Monday, November 27, 2006

Weight Loss Lets You Do It Better, More Often

Weight loss is indeed a powerful thing that can transform your life forever for the better in more ways than most people even realize. Besides the obvious things like being able to move around better, feeling more confident about yourself, and just plain looking good, there are some other fringe benefits to losing weight that most people don't really think about too much.

A friend to this blog and Director of Nutrition Information at Atkins Health & Medical Information Services Jackie Eberstein wrote in this Glee Magazine article today about how weight loss can actually lead to better sex. You heard me right! Wanna spice up your love life? Then start shedding them pounds!

And it stands to reason, too. After highlighting this Duke research study last year that found skinnier sex is better than fat sex, I shared a few comments about how my 180+ pound weight loss on the Atkins diet has improved that area of my life so much more than I could have ever imagined. It's amazing how being overweight can harm you like that, but it really does.

Eberstein cites two studies in her column:

- 32 women in a weight loss program reported significant increases in their quality and quantity of sex after losing weight.
- 110 obese men with ED set out to lose 10 percent of their body weight over two years; one-third of the men no longer had ED at the end of the study.

While the positive results of weight loss such as a better self-image may not explain the disappearance of problems like ED and a vastly improved sex drive, Eberstein said the physical act of shedding pounds and increasing exercise improves the odds of wanting to have better sex more often. Sweet!

"A closer look at the causes and effects associated with being overweight and having sexual dysfunction reveals a lot of intertwining and intersecting variables," Eberstein wrote. "The picture is complex, but the outcome is clear: Being heavy can interfere with sexual desire, performance and pleasure in dozens of direct and indirect ways."

Oh, man, she is so right about this. Being morbidly obese as I once was weighing over 400 pounds is no fun at all. You feel unattractive, but even worse is the fact that you have a limited physical ability to perform as well as you would like to. Besides that big belly being in the worst possible place for having sex, you have to deal with back pain, heavy asthmatic-like breathing and wheezing, profuse sweating, and that annoying inability to get up for the moment. UGH!

But losing weight changes all of that--well, at least it did for me! Suddenly, you're like an invincible stallion ready to take on the world beaming with all the confidence and energy that you always dreamed of having. You can go stronger, longer, and satisfy your partner in ways you never thought were possible. I was totally amazed! No more pain, heavy breathing, sweating or any of those "other" problems I used to have--livin' la vida low-carb changed all of that, baby!

Even worse for people who are overweight or obese, Eberstein said they have psychological and medical issues that can and will hinder their sex life. There's just no bones about it either.

"Clearly, the deck is stacked against optimal sexual desire and performance if you’re overweight or obese," she wrote. "The psychological disorders and medical conditions above are all barriers to a healthy sex life."

So what do you do about it? The easy answer is LOSE WEIGHT, but most people have tried and failed on so many diets they don't know where to turn. Might I suggest what has helped me and millions more overcome a lifetime of weight problems? The Atkins/low-carb nutritional approach changed my life forever in 2004 and I'm still livin' la vida low-carb today.

The weight loss and improvements in my health have been incredibly awesome, but the benefits like improved sex have been icing on the proverbial cake. Who would have thought something so seemingly unrelated as losing weight would actually help me experience sex like I had never been able to before? It's yet another one of the miracles of low-carb living!

Special THANKS to Jackie Eberstein for sharing this information! Now, use this information to go lose some weight so you can reap the benefits in bed that she talked about. Your spouse will LOVE you for it and so will YOU!

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Blogger Gary said...

I have heard that obesity in men can cause elevated estrogen and lowered testosterone levels.

I can attest that as I was on the way up and passed 230 on my way to 262, I experienced a lesser sex drive, a perceptibly lower metabolism (I was colder and didn't sweat as much (normal sweating), and became ever lazier, wanting to move less and less. I also began to get hives all over. They'd come and go for no apparent reason. (I'm 5'6", my ideal weight many years ago was 150. With increased muscle mass from that time, I believe I should now be 170 and am working toward it.)

This morning I weighed in at 228. My hives have not been around since I was in the mid 230s. My sex drive seems to be increasing. My lack of desire to move around has disappeared. I am again sweating normally and believe my metabolism is once again operating a bit higher than it was a few months ago. I now look in the mirror and although I have a lot of weight loss to go, I feel I have left my "obese" orbit and have reentered the "simply fat" stage.

Overweight and excess body fat affects us in more ways than we know. I don't have objective measures for myself (other than the tape measure and scale), but subjectively I'm beginning to feel so much better again, both physically and emotionally.

11/27/2006 1:18 PM  

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