Monday, October 23, 2006

My Almost-Not-Quite Interview With 'The Bear'

"The Bear" advocates eating less than 5g carbs daily for health

One of my regular readers sent me an e-mail today after listening to the debut episode of my new podcast show and suggested that I consider interviewing the man who calls himself "The Bear." I responded that I may do interviews once I get a few more shows under my belt, but that I would be open to having him do an interview at my blog.

You might recall that "The Bear" is the man behind the zero carb diet that our friend Rob from The Zero Carb Daily blog so strongly advocates. In fact, you could almost consider Rob the long lost stepson that "The Bear" never had considering how much he so closely emulates the nutritional ideas of this former member of The Grateful Dead.

When I got in touch with "The Bear" today, he responded to me rather quickly by basically declining my request stating he does "not have the time to waste on a 'blog' on any subject, but particularly on one which in fact would only cater to food-obsessives who want a constant stream of 'reasons' to eat the right food and 'proof' it is good for them."

Ooooookay, I can understand not wanting to agree to an interview with me if the premise of his reasoning is sound. But anyone who knows me and the nature of my blog is abundantly aware that I am willing to hear new ideas to further broaden my knowledge about what is right, especially on the subject of diet and health. I think an interview would have been quite fascinating for you to read, but "The Bear" was simply not interested.

Nevertheless, although he didn't want to be interviewed, "The Bear" did share a little bit about why he believes the way he does regarding an almost totally carniverous, nearly zero-carb diet. It's a fascinating concept to think about from a man who has lived this way for decades. See what you think of the brief remarks he made to me.

"You will find everything I have to say on my totally carnivorous WOE in my closed forum thread on

I have found that people are so socialized to eat vegetable rubbish that the number of people who can actually permanently get onto the carnivorous path is maybe one in fifty thousand or less.

Our bodies are those of carnivores. Carbs are damaging to us, both in making us fat and in causing insulin release. Our minds and the acculturation which we receive from birth overrides instinct and provide the only reason we eat anything. If you are unfortunate like virtually everyone in today's society and receive early training to eat primarily vegetation with high amounts of carbs and avoid fats, then you are unlikely to ever adapt to the proper human diet.

So, I have to tell you that I do not have the time to waste on a 'blog' on any subject, but particularly on one which in fact would only cater to food-obsessives who want a constant stream of 'reasons' to eat the right food and 'proof' it is good for them.

Trust me, I have eaten as a total carnivore for 48 years, I am nearly 72 and I still have much the same body as I did at 30. Experience is the ONLY proof. The rules of the path are so simple as to be a no-brainer.

They reduce to the following:

- Eat only food from animals
- No vegetables
- Limit liver intake
- Avoid liquid milk (except for butter and cheese)
- Eat as much fat as you like
- Don't cook your food much
- Avoid salt

And the most important one: Eat your meals as a matter of course, don't waste any time thinking about food--it is merely a way to stay alive, and must not rule your life.

By the way, for many obese people "low carb" does not work--only "zero carb" does (defined as less than 5 g/day).



I will agree there is some truth to the dietary principles that "The Bear" espouses and I am happy to know it has helped him remain happy and healthy for most of his life. I know he doesn't care what anyone thinks of his way of eating which is why he turned down my request for an interview. So with my almost-not-quite interview with "The Bear," we have learned to each his own when it comes to the diet that's right for you. May you have many more years of health and vitality!

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Blogger Viking Dan said...


I guess that 200 page monster of a thread soured him on public discussions. Can't say I blame him.

His essential views do fit on a cocktail napkin.

I should keep my bright ideas to myself in the future. Sorry, Jimmy. :(

10/23/2006 10:55 PM  
Blogger Science4u1959 said...

An interesting concept indeed, and it's indeed very much possible to remain in excellent health using this WOE - as proven by the Inuit, the Masai, and many other almost completely carnivorous cultures. Additionally, the proof is in hundreds of thousands of years of human development as well, and the anthropological record too. Stephansson and other famous early discoverers and researchers have documented this extensively as well. Too bad "Bear" didn't want to talk about this fascinating topic and share some of his experiences with us!

10/24/2006 12:27 AM  
Blogger Lowcarb_dave said...


Don't take it personally my friend!

That is the personality of the Bear.

You could imagine being a No carber for so long, he would need his individuality to resist society.

The reality of FREEDOM is that people are allowed to choose their own WOL.

The NO CARBER Forum is a great place to learn more.


10/24/2006 2:07 AM  
Blogger Viking Dan said...

I think part of it is that the weight loss leg of Bear's journey is long over.

When he made a genuine attempt on ALC to share his life experience, all he got was a bunch of armchair anthropologists trying to tear him a new orifice.

I guess he's just sick of it.

10/24/2006 8:32 AM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

THANKS, Dave, but I most certainly didn't take his rejection of my request for an interview personally. I figured as much even before I sent the e-mail to him. Like I said, TO EACH HIS OWN! :)

By the way, that NO CARBER FORUM is excellent and will give you as close to what "The Bear" believes about diet as anything else you will find online!

THANKS for sharing, Dave!

10/24/2006 8:32 AM  
Blogger AnOldHouse said...


I am so totally NOT surprised about this.

Jimmy, how DARE you even attempt to actually QUESTION "The Bear"? He has already laid forth his Gospel of the Church of the All Meat Diet. You are obviously just so acculturated into veggidom and blinded by scientific facts that you cannot see the light and follow the one and only true nutritional way!



10/24/2006 8:34 AM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

It was worth a shot, Viking Dan! I tried and he declined. Life goes on. And yes Andre, it would have been quite educational to learn what this man has to say about diet and why he believes it. In the end, I don't blame him for how he feels. He's been made to be an outcast for so long that he's just become a grumpy old former rocker!

10/24/2006 8:41 AM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

So I noticed, David! :D

Perhaps there is some validity to Jonny Bowden's comments that supporters of "low-carb" have made it like a religion. While that may be true to some extent by some low-carbers, at the very least, these people who support NO carb most certainly do and that is personified in "The Bear."

Excellent observation, my friend!

10/24/2006 8:46 AM  
Blogger Viking Dan said...

Lowcarb is like a religion(as is veganism, raw, etc,) but to be fair , when people who have been literally crippled by obesity find a relatively painless way to shed the weight and get their lives back---it is a religious experience.

It certainly has been for me, and I'm an agnostic!

10/24/2006 9:40 AM  
Blogger AnOldHouse said...

I find it entirey ironic that this Owsley Stanley would be nicknamed "The Bear." Bears, like humans, are a classic example of an omnivorous creature, not an obligate carnivore.

Also, I'd like to mention, that it IS possible to be perfectly healthy eating an all-animal based long as you're eating virtually the entire animal! In order to get all the essential nutrients, it is necessary to eat all the various internal organs like the kidneys, liver, heart, etc. plus the brain and the bone marrow. Just can't do that with cheap, American store-bought, grain lot-fed beef.


10/24/2006 12:26 PM  
Blogger Rob said...

Ummmm, he has the nickname because of his hairy chest, not because of the eating patterns of bears.

Sorry, but you don't need to eat the entire animal-more hype and misinformation spread by pro-carbers who don't want to accept the truth so they provide an inaccurate caveat emptor about the zero carb path, and you can do it just fine on grain fed beef. All you need is the muscle meat and maybe the occasional small amounts of liver and organs.

10/24/2006 1:40 PM  
Blogger AnOldHouse said...

Ummmm, he has the nickname because of his hairy chest,

Yes, I'm aware of that. As I said, it's ironic.

not because of the eating patterns of bears.

Nor the eating patterns of most paleolithic humans, either.


10/24/2006 11:23 PM  
Blogger Newbirth said...

He's a former member of the Grateful Dead? I wonder if I saw him in concert that one time at the Oakland Coliseum?

10/24/2006 11:50 PM  
Blogger Will said...

newbirth -

Bear (real name: Owsley Stanley) was not a performing member of Grateful Dead, but was "part of the family." He was an LSD chemist without peer, and was a patron and sound engineer for The Dead during the late 60's and early 70's.


10/26/2006 9:13 AM  
Blogger Freddie said...

And he's had a heart attack and throat cancer.

It's alo entirely possible that over his lifetime he has consumed more LSD than any living person.

11/27/2007 11:25 PM  

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