonna take place was busted. WHAT?! You have GOT to be kidding me! Of all the things that could have happened, this is what kept me from being on national television today. Oh well, life goes on.

The producer lady was VERY apologetic and upset that I wouldn't be on the show since I was a new guest they'd never had before and she was looking forward to having my perspective shared with their viewers. Before we hung up the phone, she did say that the next time they talk about something diet, health, and obesity-related, they'll be calling on me. I sure hope so and look forward to the opportunity. :)


The last time I blogged an update on my brother Kevin's battle with obesity and health problems was in February, so I thought I'd share a quick message about what's happening with him. I just spoke with him over the weekend and he sounds pretty good. Since a few people took me to task the last time I blogged about Kevin because I would ask him about his weight, I have purposefully avoided even discussing the subject unless he brings it up. In our conversation on Sunday, Kevin said he's losing weight again. So I felt he was giving me permission to talk about it.

He said his girlfriend of six months recently told him, "You know, Kevin, I'd like you better if you weren't so big!" My brother is quite the sensitive type, so this really hurt him and he told that girl to take a hike. Why wait so long to bring something up like that?! Plus, Kevin revealed he had lost 40 pounds since February. When I spoke with Kevin before, he had gotten his weight down below 335, so I was thinking he was getting closer to 300 now. Nope.

I asked him what he currently weighs and he said he was DOWN to 346. Well, at least he's going down again...hopefully for good. I asked him what dietary approach he's using since the last time he was eating lower-carb. It was quite a shock to hear he went back to the diet his cardiologist put him on right after his heart attacks in 1999. What is he eating for breakfast? Hold on to your hats with this--Whole Grain Cheerios with skim milk, a banana, and a glass of orange juice. Be still my fluttering heart!

When I explained about how everything he was eating would lead to a major insulin response, which is made worse since Kevin is a Type 2 diabetic, he rationalized it and said that at least it was healthy stuff like whole grains and fruit. True, this is better than a McDonald's meal or some sugary pastry to start your day. But WOW! I hope he can stick with his chosen diet this time around because I'm afraid his chances of long-term survival get worse and worse with each passing year his weight remains elevated. That poor heart of his is doing all it can to keep him alive.

Kevin is a 40-year old man who can do what he needs to do for his weight and health. He doesn't need me telling him what he should eat or anything like that. I'll keep loving and supporting him because he is my one and only full-blooded brother. But I really don't want to see him die young either. THANK YOU to everyone who has offered up prayers for Kevin and I know they are what has kept him around longer than anyone expected. I'll let you know if Kevin continues to lose eating his low-fat, high-carb diet.


My readers are some of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. They send me all kinds of stuff about themselves or articles they've read somewhere. It's a neat community of people who all rally behind this message of livin' la vida low-carb. One of the things I've been receiving quite a bit lately is this link from "The Oprah Winfrey Show" requesting weight loss success stories. That's so thoughtful of people to think of me and encourage me to share my story with Oprah Winfrey. There's only one problem--I already have.

In 2005, right after I lost 180 pounds on the Atkins diet, I sent my story in to Oprah because she frequently features guests who have lost weight on her show. They acknowledged receipt of my request to be on the show, asked for pictures which I mailed to them just like they asked, and then I never heard back from them again except for a letter that said my information is now on file. Okay, great! But it's been three years since then and I've resent my information several times, including asking some friends and readers to mail personal letters about me to the Oprah producers. Nothing.

So, while I am flattered you would think enough of me to send me that link to the Oprah show, it doesn't appear they are even remotely interested in hearing my story. Perhaps my low-carb lifestyle has something to do with it since it doesn't really jive with what Dr. Mehmet Oz and Bob Greene have to say about a healthy diet. That's too bad because I think I have a story worthy of being on Oprah. Whether she chooses to give me a chance to share that story or not is up to her and her staff.


Several of you have been writing to me in recent weeks to inquire about my string of podcast interviews on "The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore." Here's an example of what the e-mails are saying:

I really enjoy your blog, and would like to see/hear some of your podcasts and YouTube things, too. However, I am an antiquated computer-phobe and don't have speakers with my computer. Is there a way to see a transcript of some of your podcasts?

What a GREAT question and there's a simple answer: no. While I am a fast typer and can record interviews with all sorts of people in the world of diet and health, the reality is I'm a terrible transcriber. I remember in 2006 when I did a transcription of my FIRST interview with Dr. Dean Ornish, it took me about a week and a half to write out those 45 minutes of raw audio for my blog. I'm even BUSIER now than I was then, so it would be next to impossible for me to get anything else done if I tried to transcribe two interviews a week. EEEEK!

If I had unlimited resources, then I'd pay somebody to do it. Unfortunately, the work I do isn't making me tons and tons of money, so I'm pretty much a one-man show (except for the production of my podcast show done by my amazing producer Kevin Kennedy-Spaien). Reality is reality--I'm just happy to be able to share interviews in audio format and look at it just like radio. Can you get transcripts for radio? Nope. I hate that because there is some excellent information in my podcasts. Maybe this will be the impetus to get some speakers for your computer and upgrade so you can access the audio content. :)


Have you been over to see the all-new "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Discussion" forum yet? The membership there has built back up very quickly and many more are joining in on the conversation every single day. Most of your old friends and your favorite moderators are back as well, so I hope you come by and make yourself at home. We have some spirited, but respectful discussions there for all kinds of topics related to the low-carb lifestyle. JOIN TODAY! :D

I've got plenty more I could tell you about, but we'll leave it at that for right now. THANK YOU for reading and making the "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" blog a regular part of your day. We'll still be here as long as you keep coming back. SEE YA!

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Anonymous Steve said...

The responsibility for obesity isn't some mysterious disease, but the decision of the person who is fat.

This seems like an odd statement to come from someone having difficulty losing weight.

6/10/2008 1:57 AM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

Fair enough, Steve. But I was speaking in generalities for most people dealing with obesity. My current challenge isn't the norm and even with the slight gain I experienced earlier this year after taking creatine and lifting weights, I STILL have been able to lose cumulatively over 150 pounds!

You'll be pleased (or not depending on your perspective about me) that I am being pretty successful with my newly-implemented strategies from Dr. Berkowitz so far. There still may be some underlying issue that goes beyond my diet with my particular circumstance.

As a rule, though, I stand by my assertion that most people who are overweight or obese put themselves there and need to find the plan that will work for them. For me, that was livin' la vida low-carb and even despite my recent challenges this way of eating has made an amazing turnaround happen to my health. To me, nothing else really matters.

But I certainly appreciate your concerns (flawed as they may be). :)

6/10/2008 9:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jimmy,
Love your blog. Thanks for all of the effort. Your post re: children and obesity is timely for me. My stepson is a wonderful 14 year old who wants to lose some weight. I want to give him some resources and explain about low carb, but I can't just hand him an Atkins book and expect him to read it. It's informative, but not exactly a compelling summer read for a teenager! LOL! I am on a low carb eating plan, but the rest of the family is not. Also, he is a child of divorce and goes back and forth between families so really being on top of his eating habits is not an option. It would be up to him to make good choices. He is motivated to lose the weight and I think this plan would be perfect. Any advice?

Thank you!

6/10/2008 10:02 AM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

Unfortunately, there isn't really an "Atkins diet for teenagers" book out there, Chris. But the most readable and easy-to-follow book I've seen about low-carb is Dr. Jonny Bowden's Living The Low-Carb Life. It's simple, but thoroughly researched and features some fabulous information and tips for getting started on low-carb the right way. CHECK IT OUT!

6/10/2008 10:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jimmy, maybe transcription is taking it a little too far. I know how much work that can be. How about HIGHLIGHTS? With the reactive hypoglycemia interview, you could have made a quick list of the strategies you learned towards working with your current situation, while still leaving the option of listening to the full interview.

6/10/2008 10:49 AM  
Anonymous Steve said...


For the record, I love your blog and I think you're great for the low carb community.

It just bothers me that you don't show more sympathy to those who struggle to lose weight. Especially now. (I wish you luck with that, by the way.)

Not everyone has the knowledge that it is possible to lose weight. And with so much conflicting information out there, it's not surprising that so many people lose weight and fail. I mean, how can you tell someone it's their fault they can't lose weight when they actually take the initiative to go to the doctor to seek advice and the doctor puts them on a low-fat diet?

6/10/2008 11:05 AM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

Steve, I tee-totally agree with a point. Yes, it is a shame people get bad advice from their doctors about their diet. But in this information age, people need to take control of their own health and educate themselves. It's why I do what I do to help others. Personal responsibility is lost in modern society but I strongly believe the individual is the final decision-maker.

6/10/2008 11:34 AM  
Blogger Tom Bunnell (TB)--TB said...

"As a rule, though, I stand by my assertion that most people who are overweight or obese put themselves there and need to find the plan that will work for them."

..As long as that plan includes breaking our carbohydrate addiction!

We were all addicted to carbohydrates as little children and babies. -- We had no choice in the matter. -- I for one didn't even know that wheat and corn and rice and potatoes and milk and fruit were pure sugar and carbohydrate addictions until just two years ago!

6/10/2008 11:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jimmy,

"The responsibility for obesity isn't some mysterious disease, but the decision of the person who is fat."

Like Steve, I was surprised to read that sentence written by YOU. My personal opinion is that it is just too simplistic and too general of a statement, Jimmy...and it does sound a bit condescending, whether you meant it to or not.

Yes, there are probably many people who eat gigantic portions of the wrong kinds of foods, but I know many others who do not and still have issues with weight. I'm one of them (as are you right now).

I've been eating a low-carb and gluten-free diet since about 1997. What it has done for me is get me OFF the antacid MEDS due to complete absence of GERD; STOP the WEIGHT GAIN of 20 to 25 pounds a year that I was experiencing (after taking in 3 grandsons to raise who were angry for the first couple of years and who did not want to be anywhere except with their mom [who was in prison] -- talk about major STRESS!); STOP the major muscle and joint PAINS I was experiencing; allow me to LOSE about 20 pounds of the 80 or so that I needed to lose; keep my Hba1c at 6.0 or below; BUT even with all that, I am still a good 60 pounds or more overweight.

A couple of years ago, I found my thyroid was out of whack and have been on meds for that...but still no weight loss. I've tried more calories and less calories; more carbs and fewer carbs; changing the ratio of fat to protein; eating 6 small meals a day (which is what I continue to do because it works best for me for blood sugar levels), but my scale just does not seem to move down.

The one big change that I haven't been able to get back to is exercise. I used to exercise 3 to 5 times a week faithfully at a local gym (both water aerobics and weight training) until about 3 years ago when the gym I went to closed down and moved 15 miles across town...and I had an accident that damaged my knees keeping me on crutches for over a year. I've had both knees replaced in the past 2 years now.

I recently had a checkup and found that I've actually GAINED 12 pounds since February, even though my A1c went DOWN again to 5.6. Now, you tell me how I'm gaining weight eating low carb enough to have an A1c of 5.6...doesn't make sense to me...nor to my doctor, who is doing more tests. I've had lots of stress this year due to a daughter's terminal illness, taking in a brother who was assaulted and nearly died and hasn't been able to work again yet, and other major things going on in my life. My doctor thinks the weight gain is due to stress and she vaguely explained the reasons.

But my point...I am one person who does not fit your statement and I personally know several others. My friends and family laugh at me for being so strict with my low-carb eating and for "pushing" the lifestyle to them...and yet, I'm still fat! Healthier than ever before, but FAT!

In order to be even healthier, and hopefully to introduce something that will cause some weight loss, I just recently stocked my freezer with about 100 pounds of local grass-fed beef for my family. I'm not giving up and I'm still looking at all angles to do what I can to eliminate the excess weight.

I do understand and agree with the point you were trying to make about parents being responsible for their children's weight...up to a point...but that, too, is also a generality. In my own family, a grandson I am still raising is a wiry, bordering-on-thin young man who eats LARGE amounts of food. We laugh at how much food he can and does put away daily. Especially when you look at his oldest brother, who has a weight issue and is nearly 300 pounds, but eats the same kinds of food and in SMALLER amounts than his younger brother. My own brother is one of those wiry kind of guys who can out eat everyone and I'm just the opposite.

I think weight issues also have to do with genes and probably many other things...even within the same family...and people just can't make a general statement about the cause and effect.

Thanks for letting me rant,

6/10/2008 12:56 PM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

Thanks for sharing Carol. I agree there are many reasons for obesity, but personal choice is a big role in it.

6/10/2008 1:36 PM  
Blogger Tom Bunnell (TB)--TB said...

If you want to know if you are addicted to carbohydrates, just stop eating any for one week. Then watch how quickly you migrate back to carbohydrates and how many different carbohydrates you actually eat and then take note of each one and each time you add one back! You will be surprised! -- Then you could try that same thing one more time now that you are becoming aware of your carbohydrate consumption. -- You might be surprised by what you find!

6/10/2008 3:47 PM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

Actually, anonymous, I couldn't really share any HIGHLIGHTS of what is working for me with the reactive hypoglycemia situation yet because it's still a work in progress. Specifically, I'm doing a little bit of everything Dr. Berkowitz suggested, including eating more frequently, sleeping enough, adding in certain vitamins, etc. When I do my follow-up interview with Dr. Berkowitz in a few weeks on my progress, then I am happy to provide some tips about what I did to make this work. THANKS for your feedback! :)

6/10/2008 4:37 PM  
Blogger Tony said...


OF COURSE Oprah isn't interested in your story. She's part of the low-fat, high-carb crowd - at least that's what I get from what little I've heard from her. She has an agenda of her own, and is looking for "success stories" that fit her agenda. You don't.

Too bad so many people respect her opinion, and don't realize how biased it actually is.

6/10/2008 5:09 PM  
Blogger A-Bomb said...


I really enjoy your blog, thanks for all you bring to the low-carb revolution. I was a low carber for a couple years, lost 70 pounds, lost my way (in terms of diet), gained back 50 pounds and have lost another 30 since I realized the error of my ways.

I think you are somewhat mistaken about Bob Greene though. In his book "Bob Greene's Total Body Makeover" he acknowledged "Some people, for instance, feel energetic and full of life while following a low-carbohydrate diet..." and "Some people feel hungry all the time on a low-fat diet, while others feel perfectly satisfied."

This is hardly a sterling recommendation, but when I read this I appreciated that someone who has been aligned with the obsolete low-fat dogma acknowledged some of the positive effects of low-carb.

BTW, I just bought "Slow Burn Fitness Revolution" by the Eadeses and Fred Hahn. It's great and it feels incredible. Follow the directions to a tee and I think it will work wonders. I'll let you know how I fair with it.

I salute you for all your efforts to spread the good word about low-carb and good health.


6/10/2008 6:52 PM  

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